One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 227: Greedy pirates.

Facing the mighty waves, hundreds of pirate ships were rushing forward and very fast under the crazy storm.

It was a very shocking scene, looking at it from a distance is enough to cause heavy pressure.

“Let’s move, they will destroy everything in front of them!”

When the pirates were looking at the fleet of ships, someone shouted loudly.

The Golden Lion and his pirates were rushing forward very fast; they won’t care whether you were pirates or Marines, they will destroy you as long as you block the way in front of them.

The huge fleet was getting closer and closer, all the pirates that were stunned became able to see it clearly.

On the surface of the sea, you could clearly see how bold those pirates are, they kept looking forward with arrogance. They were all elites, it can be said that the Golden Lion pirates are the strongest group in that era, especially after the execution of Gol D. Roger.

It was rare to see them on weekdays, but at this moment, they came out with all their troops, you can’t even count how many ships they have.

The atmosphere was heavy and suffocating.

“Oh My God, what a huge fleet!”

Pirates were shocked, and they were very afraid.

With such power, who could fight against them?

No one dares to fight them, this pirate regiment has many ships, with powerful pirates from Elites.
Only at that moment, many pirates finally understood why the Golden Lion Pirates are known as the strongest with Roger and the White Beard.

As the fleet approached, someone unconsciously looked up.

“Is that the Golden Lion, Shiki in the front?”

All the pirates were shocked.

Seeing his magnificent figure, all the pirates got excited, they wanted to be under his command, why not? He’s one of the strongest.

At the forefront of the floating island, a burly gold figure was standing. He looks like a huge lion with a majestic face.

He’s the strong man that stands on the top of the world, the Golden Lion Shiki.

“Ha Ha Ha, a young man that just entered the sea put the Marines in a troublesome situation, and they couldn’t do anything. Sure enough, as I said, they are a bunch of losers!”

“How did they catch Roger? I don’t believe that!”

“Today, the whole world will see how weak the Marines are!”

His voice was very loud, and it spread throughout the sea.

“We are the best, long live Shiki!”

“The Marines cannot be our opponent; everyone will see how powerful we are!”

“Brothers, I will go first, I want to kill some Marines first!”

On the floating island, Shiki shouted and laughed loudly.

“See, these 13 floating islands are my gift to the Marines!”

Behind him, there were 13 islands floating in the air advancing with him.

“Our boss is very strong; he could control many islands at once!”

“It’s over, stupid Marines!”

“Haha, we are lucky to be members in the Golden Lion pirates!”

All the pirates were happy and proud, and they shouted with pride.

History will slowly dissipate over time, in the next 20 years, no one will remember how strong and overbearing the former Golden Lion pirates were.

Twenty years later, the world will remember that they were strong but their days are gone. They will remember that a strong captain became sick and old. In the end, he will die and another one will sit on the top of the world.

But today, this captain is in the strongest period of his life.

He dared to fight the huge Marine Headquarters, and he was very confident that he could win this war.

It can be said that he’s one of the strongest in this world.

Before the Yonko era, Shiki the Golden Lion and the Whitebeard were the most powerful pirates.

The huge fleet passed slowly between the rest of the pirates.

Everyone admired them, they looked at the huge fleet and kept dreaming, everyone wanted to be a member of the Golden Lion Pirates.

“He’s so powerful!”

“Yeah, if we only could join them!”

At the same time, the world was boiling.

“The Sabaody Archipelago under the control of the pirates, and the Golden Lion Shiki on his way to attack the Marine Headquarters!”

This shocking news made everyone stunned.

“Oh My God, big war is going to happen!”

“What about the Marines, are they strong enough?”

“That’s terrible, what will happen there?”

Countless people trembled and panicked; it was impossible to imagine what will happen to normal people if this war begins.

All the civilians wish the Marines win, otherwise, who knows what will happen to them.

It can be said that the Marines are on the weak side.

If the Golden Lion wins this war, then who knows what will happen to them.

In the Sabaody Archipelago.

Many pirates gathered in a huge square with excitement and they smiled.

“Brothers, we have done something that makes us very proud!”

“Feel it, brothers, we did it!”

“Feel the taste of freedom!”

A pirate wearing a yellow scarf was shouting with excitement.

His words made the atmosphere even warmer, which made all the pirate roar and vented their emotions.

“If you listen to me, let’s hurry and leave, the Marines will come soon!”

In the crowded corner, Trensu looked at the two pirates beside him and whispered.

“What about the rest?”

The captain of the phoenix pirates didn’t know what to do, she was completely shocked when she heard what Trensu said.

“I just said everything to them, but they didn’t listen to me!”

Trensu shook his head.

After what they did, all the pirates swelled and became so confident and wanted to completely occupy the island.