One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 337: Shabby Clothes

As for Rogen, Rouge naturally trusted him very much. After she packed up her things, she left with him.

Dadan stood up near the door at this time, but she did not dare to enter her house. The young man’s eyes made her terrified.

Watching Rogen leave with Rouge, Dadan was worried that she would be scolded and beaten by Garp, so she chose to flee.

Of course, whether she can escape from Garp’s hands was uncertain.

After meeting everyone, this objective to Windmill Town was done.

Rogen didn’t plan to stay there much, and soon after, they left.

“Captain, is it time to head to the Grand Line!”

Jason asked with a smile.

Rogen, who thought that everything had been done, would go directly to the Grand Line. But he just shook his head, and refused with a serious expression.

“Not now! I want to leave some seeds for the world.”


Not only Jason, but everyone present didn’t understand his meaning.

“Seeds for great pirates.”

The crew didn’t understand what Rogen was thinking about, but in the next period, they understood.

The Wraith Pirates were once again reunited together, but they were all at a new level.

The arrival of Rogen’s group made the East Blue enter a chaotic state, no, not only the east, it can be said that the Four Seas have been boiling up and a storm called the Wraith swept the world.

Three days later, the Logan rode the wind and headed toward an island.

With the sea breeze blowing, standing at the bow of the ship, Rogen’s black hair was fluttering and his eyes were full of spirit.

“The Marines in the name of justice are doing the most unjust deeds, so let’s execute them on behalf of justice.”

Jason, Trensu, Crocodile, and the others stood on the deck, looking at the distant island with weird expressions on their faces.

“Captain, are we going to reinforce justice!?”

“Didn’t you say, that we are going to plant seeds?”

A few people were holding their laughter, and kept asking about what’s coming next.

“Well, we’ll do whatever the captain says. But, what’s this island.”

Jason interrupted the discussion of several people.

“It’s really smoky, it’s unbearable!”

Ablis Island is a medium-sized island, inhabited by about 100,000 people, and it is also a military fortress base laid out by the Marines in the East Blue. The Marines, in the name of justice, have been stationed on this island for decades. All this time, the previous base managers have been famous for their strict style of work and tough means.

However, in recent years, there has been a problem with this base.

Anuki, the highest officer of the Ablis military base with the rank of commander, has been corrupted unconsciously and involved the black region. And his power made the entire island panic.

Violent, cruel, and tough methods have made Anuki the king of the entire island! However, the HQ turned a blind eye to all of this, which made the people there suffer from his tyranny.

When the Logan approached the island of Ablis, the crew onboard immediately noticed the weird atmosphere.

“It’s so quiet! What happened here?”

After everyone disembarked, they found that there was no one in the port, the place was dead silent. The architectural style of the entire island, said to be a city, was more like a huge military base… High walls, just like a fortress.

“There is something wrong with this island.”

Rogen’s eyes flickered.

When his ship entered the East blue, he somewhere heard the legend of this island. The righteous Marines have changed, becoming the representative of the devil, exploiting civilians, and making such an island look so miserable.

“Are we really going to start a battle with the Marines?”

Little Robin was worried.

“Heh heh, Robin, we are pirates, isn’t this what we normally do?”

Caros said with a smile.

Robin pursed her lips and said nothing.

The disaster she witnessed left an indelible impression on her young heart. In her mind, the Marines are the minions of the devil.

Rogen did not speak, and led everyone into this gloomy and weird city.

After stepping through the tall city gate and entering the street, the weirdness in the eyes of everyone got deeper.

Nothing is indicating that this is a city, it is simply a ghost town.

The broad and flat streets are sparsely populated, and the civilians who occasionally walk by were bowing their heads, they all seemed to be in a hurry, without even looking at their surroundings.

“This place is creepy…”

The little master looked around and found that there were no vendors.

A lifeless island… This is the first time that Rogen’s crew has seen such a town.

Across the distance, they saw the residents in the city, all with dull expressions, without the slightest anger, as if their souls were taken from their bodies.

“What’s going on?”

Caros was surprised and strode out to catch a civilian passing by.

“Hey, what’s going on here? Why are there so few people?”

“You, are you outsiders?”

The civilian was suddenly touched, and his whole body was stunned.

This scene even aroused everyone’s curiosity. Ordinary people, when touched by others, their reaction will never be so implosive.

“Yes, we are visitors.”

Caros said puzzledly.

Isn’t it normal for outsiders to come? Why is this person so frightened and shocked.

“Get out, or it will be too late when the Marines come!”

The civilian had an ugly face and talked too fast.


Everyone’s faces changed slightly, and their minds were even more puzzled.

What is the problem? Why would it be too late if the Marines arrive!

Caros wanted to ask again, but the man had broken free, staggered and ran immediately, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“It seems that the situation on this island is far beyond our imagination!”

The crew members all lifted their bodies. According to rumors, the island was controlled by the black Marines, and the people on the entire island were living in the shadow.

But now it seems that it is more than that.

What on earth has this commander, Anuki, done to this island? What would make a civilian so frightened?

They continued to penetrate the island, and as they got closer to the center of the city, more and more civilians appeared on the streets. But most of them were like homeless people with shabby clothes and pale faces.

“The people are here in dire straits!”

Jason clenched his fists.

He had never seen such a miserable island, what kind of ruler would turn an island into this appearance.

And their arrival was also seen by the people on the street, but they just glanced at them numbly, and then continued to lie down, as if they were waiting for their death.

“Big brothers, sisters, you shoud leave quickly.”

All of a sudden, they were stopped by a shabby child.

“The Marines will catch you!”

Rogen narrowed his eyes, and the crew’s expressions also changed slightly.


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