One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 225: Seal him!

Rogen put his sword on Z’s neck, and then he smirked.

“Nothing, I only want to tell you some bad news.”

Sengoku’s face changed, and he felt something horrible happened. And then, he controlled himself and asked in a deep voice.

“What do you want to say?”

“Admiral Z in front of me now…”

Rogen was smiling when he said that, it was like threatening Sengoku.

“And what are your conditions?”

Hearing Rogen’s words, Sengoku naturally understood what Rogen’s want, and he asked him directly.

Sengoku was confused at that moment; how could Z lose against a kid? How is that possible, he’s one of the most powerful Marines.

This made him remember the last fight between Kizaru and Rogen, but this time, this kid seemed to be more powerful, even Z couldn’t defeat him.


Rogen was surprised, and he realized that the other party exhausted himself by thinking. He smiled and felt happy.

“I wanted to tell you only. If you want to take him back alive, you need to send more powerful reinforcements!”

“And also…”

After a pause, he said again.

“The Sabaody Archipelago may be out of your jurisdiction soon…”

“You have to be quick!”

He said that and hung up the Den Den Mushi without hearing the answer.

In the Marine Headquarters, Sengoku was very angry.

“Damn it!”

Clenching his fists, Sengoku cursed and start thinking about what to do.

He doesn’t think that the other party would lie. Z’s Den Den Mushi is very special, no one could steal it or use it unless Z is dead or in a very bad situation.

If Rogen used it, then Z should be in a very bad situation.

Sengoku was very worried about whether the Veteran Admiral and his mates were still alive or not.

He kept thinking for a long while, and then he asked the Marine soldier who was waiting outside the room.

“Where’s Garp? Didn’t he come yet?”

“I don’t know, we couldn’t reach him!”

The soldier quickly responded.

“That bastard!”

Sengoku was even angrier. He didn’t find his right hand in this critical situation.

“Then go and call Kizaru!”


As the soldier turned his head, Sengoku said again.

“Don’t forget to call the Vice-Admiral Akainu!”


He responded quickly, and then he turned to leave.

After getting away, the soldier wondered.

“Kizaru, Akainu, two of our best Elites, what happened? And why does Sengoku is very angry?”

Anyone could notice the mood of Sengoku at that moment.

It didn’t take much time until they entered to Sengoku’s office.

“Sengoku-Sama, what the matter?”

Kizaru arrived first, and he asked with his usual lazy expression.

He almost died in the first encounter with Rogen, he was lucky to be alive, and it can be said that he became stronger now.

“Well, let’s wait for Akainu!”

Sengoku stared at Kizaru and nodded.

Kizaru didn’t pay much attention, and he looked for a place to sit.

After a while, a tall man with a Marine hat entered the office. He was an unusually muscular man; it can be said that he was the most muscular of the Admirals. If you want to find a benchmark in the Marines, then this man is what you are looking for.


Seeing him entering the room, Sengoku knocked on the table.

“Sengoku-Sama, why did you call me?”

Akainu’s face was very cold and grim, it makes everyone afraid to get very close to him.

“A very bad thing happened in the Sabaody Archipelago!”

Looking at the two, Sengoku’s tone was very serious.

In a word, both of them were a little surprised.

“As I remember, Admiral Z is there!” Kizaru was curious.

“Yes, Z is in big trouble!”

Sengoku shook his head.

“Do you remember Rogen? We have information that Z being defeated by him, and if we didn’t do anything, he might kill him!”

As he said that, Kizaru and Akainu got shocked.

“That boy has passed the limit; we should kill him then!”

Sakazuki shouted immediately.

“I want you to go there and crush him as fast as you can, besides, you have to put an end to the chaos that Pirates have made!”

Sengoku shouted, but this time he was angrier.

“Sengoku-Sama, did the pirates make chaos there?”

Kizaru was surprised.

In addition to Admiral Z, there were many other Elites of the Marines stationed in the Sabaody Archipelago, and the pirates there was probably newcomer, they won’t be able to make big chaos.

“I’m afraid that it’s already critical!”

Sengoku shook his head again.

“Your mission is a bit heavy this time. Remember that you can’t stay there after calming down the storm, you must come back here as soon as possible!”

“I always think that there’s something behind that kid!”

His tone was deep, Sengoku paid great attention to Rogen.

Defeating an Admiral and asking for more powerful reinforcements, it was something hard to believe.

What is this kid trying to do?


Kizaru and Akainu responded quickly, he understood the importance of that mission.

An Admiral has been defeated, the impact and consequences of this incident will be huge and will shock the whole world.

The two stood up and left quickly.

“We need to be fast, Sengoku said that the situation is very critical there!”

Out of the headquarters, Kizaru flashed and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Huh Rogen, I just want to see what you can do against me!”

Sakazuki smirked, and then he jumped to the warship and ordered to leave.

The Marine Headquarters wasn’t far from the Sabaody, and they can reach in a short time.

Sabaody Archipelago, outside the Marine Station.

After hanging up the Den Den Mushi, the smile on Rogen’s face disappeared.

Looking down at Z, Rogen kept thinking.

“Do I have to kill him?”

“I don’t think so!”

No matter what the situation was, killing an Admiral will put him in a troublesome situation. Besides, he won’t be able to fight against all the Admirals at once.

Killing Z would grow the anger of the entire Marines, and they would take revenge.

Even strong people like the Whitebeard and the Golden Lion who were at the top of strong men won’t easily attack an Admiral. It was very difficult to defeat an Admiral, and also, such a thing will make the Marines angry.

After all, in this world, no one has the power to touch the Marines, even if he had the power to.

“I can’t kill him; my pirate regiment will collapse!”

With his current strength, he could not bear the consequences of killing Z.

“So, I will seal him!”