One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 200: Zephyr, The Admiral.

What makes the Marines even more scared is that the Sabaody is the Holy land of the Celestial Dragons, and most of them live on it.

Once the war starts, these nobles will get hurt, and it will lead to ominous consequences for the Marines.

Therefore, this unique tacit understanding is quietly observed. However, the Pirates do not act recklessly and chose to stay low-profile, to avoid conflicts.

Rogen and his crew entered the island and quickly disappeared inside it.

It’s not easy to catch someone in this huge Archipelago.

After 10 minutes, Rogen’s group stopped suddenly.

“Captain, look there!”

Trensu whispered.

Everyone looked at the place pointed by Trensu, and their eyes immediately shrank.

Not far away, a group of Marines was walking quickly and they were very serious.

They directly stared at the man who leads this group, he was a tall man with purple hair, he looked very angry. What shocked everyone was the rank of this guy.

Amazing, it’s the Admiral of the Marine Department!

“The Black Arm Z!”

Crocodile said with a serious tone.

The silent middle-aged man who led the group of young people was Admiral Z.

“It’s rumored that he was dispatched by the superiors to maintain the stability in the Sabaody Archipelago for a period of time, but I don’t think that it’s real!”

Rogen condensed.

Rogen wasn’t in a hurry, there’s no need for an Admiral to face, only if this mission went wrong. The purpose of this visit was to save people. They have to avoid fighting as much as they could.

“This old guy is not easy to deal with; it can be said that he is as strong as Garp. He is definitely one of the strongest in the Marines at this time!”

Jason’s eyes flashed when he said that.

They were sure that the other party wasn’t easy to mess with. They’ve been on this island for a long time, and they haven’t seen any chaos in the street.

If there’s an Admiral in charge, who dares to make a mess?

“Let’s go!”

After watching Z, Rogen’s group walked away.

The streets were crowded, naturally, the Admiral won’t notice that someone was watching him in secret.

After walking for another 30 minutes, Rogen looked at the hotel in front of him and smiled.

“Grove 13 of Sabaody Archipelago, Shakky’s Rip-off Bar!”

His goal at that time was exactly this bar, more precisely, the people in this bar.

“Captain, are we going in?”

Jason was very curious.

He didn’t know the reason behind coming here.

“Go in!”

Rogen didn’t explain anything, he just stepped in.

Immediately, they opened the door and followed Rogen.

The bar was empty, only five or six guests were standing lonely and drink.

You could hear calm music playing in the background, which adds a touching atmosphere to the bar.

“You are ten? Find somewhere to sit!”

In front of them, a woman in her thirties who had a cigarette in her mouth and wiping her glasses.

“I’m looking for someone!”

Rogen smiled and said softly.

“Huh!” She stopped and then she looked at Rogen with a surprise. “You look familiar!”


Rogen answered with a smile.

“But I don’t have the person you’re looking for. Find a place for you to sit. What can I give you to drink?”

“Three bottles of rum then!”

Rogen waved his hands to his crew to sit down.

“Captain, do you know that woman?”

Trensu looked at the bartender and asked Rogen with curiosity.

“She used to be a pirate in the past!”

Rogen whispered.


Everyone was amazed, and they looked at her again.

At this time, she came with three bottles and put them on the table.

“Stop talking about me, I can hear you clearly!”

With a few warnings from her eyes, she smiled.

“Madam, I want to see your husband!”

Rogen didn’t wait and asked her immediately.

“And for what?”

She answered him with indifference.

“I want him to do me a favor!”

Rogen answered quickly.

“He is not here!”

As she said that, she turned and left, ignoring the whole crowd.

Rogen was calm at that moment, he just smiled and kept drinking with his mates.

They left after an hour neglecting the main reason they came for.

“Captain, what shall we do next?”

“Just have fun!”

Rogen smiled.

Taking a rest after a long journey full of battles and adventures, it would make sailors very happy.

In this island, you could find a diversity of creatures from this world, it can be said that staying here is a pleasure for everyone, and here you could find everything you need.

The Wraith started looking for fun and delicious food after leaving the bar. Till now, they didn’t face any problem at all.

In the evening, a middle-aged man with wavy hair and glasses stepped into Shakky’s Rip-off Bar.

An octopus fish-man was behind him, holding a stack of paper in his hands.

“Ah, you are back!”

Shakuyaku greeted him immediately.

“Well, it’s hard to serve today’s guests.”

The middle-aged man was a bit tired.

“At noon, a young man asked for you,” Shakuyaku said.

“Really?” A doubt appeared on the middle-aged man’s face. “What is it like?”

“I didn’t pay much attention, I don’t know!” she answered with indifference.

The middle-aged man was helpless. In this place, most people don’t know him. There must be something happened if a strange man came to find him.

At this time, the Fish-man came forward to put a stack of paper on the bar and began to flip it.

Shakuyaku glanced and she noticed several Wanted Posters.

“What are you doing with this, Hatchan?”

“I wanted to see what kind of pirates I would face when I go to the sea!” Hatchan answered with a sigh.

“You’ll die immediately if you went to the sea, haha!” She mocked at him.

Hatchan didn’t respond and continued to flip.

Suddenly, Shakuyaku moved and pressed on his arm.

“Wait a second!”

She looked at the wanted poster and pointed her finger on it.

“That’s right, it’s him. It’s the kid who was looking for you this day, he is a pirate!”

“Oh?” the middle-aged man looked surprised.

It was a young man with a faint smile on his face, under his picture, an astonishing bounty that shocked everyone.

Seeing this huge bounty, Hatchan shouted.

“Rogen, the captain of the Wraith, 350 million!”