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S.P.P Chapter 338: Forced to be a Marine

What was it that made a seven-year-old child say such things?

He didn’t even know Rogen and the others.

Could it be that the Marines will indiscriminately arrest people?

“Marines, why would they arrest us?”

Rogen asked softly, took out a candy, and handed it to the child.

After the child got the candy, he swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva. He was so hungry and excited that his eyes lit up. But he carefully looked left and right, only to quickly hide after finding that no one was paying attention to this side.

“Don’t you know? All the Marines are demons. They will catch everyone they see. As long as they are young, strong, and healthy, they will be caught.”


The crewmembers were shocked that the Marines could really capture people randomly!

“Fleet Admiral Anuki said, all people on this island must become soldiers, otherwise they won’t be fed!”

The child’s sentence surprised everyone even more.

“Fleet Admiral? Everyone must turn to a marine soldier?”

What’s going on here? Is there any place in the world where you can force others to join your side? Moreover, when did the Commander named Anuki become the Fleet Admiral?

“If I remember correctly, the current Fleet Admiral is called Sengoku!”

Nanlin said blankly.

“That’s right, Nanlin, Sengoku is still in the lead… He once saluted me!”

Caros said happily.

Everyone ignored what he said and assumed that this didn’t happen.

“Hahaha, this Anuki fellow is very bold. He locked the island and become its king!”

Rogen smiled, thinking that this is very interesting.

Such a bold guy appeared within the Marines, but there was no response from their side.

No wonder that in this era, so many people were willing to become pirates. Think about it, anyone who has a little hope for the government won’t do such a thing.

“I’m serious, you have to leave quickly. When the patrolling soldiers arrive, you will definitely be arrested when they see you!”

The child urged them again.

Everyone looked at the child’s worried expression, and then glanced at the hopeless and gloomy faces of the civilians on the street, and their hearts felt so heavy.

There were very few humans in this big city, and the only ones around were the despaired who have lost hope and are waiting to die. The only person holding some hope was this young child.

What a frantic military base this is!

“Let’s destroy the whole place!”

Jason said angrily.

From hearing about this island from the outside world, then to coming in person and seeing the situation was a very different experience. The despair of civilians, the worry and fear of children made Rogen’s crew feel oppressed and agitated.

Suddenly, a dense footsteps sound filled the area.

The child’s face suddenly became horrified, and he yelled.

“No, they’re coming.”

Rogen and the others didn’t even react, and the child ran away wildly.

After four breaths, a team of Marines quickly came around and surrounded the crowd.

“Outsiders? How could such a group dare to come here?”

The leading lieutenant said while laughing.

“Why!? Can’t we board this island?”

Rogen asked back.

“Hahaha, this is the kingdom of the Marines, even ordinary people don’t have the courage to come here.”

The lieutenant laughed.

“Oh, I forgot to ask you, are you interested in being marines?”

Rogen’s crew was surprised. It seemed that these soldiers were not as terrible as the people on this island said. At the very least, they have asked them respectfully.

“No thanks, we are good…”

Rogen was about to refuse, but he was interrupted by the lieutenant.

At this moment, the lieutenant’s expression became very dramatic, looking so hideous.

“Uh, forgot it, you don’t have the right to choose at all!!”

“From this moment on, I declare you all soldiers under the leader Anuki!”

It was so funny that they all got stunned? They are pirates, no, they are world criminals, and someone now is forcing them to become Marines.

“Well, we are pirates!”

Trensu interjected with a few simple words.


The captain’s expression changed instantly and he waved his hand.

“Eliminate them!”

The soldiers behind him reacted quickly, and the guns were pointed at Rogen’s group immediately.

“If you ask me what I hate the most, it’s when people aim their guns at me!”

Following the Marines’ hands, Jason was the first to make a move, he strode out, and rushed into the crowd.

“So courageous, you dare to act against us here!”

The captain was angry and signaled to his crew to attack.

Next, something happened that shook the whole street. The explosive movement caused the homeless people lying on the street to open wide their confused eyes.

Then, their pupils suddenly contracted, and shock quickly filled their eyes.


Screams came out, one after another. But, it was from the Marines’ side!

On this island, someone finally dared to stand up to the Marines!

“Wha… they are crazy!”

The desperate and confused people murmured unconsciously after seeing a scene they believed would never happen in their entire lives.

Just when they stood up and stared at the group of people in the field.

“I don’t care about the mess on this island!”

“But at any moment, when the Wraith Pirates arrive, no matter who’s facing us, no one would force us to do anything we’re not willing to do!”

Rogen’s face was cold and his voice was so sharp, but his words were clearly spread throughout the street.

“Marines are Demons in the eyes of their residents? Huh, what a joke! Even if they were, I will kill them all!”

“In this world, no one can force others to do what he doesn’t want to do!”

“If the power in your hands doesn’t safeguard your freedom, then today, let us the wraith pirates give you a hand!”

His few words suddenly filled the empty hearts of the people around, awaking their confused minds; feeling sober for the first time in their lives.

“Who is that?”

Someone murmured, and a figure appeared in his blurred eyes.

“Are they going to war against the Marines?”

People suddenly reacted, they trembled, and then struggled to stand up.

On the ground, screams, groans, and gallons of marines’ blood quietly announced this unbelievable message.

“Heeyy, damned marines come out and face us!”

Suddenly, a roar of fury rang through the city.

“Anuki, get out now, you are going to die today!”

“There is no need for corrupt justice to exist. The scum who deprives others of their freedom must die!”

“We are pirates, we are born enemies of the government!”

All these shouts brought chaos to the peaceful street.

The huge movement also made the Marines of this island react quickly.

In this island, in the dark underground prison.

A calm voice suddenly came out, and a pair of eyes were awakened immediately.

“Someone is challenging the Marines!”

“What? Someone is really challenging Anuki.”

“Are we going to be saved?”

There was even a crying voice.

“I don’t want to be a Marine, save me!”

“They have to overtake him, but I don’t know who has the courage to challenge that devil.”

“Still, they must win!”

Behind the quietness of this island, there is too much despair, fear and tragedy hidden!

When the dawn of hope reached the island, the persecuted people burst with infinite rage in their hearts.


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