One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 335: Arrogance

While Rogen and his group were tasting their wine, on the mountain east of the village, a group of strong, armed gangsters suddenly came down.

This group of people had a clear goal. They were heading for the bar where Rogen and his crew were. The villagers they encountered on the way changed their expression and retreated quickly.

“I heard that foreign pirates have come here, haha.”

“Those guys who roam on the sea are much richer than the villagers.”

“Borrowing some money from them should be enough to satisfy our need for a while!”

With a voice of obvious disdain, these ferocious guys stride downward at a fast speed. They had machetes and guns in their hands, and their eyes twinkled with a fierce light. They were not good people.

“It’s the mountain bandits, from where did these guys get the news, they came all the way down from the mountain.”

The villagers figured out their intentions from their chats.

“Do you want to inform the pirates, they look decent, not the wicked type? They should hide, otherwise, these guys would kill them!”

A villager was worried…

“Let’s go and inform them, that group of pirates seem like good fellows. They are easy to communicate with.”

The kindness of Rogen’s group made the villagers act sympathetically. When they heard the mountain bandits are coming, someone immediately took a shortcut to the bar.

When the bar owner laughingly brought the second wave of wine to the table, the door curtain was pulled by a panting person.

“Guys, you have to run quickly, the mountain bandits are coming from the east, and they are targeting you.”

Hearing this, Rogen and the others didn’t react at all, but the owner and his wife panicked all of a sudden.

“Mountain bandits? They’re here again.”

When it comes to the mountain bandits, they seemed to be very afraid, and their facial expressions changed dramatically.

“Hurry up! guys, you can’t afford to provoke those fierce guys! When they arrive, you will get hurt! “

The man at the door said again.

“Mountain bandits?”

Caros wondered.

He had never heard of such a profession as mountain bandit.

“What is that?”

Rogen and his group were still sitting in the bar, and they were even drinking quietly. This kind of performance made the villager and the bar owners even more worried.

“Hurry up, those people are indeed terrible!”

However, no matter how these three people persuaded them, Rogen’s crew remained silent.

Time passed quickly, and the bandits were getting closer and closer.

“Hurry up, they are almost here!”

The person who brought the news was sweating profusely.

“Thank you, uncle! These people may be really vicious and horrible.”

Rogen suddenly said.

“But, as pirates, we have never been afraid of anything, so how can we fear them?”

After a pause, Rogen narrowed his eyes and his face became serious.

“As Caros said, mountain bandit?”

He disdainfully smiled.

“What is that?”

In a word, Rogen and his group laughed.

They are all pirates of the sea, they faced storms, enemies, and Marines. They were never afraid of a thing, so how can they be afraid of mere bandits?

“Oh? In a moment, you will know what it is!”

As soon as Rogen’s voice fell, a big hand reached through the curtain and grabbed the head of the person who informed on them.

Then, with just one swipe, the villager was thrown into the bar, knocked over several tables, bruised many places on his body, and shed blood.

“It’s over, they are here!”

The boss and his wife covered their mouths in fear.

One by one, big guys with sneers appeared from the curtain and entered the bar.

“Boss, this month’s land protection fee will double, otherwise you know the consequences!”

The man who took the lead had some scars on his face, then he started laughing.

The bar owner and his wife were trembling with fear and didn’t dare to speak.

After the man finished speaking, he didn’t look at the two again. In his mind, his orders must be obeyed. Afterward, he cast his gaze on Rogen and the others.

“I heard that you are foreign pirates, so…”

Licking his lips, the man smiled.

“You should be very rich?”


Rogen smiled.

“Yeah! A little bit.”

“Huh? That’s good. That’s good…”

The man’s eyes brightened as he nodded repeatedly.

“I don’t think that you would mind borrowing me some money and save your lives, don’t you?”

His words seemed gentle, but it was his way of threatening.

On the wine table, Trensu held the right hand of the wine glass and suddenly slammed it on the table fiercely.

He didn’t have the time to say a word, and Caros stood up abruptly and yelled.

“From where did you get such retarded mentally? Asking us for money?”

“Do you want to die? Do you know who we are? “

Needless to say, compared to the arrogant and domineering, Caros, who is a Celestial Dragon, was definitely a master of such a group.

A sentence or two filled the taunting value of these bandits, making the leader’s face look uglier.

“Hmm! Don’t forget, brave men will always die first… I’ll make sure that you will remember this, kiddo!”

The man said coldly.

“Hey scumbag, what qualifications do you have to talk to this young master!”

“Don’t look at me like this! I hate seeing such an ugly face!”

Caros yelled, and after finishing his words, he suddenly jumped from his seat.

In everyone’s astonished eyes, Caros, the little fellow, rushed straight to the leader.

With a high speed, before the mountain bandits could react, Caros’ punch had already hit the man in the face.


A dull noise came out, and the man snorted.

When he raised his head again, his right eye has turned blue.

This result shocked the public, and no one thought that Caros would dare to act this way.

Trensu covered his forehead speechlessly.

“Brother, you are a Celestial Dragon, how about being a noble, etc? What about your image?”

“Although I don’t like using my fists, at this moment, only by beating him like this will he remember how to treat his masters!”

Caros stood in front of the bandit, speaking loudly and pretentiously.

The corner of the bandit’s mouth trembled, and his anger was no longer restrained.

“I will kill you!”

“Kill me?”

Caros raised his eyebrows and punched again.

This punch bandit had been on guard for a long time, but to his surprise, he was unable to dodge it. This punch still hit his face fiercely, and there comes another thumping sound.

Then, his other eye turned purple.

“What the F*CK! Kill them all!”

This time, the bandits completely exploded. In front of them, their boss was beaten up.

“You have to remember that you can never be arrogant in front of this young master!”

In this chaotic scene, Caros voice was loud and arrogant.


But at the same time, many weapons and hateful eyes were all gathered on him.

In such an environment, Caros was not afraid at all, turned his head, looked at the rest of the crew, and waved his hand.

“Brothers, come on, help me!”


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