One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 199: The New Bounty!

Rogen’s intention was finally recognized, at the moment of reaching this destination, he announced his arrival in a high profile.

He gave everyone a signal, telling the world, the Marines, and the Celestial Dragons that no one can hurt his companions, his brother, no matter who was the enemy!

Killing Spandam and eliminating the pirates, his series of actions were extremely high-profile.

Because, from this moment, he has grown, he has Power!

He is no longer that young man who was alone and trying to avoid people, he is a man with a bunch of brothers around him. This guy is on fire.


In the sea, the storms and thunders were raging and the rain kept falling.

In this harsh weather, the Dragon Roots didn’t stop and cut the waves, the canvas rose and the Flag kept fluttering.

“The Sabaody is here!”

Rogen was standing on the bow, and he didn’t get wet at all, as if the raindrops avoided him.

The strong wind blows his forehead, and his eyes were bright and brilliant.

Not far away from The Dragon Roots, a pirate ship saw them moving fast in the storm. Immediately they gave them the way, they didn’t dare to provoke them after what they have heard.

“The Wraith, it’s the Wraith pirates! they are the most terrible ones!”

“Yesterday, the Marine Headquarter issued a new series of bounties. The guy named Rogen has a total bounty of 350 million!”

“Crocodile, a bounty of 200 million, Jason, a bounty of 250 million!”

“The gun master Trensu, 190 million!”

“This group is so cruel; they have a total of 990 million. What the hell are they going to do now?”

Pirates in the rear whispered when they saw Rogen’s crew passing by from them,

This group of people is mysterious and furious as if it suddenly appeared. No one ever heard about them before, but in the moment of appearance, the killed three strong pirate groups with extremely tough means, and they became famous in a short time.

The Marine Headquarters and the world government also paid great attention to this group and came out with a shocking bounty.

The storm was about to disappear. When the Dragon Roots approached the shores of the Sabaody, the sky became clear, and the sun shone.

“Finally, we are here!”

Jason wiped his eyes and stretched his hands.

They were very clear that this time things are going to be very serious; they didn’t come here to play; they have an important goal to chase.

“Troublesome island!”

Crocodile condensed.

The end of the first half of the Grand Line has never been a calm place, all the pirates who want to enter the second half will gather here.

It can be said that this is the most chaotic and the most complicated pirate gathering place in the first half.

On this island, you won’t know what kind of enemy you’ll encounter.

Of course, besides the Marines, pirates are the greatest threat to The Wraith. Between crews and others, you’ll find a few friends and more enemies.

It was like the fight between Crocodile and Doflamingo, they have to understand each other’s strengths first.

“Let’s enter the island! Don’t forget to hide your identity and keep a low profile during this time!”

“This island is very complicated; you need to be safe!”

Rogen slowly folded the newspaper in his hand and put it in his pocket. He looks very serious at that moment.

As he said, the Sabaody is a very troublesome island.

Almost all the Supernova Pirates are gathered here, and these people are very difficult to deal with.

In addition, Rogen found that the four future Yonko Kaido, White Beard, Shanks, and Big Mom were as strong as these people. (the author included Moria and Doflamingo as Yonko, I didn’t understand why!)

“Shiki the Golden Lion, has a bounty of 320 million, and a total of 500 million in his crew!”

“Marco the Phoenix, 300 million, and a total of 450 million in his crew.

With deep eyes and serious expression, Rogen kept thinking about these pirates.

This is a big era, it needs power! It can be seen from the power of the supernova. It’s like big waves, it eliminates weak people or the unlucky ones, they’ll drown in the torrent of the times, and won’t be remembered by the future generations.

It was stupid to judge the current situation in accordance with the Manga. Rogen has already overestimated the quality of the strongman in this world.

But at this point, he still found himself wrong!

“Not enough information!”

Rogen has realized his flaws.

Are they strong enough? The total bounty has reached 990 million, and it proves that they were extremely strong. Even in this period of Supernova, it can be ranked in the top three. However, Rogen didn’t compare himself with Supernova, he chose the famous strong pirates in this world, and he found that he needs to be stronger.

Only four members of his crew could join in the battle, the six Dragon Elephants were not as strong as the main leaders of the crew. In the first half, they might be powerful masters. Of course, they were facing weak pirates comparing with the ones in the second half.

In this era, many powerful guys just went out to the sea, and they made it chaotic.

They have become famous in a very short period of time, causing the Marine to be in a mess.

Rogen found it out when he came to this island.

Here, fighting against the Marines is like a little dispute with one of the normal pirates.

“These six fellows are not strong enough; they still need time!”

Rogen was helpless, his crew was established within a few days, and its configuration wasn’t complete yet.

After thinking for a moment, Rogen made up his mind.

“If they can’t participate in this incident, I can let them do something else!”

The crowd quickly got off the boat and entered the Sabaody.

As the endpoint of the first half, there’s a lot of traffic here every day, it’s impossible to count how many pirates in here.

Even if the Marines decided to face one of the pirates, it would be like a spark that starts the big fire.

A bad suppression will bring a great disaster to the island.