One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 229: A former partner!

“What gives you the courage to do all this here?”

“I admire your courage, and I’m happy to say that you’ll have a miserable ending!”

The golden light shone from the tip of his finger, and it was extremely brilliant. Like the sun, it condensed a high degree of heat and brightness.

In the next moment, Kizaru stared at the group of pirates and aimed.

“You are all gathered in here I think, it saves me the effort of searching around.”


A gleam of golden light appeared and dived down to the center of the crowd, and then it seemed to stagnate.

Immediately afterward, an explosion erupted, making a high-temperature flame with a golden light shining brightly, and it covers a circle of thirty or forty meters.


The laser beam didn’t look powerful, but when it hits, a terrible power burst out.

“Oh, God!”

The pirates who were away from the crowd shouted and screamed; they ran in all directions with panic. Actually, they couldn’t make it because of the high temperature.

All their dreams and hopes disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Endless fear emerged from the hearts of the pirates; they have nothing to do but running away wildly.

The power of the Admiral shook all the pirates and made them think twice.

“Haha, want to run?”

Kizaru with his usual laziness raised his eyebrows and pointed out.

“Pew, Pew, Pew!”

A series of laser rays rushed forward and fell into the side of the running pirates followed by a burst of the explosion made the pirates scream.

Costal port.

“Did you hear that?”

Blanco’s face changed when he heard the screams.

“It seems to be from area 25!”

His partner hesitated.

As they heard that, all his pirates got shocked, area 25 is exactly the place where the pirates gathered before.

At the same time, Trensu shook his head and said.

“It’s the Admiral, he is there!”

Blanco’s face changed.

“Come on, keep running!”

At that moment, no one dared to stop and they speeded up.

Fortunately, they were away from that area, and no one would find them in a short time.

“Come on, move, let’s leave this place!”

“Go straight to Fish-Man Island!”

As they jumped on the boat, they sail quickly with no stop.

After Blanco’s departure, the Phoenix pirates jumped quickly to their boats and quickly left.

The two groups followed the advice of Trensu and avoided the danger.

Area 25 became very chaotic; you can only hear gunshots and see blood everywhere.

Kizaru kept walking between the pirates, its shape turned into a golden light and attacked everyone with his laser.

No one could resist the power of the Admiral; he was extremely strong.

It took him only 5 minutes to finish all the pirates before the coming of the Marines reinforcement.

“I didn’t come here for those bastards; I want the big fish!”

Kizaru turned into the light again, and then he reflected a few times in the void and disappeared.

Ten seconds later, he came to the Marine station.

Kizaru’s face changed, especially when he saw the ground cracked and the five Vice-Admirals locked in a cage made of Kairōseki.

“Who made all this, the kid?”

He turned his head and went to the front of the cage.

“How did it happen?”

Kizaru was puzzled.

Kairōseki is a rare material, the World Government paid a lot of attention to secure and control it, how could it suddenly appear here and trap the Vice-Admirals?

“Rogen did it, he has a mysterious power that traps us!”

One of the Vice-Admirals answered and lowered his head.

“He took Admiral Z. Kizaru-Sama, please go after him!”

Another Vice-Admiral anxiously said.

“What about you guys?”

Kizaru hesitated, he felt that he should help them first.

“It’s Kairōseki, you can’t do anything, we are fine here!”

Another one responded.

“Well, I see!”

He took out his den den Mushi and ordered his men to come to the Marine station, and then he left.

The Sabaody Archipelago is a very big place, even with the speed of Kizaru, he can’t search the entire island in a short time.

Ten minutes later, three warships approached the port of the Sabaody Archipelago.

A cold man slowly jumped off the boat, followed by many Marines.

“Suppress this island and guard the port, don’t let any pirate run away!”

Akainu shouted loudly.


All the Marines responded quickly, and they guarded the main port of the island.

Akainu picked some Marines of his group and led them to the island. As he advanced, he saw a group of pirates running.

Like the wind, he moved fast and half of his body turned into hot lava.

“Magu Magu no Mi, the Vice-Admiral Sakazuki has a very strong devil fruit!”

“It’s rumored that he has the strength of an Admiral. He will be promoted immediately after this election!”

Seeing him moving forward, all the Marines were excited and kept whispering with each other.

They didn’t move with him because they were sure that those casual pirates won’t do anything against Akainu.

As they guessed, Akainu killed all the pirates in one shot.

In a blink of an eye, the Vice-Admiral Sakazuki waved his hand and took the lead.

“Keep going!”

The Marines behind him were even more excited, and they followed their captain.

In less than 20 minutes, all the pirates on this island were suppressed by Kizaru and Akainu. The island remained calm after that.

Such a thing made Sengoku felt relieved, but at the same time, he was worried.

“That kid, what is he going to do?”

“He made our forces in a chaotic situation, what is his plan?”

While he was thinking, he remembered something.

“Is it that Celestial Dragon?”

Some time ago, he accidentally read that the former partner of that kid was a Celestial Dragon.

“One of the Celestial Dragons got killed by a pirate!”

“It can’t be right!”

“It can’t be Rogen!”