One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 226: Witness.

It wasn’t difficult for Rogen to do such a thing.

Regardless of the magic ability by the possessed soul, his Devil Fruit gave him a very strong ability to do many powerful things.

“I’ll use the ability of the Devil Fruit!”

He lifted his hand, and in a blink of an eye, a green gourd appeared in his right hand, it was crystal clear glowing with a pale green light.

“It’s getting bigger!”

After throwing it into the air, the gourd swelled instantly and became huge.

After a while, the gourd turned and aimed at the weak Z.

“Drop it!”

In the shocked eyes of Z, the magic liquid inside the gourd dropped directly at him.

After a while, Rogen’s hand extended again, which made the gourd became smaller and appeared in his hand.

As he shook it, he heard a sound inside it, which made him smile.

“I didn’t have the chance to use it before, let’s do it!”

Rogen took the gourd and put it on his waist again, and then he stepped forward and disappeared, ignoring the trapped Vice-Admirals behind him.

Rogen has more important things needs to be done instead of them.

After a while, Rogen cam to a remote place, and when he realized that no one was there, he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

“Damn boy, let me out!”

An angry roar came from the gourd on his waist.

Hearing this, Rogen smiled and ignored him.

This magic gourd has a very special ability, with it, Rogen became able to imprison demons inside it. Unfortunately, Z wasn’t a demon, but he was very strong, that’s why he could shout.

Sealing Z and controlling him was an amazing ability that makes Rogen very powerful.

Rogen didn’t understand clearly the conditions of this ability, but he might know from the system later.

After thinking too much, Rogen closed his eyes.

“These sword skills are a rare treasure for me!”

Soul possession is something hard, you can’t even expect what you will get, it’s all random.

This time, Rogen wanted to keep on this soul’s abilities, he really needs all the knowledge of this swordsman.

The possession time is about to end, and this amazing power will disappear, but the spells, exercises, and swordsmanship won’t disappear. With several practices in the future, Rogen can gradually become stronger.

Perhaps someday, Rogen will be as strong as Dugu Yuyun.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the existence of Silvers Rayleigh complicated the situation for the Marines.

The pirates took the situation, and they attacked the Marines with no mercy and quickly ran.

All the pirates were very excited, and they wanted to share their excitement with the world, they have made great chaos in the Sabaody Archipelago.

This news quickly spread throughout the world and shocked everyone.

“Big news, the pirates have conquered the Sabaody Archipelago!”

“Shocking news, pirates have made great chaos and destroyed the Marines in the Sabaody Archipelago!”

“Where’s the Admiral? The supernovas burned everything in the Sabaody!”

These are the titles that shocked the world.

Even more, another wave of news came out.

“Rumors said that Admiral Z, the Black Arm, has been defeated and controlled by Rogen, five Vice-Admirals were caught in a cage made of Kairōseki, and couldn’t go out!”

This news made the whole world astonished, and they couldn’t believe what was happening.

A strong Admiral was defeated by a young man who was completely unknown before! Is this possible?

In the Marine Headquarters, Kong hit on the table with all his power, and then he shouted.

“Sengoku, what’s the matter? What’s happening?”

“I’m sorry to say that we have underestimated Rogen, this guy has unbelievable power, he was able to defeat the Admiral!”

“However, I have sent Akainu and Kizaru, they will suppress the chaos right there!”

Sengoku was very serious, and he answered quickly.

“I’m really curious about how this news came out with such speed?”

Kong was very angry at that moment.

The news has spread throughout the world quickly as if someone had been prepared and knew that the Marines would fail. The meaning behind it was shocking.

“About this, I’m afraid that someone has a plan!”

Sengoku sighed.

He already thought about that, but he wasn’t sure yet.

“What’s going on with Golden Lion?”

Kong asked again.

Compared to the Sabaody, the Marines should pay more attention to the Golden Lion.

“I’m afraid that he’ll act soon, especially after hearing the latest news!”

Speaking of the Golden Lion, Sengoku seemed to be angry and sad.

After the defeat of the Admiral and losing the Sabaody Archipelago to the pirates, the situation became very favorable for the Golden Lion.

Sengoku has already thought about it.

The second half of the Grand Line.

On the vast sea, the waves were as high as mountains, the sky was covered with clouds, lightning and thunders were stunning, a huge storm was raging at that moment.

In this bad weather, black spots suddenly appeared at the end of the sea level.

After a while, it turned out to be several ships crossing a long distance quickly.

Hundred of ships were very close to each other, and you can see pirate flags fluttering on each ship.

Thirty seconds later, a huge floating island was advancing forward slowly above the ships.

Its shadow was very huge, which made all the fishes afraid and swim deeper.

“Oh, My God!”

“The Flying Pirate, run!”

Not far away from them, a group of pirates saw this astonishing number of ships, about a hundred or more, immediately they panicked, and ran away.

“The man on the floating island is Golden Lion and his pirate regiments!”

“Oh My God, he came with his full crew!”

“It’s rumored that they want to attack the Marine Headquarter, are they going to do it now?”

“Damn, we are going to witness the most exciting scene in the world!”

The pirates were very excited, they didn’t imagine that they would witness such an event.

This is the greatest thing they would ever see in entire life.

The Golden Lion and his full crew attacking the Marine Headquarters, what an amazing time.