One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 228: Reinforcements!

Trensu was sure that the rest of the pirates won’t leave the place, they thought that they could control the place and no one will stop them.

He had tried to persuade them, but these fools didn’t want to obey, and they want to take this area forever.

« I’m afraid that the Marines and Admirals will come soon, let’s retreat!”

Looking at Blanco and MingCui the leader of the phoenix pirates, Trensu seemed to be mad because of the rest of the pirates, he said those words and turned to leave.

Behind him, Jason hurried away carrying Crocodile.

When Trensu disappeared, MingCui’s eyes blinked and said.

“What to do?”

“I choose to believe them!”

After he said that, Blanco lowered his head and left.

“Big sister, what about us?”

The members of the Phoenix pirates wondered.

It can be said that after the departure of Trensu with his mates, and Blanco with his crew, the so-called great pirate alliance won’t last long.

“It’s something good to control such a place!”

“But unfortunately, we don’t have enough power to do that!”

MingCui took a deep breath and shook her head.

“We have to retreat then!”

A few moments later, the rest of the pirates noticed that the leaders of the alliance and the powerful ones have left, but it doesn’t seem that they paid much attention to them. Those greedy pirates were trapped in the illusion that they will control the Sabaody Archipelago.

You can’t describe them as fools, because in this era, all the pirates want to mark their territory.

These pirates became blind after what they did, and they want to keep the Sabaody under their control, and they forgot what will happen to them when the Marines come.

In the chaotic neighborhood off the Sabaody Archipelago, a group of three people moved forward.

“Trensu, where’s the captain?”

Jason asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know exactly, but he must be in area 43!”

Trensu kept running fast.

In the chaotic streets where the pedestrians were running around, no one noticed that Trensu and his mates were pirates.

“Well, and what about the six Dragon Elephants, did they go with Rayleigh?”

Jason asked again.

“They are not strong enough for the next scene, because the situation is going to be more chaotic and troublesome, that’s why the captain asked Rayleigh to teach them!”

Trensu nodded.

“Jason, stop here!”

At this time, Crocodile was completely exhausted.

He was seriously injured in the battle against the Vice-Admiral.

“Come on buddy, you need recuperation, you can’t move now!”

Jason wanted to calm down his friend.

Crocodile’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t say anything. He felt that he was very important to his friends, and they didn’t let him down.

He has never felt such a feeling in his life.

“Ha, ha, Crocodile, take a good rest, we need you later!”

Trensu laughed.

Crocodile smiled back, and then he closed his eyes.

Area 43, in a remote place.

Rogen hid in the corner and he was sweating hard.

This soul consumed a lot of his energy, it was far beyond all the Martial Art he practiced before.

Time passed quietly, and there’s still 30 minutes in the possession time.

It was hard for Rogen to exchange all the previous abilities at once.

It seems that these stunning abilities need a lot of possession coins.

After defeating Z, Rogen obtained 350 million of possessed coins, plus the previous victory against the Marine, he won a total of 500 million.

This is a very large number, but there’s still a long way to go before exchanging.

“Heavenly sword, 300 million!”

“The sword of the God, 560 million!”

“The magical spell, 980 million!”

These prices shocked him.

“I have only 30 minutes left in the possession, that’s too bad!”

Rogen was very confused, and he kept thinking.

“Getting the sword of the god and the magical is the best choice, but it’s too expensive!”

“No, No, I have to do something!”

He estimated that he could only take one of them.

Finally, Rogen clenched his fists and decided.

“The sword of God and the Magical Spell, I have to pick one!”

The Magical Spell is a taboo martial art, and it can be used only 9 times in a lifetime, it’s extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, he has nothing to do but gave up.

Although the effect of the heavenly sword is amazing, it is not as good as the sword of the god, so he can only give up also.

Rogen’s choice has to be the sword of the god, nothing is better than that for the time being.

Rogen kept thinking, and without knowing the passage of time, another wave of chaos rose on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Golden light reflected several times above the pirates who were shouting and celebrating.

“What is that?”

All the pirates couldn’t open their eyes because of the golden light, and then, a figure appeared.

“As I thought, a bunch of losers!”

Standing in the void, Kizaru sneered, and when the golden light restrained, his body began to reveal.

When his full figure appeared, one of the pirates recognized his, and he immediately shouted.

“Oh God, that’s the Admiral!”

When they heard that, all the pirates looked up and panicked.

“It’s Kizaru!”

Another shout came out, making all the pirates afraid more and more.

In didn’t take much time until another Admiral came.

Seeing these two majestic figures, all the pirates panicked and lost the hope of controlling this island.