One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 336: Forced Path

But embarrassingly, Rogen and the others looked at him funny, and no one moved.

The angry bandits won’t be polite while facing him, they drew their swords and attacked Caros in no time.

“Get them out of here.”

Only then did Rogen’s voice come out.

Behind him, the six dragon elephants and Daz rushed up almost as soon as he uttered this sentence.

With the strength of these seven people, there is almost no suspense in this battle. There is an essential difference between the pirates who live most of their lives in the sea and the bandits who stay in the mountains and steal people’s money.

When the sword slashed Daz’s body and sparks appeared, these bandits finally realized what kind of strength their opponent has.

“He’s a freak, he’s a monster!”

The mountain bandits, who hadn’t seen any Devil Fruit user, panicked, and they wanted to escape. But before they could run, the six dragon elephants kicked their a$$es.

Within ten seconds, the group of fierce mountain bandits were beaten up and piled outside the bar.

Caros strode out, looking up and down at the badly injured bandits.

“Scatter away, next time I’ll flip this village upon your heads, my brothers and I will tear you apart!”

None of the bandits dared to reply, they tremblingly helped each other up, and walked away.

For Rogen and the others, this was nothing more than a farce. But at this time, the owner’s eyes have changed while looking at them, they were filled with awe.

No matter where they go, the strong will always be respected. Being able to easily deal with this group of bandits represents some strength of Rogen’s team. But a person with such strength was not arrogant at all and treated others lightly.

These pirates are really different from the mountain bandits.

Nanlin helped the injured villager, and healed him with magic. The wounds and bruises of the villager were treated quickly. Everyone who watched this scene was surprised.

“Is our ship doctor a magician? It’s amazing.”

“I am a potionist.”

Nanlin corrected.

The crew looked at each other a few times… they don’t seem to distinguish the difference between a potionist and a magician.

At this time, Trensu asked the bar owner on the side.

“Boss, do you know Ace?”


The boss and his wife looked at each other and hesitated.

“Our captain is Ace’s uncle, and he came here to take him.”

Trensu said with a smile.

“Ace… we heard some time ago that Dadan is taken care of him on the mountain.”

“Dadan is also a bandit, but she was subdued by Vice Admiral Garp, so she stopped being aggressive, unlike those guys!”

In the end, the boss did not conceal anything.

“Do you know where we can find them?”

Rogen asked.

“Ace has left the island… Just a while ago, he was picked up by Garp. He said that he wanted to train him in their basses and make him an excellent Marine when he grew up!”

The wife replied.

“What about Rouge? Ace’s mother!!!”

Rogen asked in a deep voice.

He did not expect that Ace would be taken away by Garp in this period.

“The mother? She lives with Dadan.”

The boss replied.

The answer was very clear, Ace was taken, and Rouge is on the mountain.

Rogen did not hesitate. After that, he went to the forest alone.

What the owner told him was very accurate, even how far the distance was and the road he should take. With his guidance, Rogen avoided aimless searching.

About half an hour later, he saw the hut.

When he walked to the door and was about to knock, the wooden door suddenly opened with a creak.

The person who opened the door saw Rogen, and both of them were slightly startled.

What caught Rogen’s eyes was a fat and ugly face, with blond hair tied into a pair of ponytails, which was disharmonious.

Shaking the corner of his mouth, Rogen talked first.

“Are you Dadan?”

“Who are you?”

She said unceremoniously.

“Is Rouge here?”

Rogen pushed away Dadan’s fat body and was about to walk inside.

Beyond her expectation, the little skinny man in front of her pushed her effortlessly, she was stunned, because she didn’t even have the strength to resist. Suddenly, Dadan knew that this young boy was not a normal person.

“She is inside, but you can’t go in.”

Remembering the orders of the old man, Dadan gritted her teeth and stopped in front of Rogen again.

“Step aside.”

Rogen said lightly.


Dadan insisted.

Rogen didn’t say another word, and with just another casual push, Dadan’s fat body was frown away.

After falling down on her a$$, Dadan looked at Rogen in awe.

This stingy boy is absolutely powerful, and his expression was terrifying!

Dadan didn’t intend to stand in his way again and chose to escape. Rogen entered the wooden house and quickly found Rouge, mending clothes.

“sister in law.”

With a soft call, Rogen said with a smile.


Rouge stood up in surprise.

“Are you all right?”


“I heard Garp say that you were taken to prison by the Marines, I didn’t expect you to come looking for me again.”

Rouge said happily, and walked over to observe Rogen carefully. When she found that there was nothing wrong with him, she was relieved.

“I escaped, the Marines can’t handle me.”

Rogen said with a smile.

“That’s good!” Rogen nodded.

“I’m here to take you away, but I heard that Ace has been taken away by Garp!”

“Yes, I asked Garp to take Ace to the Marine headquarters. I hope he can become a great Marine in the future.”

Rouge said.

Rogen was taken aback for a moment, and then came to understand.

Roger was a pirate throughout his life. As a pirate, he was undoubtedly successful and reached the peak of his era. But as a father and a husband, it can be said that he was a real scumbag. In this way, Rouge naturally would not allow her son to follow such a path.

“A Marine? Not bad…”

Rogen smiled.

“Really? Rogen, do you also support my decision?”

Rouge said happily.

“Well, I’m afraid it’s not only your decision, but also Garp’s proposal.”

Rogen asked again, but she only smiled embarrassedly.

After seeing her expression, Rogen understood what happened. But he didn’t say anything, the inertia of history is huge. In the near future, Ace will still embark on the path of a pirate.

“Since Ace is not here, then you can come with me.”

“Huh? Where to?”

Rouge questioned.

“Garp is a Marine after all. I’m sure that he won’t hurt you, but the other Marines know about your existence.”

“So I’m going to take you to a safer place.”

“What about Ace?”

“One day, I will pick him up.”

“Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”


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