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S.P.P Chapter 351: Laboon

Crocus clenched his fists abruptly, and his eyes as he stared at Rogen shrank suddenly.

“Your last name… who are you to Roger?”

After a moment of silence, Crocus loosened his hands and asked fiercely.

“I’m his brother.”

Rogen said with a smile.

The crew members weren’t surprised to hear this. Rogen’s identity had long been concealed, but after his escape from prison, all his information had reached the surface and they were no longer secrets…

“Roger mentioned you… Unexpectedly, you followed his way in the end.”

Crocus said with a complicated face.

The days he passed with Roger on board were unforgettable and deeply engraved in his mind. Although there was nothing he could do about Roger’s death, the disbandment of the Roger Pirates made him extremely sad.

“He had created a path, so I must take it too.”

Rogen smiled.

This understatement pointed out Rogen’s ambition concisely. On this path, Roger became the pirate king, in other words, this young man has a goal to reach the same position!

“Great spirit, you are still so young.”

Crocus praised.

He did not say that the other party has high hopes, nor did he ridicule. In this era, people with dreams should not be underestimated.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Rain was pouring heavily outside, and thunder was tumultuous, as if Zeus was passing by.

“Speaking of which, the young people who have entered the Grand Line these years are getting stronger and stronger.”

Crocus sighed.

“Huh? How is that?”

Rogen was curious.

“A few years ago, a guy named Doflamingo has entered the Grand Line, and he looked so wicked.”

“And also, the Tyrant, Bartholomew Kuma, plus Crocodile!”

Crocus looked around and suddenly saw Crocodile standing there quietly. His eyes widened in an instant.


“Why are you here!”

He was really shocked. When Crocodile, the Logia user, the Desert king, entered the Grand Line, he really set off a huge storm. Therefore, Crocus was familiar with his face.

But how could he be here?

“I’m a member of the Wraith pirates now, and this is my captain.”

Crocodile referred to Rogen.

An electrical current flashed in Crocus’ eyes, and he couldn’t believe it.

“At this age, you were able to pull Crocodile into your crew.”

“He’s still very talkative.”

Rogen said with a smile.

Crocus’ eyes kept on jumping between the crew members, and no one said a word.

“What about the others?”

Crocus glanced at everyone present and was slightly stunned when he saw Jason, Trensu, the little master and the six Dragons.

“Your partners don’t seem to be some ordinary folks.”

Although he could not see the depth of their power, he could see the glow in their eyes, they were full of confidence and strength.

Only those with strong will have such eyes.

“Moreover, I’ve seen Shanks. That boy has grown a lot!”

Crocus mentioned red-haired Shanks.

“Did you meet Shanks?”

Rogen asked.

“Yes, that guy gathered a group of good soldiers and partners. His crew is full of powerful pirates. It seems that they are not weaker than yours! Hahahaha.”

Crocus said and laughed.

Looking at the trainees on board, he naturally felt happy.

“Shanks, should we have reached the New World by now?”

Rogen wondered.

“Yeah, that’s right, it has been a long time since he entered the Grand Line, he should be sailing in that part of the world.”

Crocus nodded.

A simple smile appeared on his face, and Rogen looked forward to meeting him.

This era is so chaotic. The four emperors have not been established yet, everything was a mess, and it was a real troubled time.

In such an era, when all strong groups stand together and compete with each other, a powerful emperor will be born. However, Rogen started his journey not too early, but not too late.

“I’m looking forward to meeting him.”

Rogen’s eyes were bright.

“Haha, you may not be able to defeat that guy! He is Roger’s heir.”

Crocus smiled.

“Don’t you worry! No one can stand in my way now…”

Shaking his head, Rogen’s eyes were firm.

He had anticipated the difficulty of this path, but he had never been afraid, nor had he lost his confidence. He firmly believed that one day he would climb to the top of the world and become the strongest.

“However, if you two meet, you will definitely be good friends. Your personalities and ages are too similar.”

Crocus said again.

“I also think he and I will be comrades, not enemies.”

Rogen smiled and nodded in agreement.

They have too many similarities and have a direct relationship with Roger. Even this fetter is enough to make them friends rather than enemies.

Moreover, Rogen knows shanks. He has the kindness and righteousness that all kings should have. His heart is as broad-minded as the sea. Such a person is optimistic and friendly, so they can easily become friends.

The rain kept on pouring outside and the thunder shook the sky, but the people inside were chatting.

Rogen got a lot of useful information from Crocus. He was located at the entrance of the Grand Line, which was clearly seen by everyone entering Paradise.

The rainstorm lasted for about an hour. When the sun came out, the Twin Cape suddenly shook, and a loud roar filled the sky.

“What’s this sound?”

“It’s Laboon!”

Crocus shook his head and sighed.

The crew wondered, and Crocus did not explain, which made the crew members leave to see what was happening.

The Twin Cape was constantly shaking, just as if Hercules constantly slamming his fists on the mountain… the ground kept on shaking.

When the crowd came to the edge, they saw the large waves and splashes below.

“What kind of creature is this? It’s so huge!”

Jason exclaimed.

He was shocked by Laboon’s huge body. At a glance, his body surfaced again and everyone was puzzled. There were various scars on his skin, which made people shiver.

“It’s a whale.”

Rogen said softly.

“A whale?”

The crew members stared at him with wide opened mouths.

“Why is there a whale here?”

Generally speaking, whales live in the deep sea, and although the Twin Cape is connected to the sea, it is definitely not a deep sea. However, there was a whale here, which surprised them.

“Do you want to hear the story of Laboon?”

Crocus looked at Laboon, who was hitting the mountain unceasingly, and sighed.

The crew nodded.

Rogen went to the front, sat down cross-legged, looking down at the huge whale below.

Crocus started telling the story of Laboon to Jason and the others. The persistence and misery of waiting for his friends aroused the sympathy of everyone, especially the girls, who have shed tears and were very moved.

“It’s so touching!”

Caros burst into tears and snots.

After telling the story, Laboon, who kept whistling and hitting the twin Cape, heard a loud voice.



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