One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 175: New Name

In any case, Bogard couldn’t even imagine that there are people outside the marine who could control the Rokushiki to such a state.

“I’m the assistant of the Vice-Admiral Garp, and I didn’t learn it, where the hell did he learn from?”

Rogen became very mysterious in the eyes of Bogard.

What makes him even more shocked was the main members of the crew. Everyone knows how difficult is to master the Rokushiki. People spent a long period in practicing to be able to master one of the six styles.

But in a short time, these three guys saw Rogen’s demonstration for a few times and they learned it.

Such a speed of learning directly subverts Sambis’ world outlook.

“It’s impossible!”

He walked a few steps forward to get closer to Jason and the others.

At this time, after watching Rogen’s demonstration, Jason and his crewmates kept thinking about this new technique. Suddenly, Jason’s eyes flashed.

“Soru!” (Shave!)

Jason’s figure flashed and disappeared. In a blink of an eye, he went to another place.

“Great, I did it!”

Jason was very happy because he succeeded it.

He seems to have a natural talent for this kind of understanding, and it’s easy for him to learn.

“Tekkai!” (Iron Body)

With a loud voice, his muscles hardened to the level of iron.

On the other side, Trensu kept beating with his feet, and his figure twinkled. In a twinkling of an eye, he became in the air, and after a few moments, he went back to the deck with a large smile.

Also, Crocodile, his eyes flashed, and the Soru was displayed.

In a short period, these people mastered some of the Rokushiki and they’ve been able to use it. It can be said that they are very abnormal.

Bogard couldn’t believe it.

“I must have seen the fake Rokushiki!”

He couldn’t believe what he saw, everything in front of him made him think he was still in a nightmare.

“What are you looking at? Get busy with your own business!”

“Is it not good to have time to make yourself stronger?”

After he mastered some of the Rokushiki, Jason saw the trainee group squatting and watching him, so he shouted at them.

When he noticed them, Crocodile also stopped his action, he glanced over with cold eyes making the whole crew tremble and disperse.

“Practice, Practice, Practice!”

The trainee crew went back to their position and shouted.

One by one, they picked up the dumbbells on the boat and doing push-ups. It looks extremely hard.

Seeing this scene, Jason became angry.

“What kind of exercise is this? It’s all wrong!”

He strode toward them and slapped the group who were doing push-ups.


With a cry of pain, the group directly squatted on the deck.

Clenching his fists, Jason’s eyebrows frowned and he stared at the crew.

“Wait in here, I’ll go and find the captain. If this goes on, when will you be able to become stronger?”

In the bedroom, Rogen was meditating. During this period of practice, he reached the final level in acupoints.

He completed the 365 acupoints, and his body became vigorous and powerful.

When he was meditating, he heard footsteps. He didn’t open his eyes and asked with a low voice.

“Jason, what happened?”

“I want to teach the trainee group the Dragon Elephant, but their physical state in too bad!”

Jason was angry.

“Dragon Elephant is very precious and difficult to cultivate. Their physical state is too poor to be imparted to them for the time being, however.”

Suddenly, Rogen opened his eyes.

“However, I have a simplified version of the method of practice, it can be used as a basis for their practice!”

“Cool, give it to me, captain!”

Jason was in a hurry.

“I’ll show you now, teach them when you go out, remember, no one should see this, only you and the trainee group!”

Rogen nodded.

Jason naturally knows the value of this exercise. He learned it from a long time ago, but his strength kept increasing several times.

Later, Rogen showed a streamlined version of The Dragon Elephant, which he learned it very fast and went out with a happy smile on his face.

After going out, he saw that the six trainees were all looking at him with excitement. He understood the thoughts of these guys in a blink of an eye.

“You guessed it well, the captain asked me to teach you the simplified version of exercises, you are very lucky today.”

Jason said and he laughed.



The crew shouted excitedly.

“But remember, you can’t pass it to others in the future. Come with me now!”

Jason said that when he saw Bogard sneaking on them.

Later that day, Jason taught them everything they should know about this kind of training.

“Master Jason, What’s the name of the set we just learned?”

They were curious.

“Just call it Streamline Dragon Elephant!”

Jason said after thinking for a while.

“Remember the way to move in the darkness, the action can be shown to others, but the dark energy must be hidden.”

Jason whispered.

“Hai, Jason-aniki, we won’t tell anyone!”

The six members were all serious.

This special skill of cultivation has always been the most precious thing in every monastery and secret department, and they are naturally clear.

Then the six looked at each other again and took a deep breath as if they had made some kind of determination.

“Brother Jason, we have made a decision. Please witness for us.”

“What?” Jason wondered.

“We decided to change our names!”


“Yes, since we’ve learned the Dragon Elephant, we will take The Dragon Elephant as our name!”

“Oh!” Jason blinked and looked awkwardly.

“My name is Dragon Elephant I!”

“My name is Dragon Elephant II!”

“My name is Dragon Elephant III!”


The six of them enrolled in turn, taking the Dragon Elephant as their surname and the number as their name.

“Yes, six of us were orphans when we were young, and our adopted father and mother were dead. Since we got on this ship, The Captain, Jason-Aniki, Trensu-Aniki, and Crocodile-Aniki, you have been very kind to us!”

“And also, you taught us this secret, from now on, this ship is our home.”

Since ancient times, the secret skill and the method of cultivation among the strong are the most precious things. It is even harder than finding a million gold. It is impossible to reach the peak without the Strong’s hands to teach and practice.

They were just trainees, but the captain and Jason taught them this precious thing.

This kind of treatment makes them feel that even if they pay for their lives in the future, it is worth it!