One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 198: the best leader in the world!

Rogen’s ship was like a mantis in front of a huge van from the beginning, but when it comes to the end, it became a huge line with a fierce breath.

This horrified Glen and his pirates. Their ships began to shake and it was about to collapse at any time.

This scene was scary for Glen and his pirates.

Was it a Devil Fruit ability or what?

When he found that his two other ships were in big danger with the power of the other side, Glen’s face changed immediately, and he stared at Rogen for the first time.

It was clear from the first sight and from the wanted posters that Jason and Crocodile were powerful. What about this little guy, Rogen? he also dared to rush alone against a whole ship member.

While he was staring at him, Rogen kept stepping forward at a slow pace.


An overbearing breath swept out across the ship in a blink of an eye, exactly like the gust of the wind.


The doors and the deck got cracked by this power, even some fragile items, such as glass plates and crystal lamps burst directly.

Glen was even more shocked when he saw that most of his crew fell down heavily and they passed out.

“This, this is…”

He didn’t know what to say, he was in a huge shock.

What was happening? this was an unusual scene in this area, this guy almost wipes the entire pirates in a short time.


Just then, a loud noise was heard from Jason’s ship. When Glen turned his head, he saw dozens of pirates screaming in the air and then fell into the sea.

“Who the hell are those guys?”

How could anyone be strong like that?

After 5 minutes, Glen’s crew were all dead, and Rogen was about to leave.

“Fight me!”

Although he was confused and disappointed, Glen finally had the courage and shouted.

With a loud roar, his figure began to swell and a golden fur grew.

He seemed to be a Devil Fruit user, type Zoan.

Rogen was a little surprised because he didn’t think that he would find some strength in this pirate group. This Glen, the devil fruit user, he might be strong. Interesting…

Stepping out, a cyclone appeared on the deck and Rogen’s figure disappeared again.



From the air, a long sword rushed toward Glen.

And then, a shadow appeared in front of Glen’s neck, it was sharp and extremely fast.

The transformation of Glen stopped; he already became a beast with the golden fur on his body.

Fast! Very fast! The speed of this Rogen is horrible!

“What are you going to do?”

“Borrow your head and tell them I’m coming!”

An indifferent voice came out, and the sword edge moved.

Glen didn’t figure out what the other party said.

“Who, who is….”

He wanted to ask but the sword was very sharp, and it already pierced into his neck.

He felt the death at this moment, and the transformation in his body quickly receded.

“I’m… Ugh! I’m so weak….”

Glen was in despair at this moment, his weakness killed him.

The battle didn’t last long, he died before he could even transform, he didn’t do anything, he was a useless captain at that war.

Rogen didn’t utter a word, he put his sword into its sheath and walked away.

He has reached the 365 acupoints, his strength reached the peak at this time. He could defeat many powerful fighters with his martial arts only.

When all the 365 acupoints are opened, the Qi of the whole body can never be exhausted.

Using Qi, he was urged to make progress in his body. At this time, he could easily pass 10 meters in one step. His body was lithe like the light and the wind, and his speed what like the lightning, it can be said that he has reached the superhuman level.

With such a state, even if it was impossible to conquer the real world, you can conquer the world of pirates.

“My current strength should be equivalent to a pirate with a bounty of 300 or 400 million!”

This was only Rogen’s predictions. If he really wants to know, he should fight against this level be sure.

Looking at the remaining pirates in Rogen’s field that were shaking and about to fall to the ground, Rogen waved his sword.

At this time, Rogen has finished his battle.

On the other side, the battle was about to end.

Crocodile sand swept around, drying up many pirates. This terrifying ability was hard to resist. Under the fear, many pirates jumped to the sea to avoid this sand.

Jumping to the sea was a smart move from some pirates, Crocodile’s sand cannot kill under the water.

Jason’s battle was on fire, he kept destroying everything in front of him. With his bare hands, he almost demolished the entire ship.

At the end of this glorious war, the Dragon Roots approached.

Rogen’s system balance has reached an astonishing 1.8 billion from this battle and the previous ones.

The mess that Rogen made in this area was finally noticed by the Marine Department.

“It’s Rogen!”

In the Marine Headquarter, Kong was very angry.

“He is the one who established the Wrath Pirates!”

No wonder, that’s why these people are so bold, so blatant against the world government!

“These pirates, their bounty has reached 700 million! How crazy are they?”

“They don’t have problems with us only, even the other pirates, the Wraith kept killing them!”

“What is this Rogen trying to do?”

No one could understand his guy.

“Fleet admiral, recently, we’ve heard some news that the Celestial Dragon fought against Rogen and took back one of them!”

Sengoku was in a strange mood.

“Celestial Dragons?”

He kept silent for the moment, and immediately, he stared at the wanted posters of Rogen and his crew, and his expression suddenly changed.

“That’s too bad, they are going to Mary Geoise!”

He finally understood the purpose of Rogen.

Starting with Spandam, and coming to this side. There only one meaning, which means that they are declaring the war against the Celestial Dragons.

“Yes, I guess so!”

“I know something about him!”

Saying that Sengoku paused for a while and then continued.

“Rogen’s goal is 100% her!”


“He is trying to show that he is the best leader in this world.”

“He is coming then!”