One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 224: Silvers Rayleigh

The morale of those pirates has reached the peak under the lead of Trensu, and it can be said that they have conquered a huge area already.

Some of the pirates were a bit afraid of the beginning, but after the beginning of the war, they rushed and felt relieved.

Under the control of the Wraith, all the pirates were excited and they believed that they could defeat the Marines. They already know that this group encountered the Admiral and they defeated him. After what they did until now, the Admiral didn’t appear, neither the Vice-Admirals. What’s the reason behind it?

The Wraith Pirates, a group of people that could defeat Admirals. Every one adores them, they won’t give up them until they reach higher positions.

It was hard for weak pirates to meet legendary pirate, but this time, they shared the same ambition, the same objective.

There’s only one law in the world, if you are weak, then you have to follow the lead of strong people to survive and become stronger.

Looking at the pirates below, which were very brave after what he said, Trensu smiled, but at the same time, he was worried about Rogen’s safety.

“Let’s make this island as our territory then!”

Trensu shouted loudly, higher than all the pirates.

As he said that, a dazzling light came and rushed to the pirate’s location, causing a huge explosion and screams.

“Marines, it’s the Marines!”

“Vice-Admirals, there are five Vice-Admirals!”

“Z is not with them!”

“They dared to fight against us, haha!”

All the pirates panicked when they saw the Marines rushing toward them, but when they didn’t find the Admiral, they calmed down.

As long as there are no Admirals, the pirates won’t be afraid.

Trensu was standing on the hill, when he saw such a scene, his face was slightly frozen, and Crocodile who was beside him jumped down.

“To the fight! Let’s destroy them!”

Crocodile shouted loudly, and immediately; the grain sands surged to the sky.


Simultaneously, all the pirates screamed and pulled their swords and rushed toward the Marines.

When the two sides collided, many members have been killed immediately.

At the beginning of the battle, the Vice-Admirals jumped to the middle of the battlefield. These elites have strong powers and could deal with many people at once. Even Rogen who possessed the swordmaster, he didn’t want to involve against them because it would take much time, and it will cost a lot of energy, he could only imprison them.

At that moment, they were like tigers rushing a flock of sheep, they killed everyone with no mercy. There was no one among the pirates able to fight against them.

This kind of Marine elites is hard to deal with, as soon as they reached the battlefield, they killed at least 200 pirates or more.

When pirates saw that, many of them panicked, and they even retreated.

“Oh My God, these Vice-Admirals are very strong!”

“We can’t defeat them!”

“They are too strong; those guys are not humans!”

“How to fight them? No one of us could fight them, even captain Blanco is seriously injured, we won’t make it!”

All the pirates became afraid, the presence of the Vice-Admirals reduced their chance to win the battle.

“Kill them with the order of justice. No mercy, we need to kill and arrest as much as we can!”

Among the crowd, a Vice-Admiral held up his western sword and shouted loudly.

“Trensu, those five are very big trouble for us!”

Jason’s face was very serious.

“I know, damn, I don’t think that we can defeat them!”

Trensu was helpless at that moment.

“I’ll take my chance!”

With a serious tone, Crocodile shouted and rushed toward one of the Vice-Admirals.

It didn’t take much time until he fell down breaking a large tree under him and being seriously injured.


Trensu got shocked when he saw that.

Even Crocodile, he wasn’t an opponent at all.

These five generals have created a decisive reversal for the whole war situation.

“Oh, I’m old, but I have to move!”

“What made me promise that kid? Ugh…”

Suddenly, a sigh came into the field, it was very loud and strange.

Immediately afterward, an overbearing breath swept out, hitting all the Marines and Knocked the down.

“Haoshoku Haki!”

All the Vice-Admirals were stunned and they wanted to know who did that.

“Who’s that?”

In the eyes of everyone, a middle-aged man strode slowly. He wore glasses and looked furious. He has a very sharp momentum.

After three steps, cracks appeared on the walls on both sides, and the air was suffocated from the pressure, which made everyone suffer.

They Vice-Admirals saw that this guy was unusual, they immediately stared at him and took out their weapons.

“No matter who you are, you have violated the Marines, you have to die then!”

He was very mad, and in a blink of an eye, he came to the middle-aged man and waved his sword.

“Take that!”

As he waved his sword, many shadows appeared in the air. It was sure that ordinary pirates won’t stand against such a sharp sword.

But at the next moment, the middle-aged man moved, he was as fast as the light, no one even saw him.

The sword was blocked by him, and it couldn’t move forward.

The amazing power made the Vice-Admiral somewhat surprised. And it didn’t end like this, the middle-aged man kicked the Elite Marine fiercely. This kick came very fast, he couldn’t even see it.


The Vice-Admiral was pushed dozens of meters to the rear and smashed a house was behind him.

After a while, he stood up, and then he lifted his sword and wanted to attack again, but someone was there stopped him.

“Don’t be impulsive, he’s Silvers Rayleigh!”

Suddenly, a sigh came out.

Whether it was a Pirate or A Marine, it was shocking to see someone with such power standing in the field.

No one ever thought that the right hand of the Pirate King will appear here at this time.
“I made a promise, I won’t let them down!”

“Vice-Admirals, I’ll bother you to play with me for a while, I’m sorry about that!”

Rayleigh lifted his sword and smiled.

At that moment, the Vice-Admirals were shocked and they didn’t utter a word.

At the same time at the Marine Headquarters, Sengoku took a deep breath and said.

“Rogen, what are you going to do!”