One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 197: Flying Dragons!

These oncoming Pirates were extremely famous throughout the first half of the Grand Line. Their total bounty has reached 460 million. The three captains have reached a total of 235 million.

It seems that this group of pirates with its large base was one of the strongest in this area.

Even more, they seemed to have powerful high-end skills. Such a group, many powerful persons would be afraid in front of them, facing them is like suicide.

A group of pirates that reach this level must be elites. Even more, the amount of terror can make people scale numb.

“I’ve heard that there are new people making a mess in this area, we need to kill them and have some fun!”

“We are all angry, life without fighting is so boring!”

“We are here for the sake of wine, money, and women. We need to kill and steal!”

“Yeah, right, only fighting and spilling blood will bring happiness to us!”

At the prow position, a tall man raised his head and drank hard wine, and then he said all of that.

The crew behind him were very excited about hearing this, and they raised their arms.

“It’s a pity to fight against those chickens, we need a real war!”

Glen shook his head, expressed disdain for the boat floating 100 meters away in front of them.

Only in terms of the volume of ships, they can crush the oncoming boat, not to mention the huge difference in the number of pirates with each side. Even if the other side were powerful, Glen trusts his brothers in the pirate ships.

“Captain, let’s kill them, they’ll be dead meat in few seconds. We didn’t fight for a long time, we need to see blood again!”

Behind Glen, a long-haired man licked his lips and snorted. His eyes were red as if he hadn’t slept for several days, and also, it was full of madness and fierceness.

“It’s all yours then!”

Glen responded immediately.

He thought that a small group of pirates of newcomers wasn’t worth his attention at all.

“I heard that they killed Lumba in one shot, Lumba has a bounty of 100 million.”

“So what? He might have good luck fighting against Lumba, it’s nothing!”

“Kill them, this is our world!”

These men were very arrogant, they don’t have ambitions, they only wanted to kill and conquer. All the members of this group didn’t pay much attention to Rogen and his crew. They kept thinking about the next destination, the second half of the Grand Line.

The ships on both sides approached quickly because the lack of attention paid to Rogen’s group, Glen and his crew didn’t even pull out the cannons.

The close fight between the two sides can make the blood in their bodies boil more, and release the mania brought by the boredom in the sea during this period.

In an instant, the distance between the two sides was only 50 meters.

“Every one of you should solve one ship, move quickly!”

Rogen commanded his group and he was full of confidence.

Next to him, Crocodile and Jason nodded.

Trensu didn’t take any action this time, he bent his knees and chose on ship as a target. Behind them, the six Dragon Elephants were very angry, in a moment, they called Rogen and said.

“Captain, we want to fight too!”

“Have you mastered the Rokushiki?”

Rogen turned and asked them.

When they heard this question, they felt lost. After practicing the Dragon Elephant’s skills, and the increment of their physical fitness during this period, they still can’t join the fight. As for the Rokushiki, Jason promised them to teach it when at the right time.

“As soon as you master the Rokushiki, you’ll join us!”

As he said that, Rogen’s figure disappeared and then reappeared in the air.

At the same time, Crocodile and Jason looked at each other, and then, their bodies flickered and appeared in the air also.

The three were very fast. In the eyes of everyone, they moved forward in mid-air with very high speed.

With each step, a ripple appeared in the void.

The speed was amazing, in only three seconds, they have reached 30 meters ahead.

“Hey, hey, look, I think that those three people are walking in the air!”

All the pirates got shocked seeing them walking in the void.

“Are you kidding me?”

Glen couldn’t believe his eyes, he suddenly felt that this war will not end in a good way. He seemed to underestimate this group of guys.

After all, normal people can’t walk in the mid-air, just like walking on the ground or leaping tens of meters in one step.

Five or six seconds later, Rogen and his mates had fallen from the sky and landed on the three ships.

One person on each boat, one person against a whole crew. Are they serious? So arrogant!

Glen was very angry, and he took a sip of wine fiercely.

“Go, kill them all!”

As he said that, all the 200 members of this pirate group roared angrily and rushed toward the three.

They wanted to kill, cut them into pieces.

As they moved forward, something happened that scared them.

Horrible sand grains swept in front of them.

The saw the grain of sand floated from the shoulder of the fierce-looking man and then a strong wind blew, it was like a dragon roaring with anger and suddenly covered the entire ship.

On the other ship, all pirates heard the angry roaring.

“Strength increase, 400 times!”

“Dragons 18 palms!”

As they heard that, they looked up, and they saw many Dragons flying and hovering across the ship. Every time the dragons roared, a sound of bombardment came out.

“Our ships, it’s going to destroy! Oh My God!!!”

The pirates screamed when they saw this horrible scene.