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S.P.P Chapter 352: He’s still alive

The voice was gentle and soft, and directly rang in Laboon’s heart, causing the whale that kept hitting Twin Cape to tremble immediately.

Laboon’s head was lifted up from the water, trying to see who was speaking…

The huge body of the whale gradually surfaced out of the sea. At that time, Rogen’s crew also saw the whole figure of Laboon, and a shocked expression appeared on their faces.


“I’ve never seen such a huge creature.”

“Is this a normal whale?”

They turned their curious eyes to Laboon, and soon saw the crisscrossed scars on his body, which made them feel sad and pity. Through the narration of Crocus, they were aware that these scars were the outcome of slamming his body on the Twin Cape over the years.

At this time, Laboon stopped hitting the mountain, but looked at the standing figure on the edge.


Seeing Laboon’s eyes fixed on Rogen, the crew members couldn’t help feeling surprised.

“Stop slamming your head on the mountain… The person you’re waiting for is still alive!”

Rogen said with a smile.


Laboon’s eyes were glowing. He jumped out of the water and headed to the people above, but he wasn’t able to reach them because it was too high.

“Yeah, I’m telling the truth. He will definitely come to see you in the future.”

Rogen nodded, as if he understood the meaning of Laboon’s cry.


Laboon continued to ask, with excitement and joy in his eyes.

“He does have an afro style, right? And his name is Brook, isn’t it?”

Rogen asked with a smile and communicated with Laboon.


Laboon’s cry seemed happier. He believed what Rogen said.

“So, don’t hurt yourself again. Brook protected his style for you to recognize him when you two meet.”

“Laboon, you should protect yourself and stop slamming your head on the mountain. Otherwise, when Brook comes looking for you in the future, he won’t recognize you from all these scars!”

Rogen shouted to Laboon.

Every word he said was magically comprehended by Laboon and entered his heart.

And Rogen could also understand every cry of Laboon.

“Haaw! Haw!”

Laboon leaped in excitement, tumbling in the sea, stirring up waves all over the places, but he stopped hitting the Twin Cape, and his eyes were full of expectations.

“I’ve seen him, and he told me that one day, he will come back again, so Laboon, you need to take care of yourself.”

Rogen crossed his legs and said softly.

Laboon responded with joy. He didn’t know why, but he trusted what the man in front of him said, he just felt that the other party wouldn’t deceive him.

It seems that the person above his head possesses an intimate temperament.

Seeing Laboon promise to do so, Rogen smiled, then he stood up slowly.

“So Laboon, we have an agreement, you won’t hurt yourself anymore, and you will wait a little longer for Brook to come back.”

He held his hand high.

“You have my word, Brook, he will come back one day for you.”

Rogen’s right hand hung in the air, finalizing the contract with Laboon.

This scene surprised everyone behind him.

“It’s amazing that the whale can understand what the captain is saying!”

“What I’m more concerned about is that the captain can understand Laboon’s cry.”

“It’s amazing that they can communicate.”

Crocus told them that he had seen too many pirates enter the Grand Line, and their ships were destroyed because they were annoyed by his behavior, and tried to kill him.

It was the first time he had seen anyone who could communicate with Laboon.

Looking at Rogen, who stood up and stretched out his hand, he couldn’t help wondering in his heart. What strength does this seemingly ordinary young man have?

“Haw! ~”

The whale’s unique voice filled the air. Laboon jumped up with all his might and touched Rogen’s right hand with his head.

“OK, we have a deal, Laboon.”

Rogen laughed.

Laboon also shouted happily, swimming rapidly in the sea, stirring up layers of waves.

In his previous life, Rogen read this part of the Manga and was so touched about it, he waited a long time to see their reunion, but he was reincarnated before it happened. Laboon, who was in great pain for a promise, was living in deep sorrow.

Now, seeing the whale in person, Rogen, through his Kenbunshoku Haki, can communicate with Laboon and help him, which made him so happy.

It is hard to imagine that the relationship between man and whale can reach such a level.

For the first time, Rogen felt that this world was really different from the earth. (T/N: You don’t say 😮 wow!) At the same time, he also understood that all things have spirits in the pirate world.

“This young man is so interesting… You’re the first person over the years that could calm Laboon down.”

After witnessing this, Crocus looked at the deep sea and sighed.

He was curious about how this was done.

“You seem to be able to communicate with Laboon. As far as I know, Roger had such ability back then?”

“No! I’m a little different from him, but sure, I can communicate with animals and understand their words.”

Rogen thought carefully and said again.

“And also their emotions.”


Crocus was surprised.


Rogen nodded.

It’s true that he can comprehend their emotions. What happened on Abiles Island is imprinted in Rogen’s mind and can never be erased. This is also thanks to the long-term training of the 1000 Dragon Elephant, which create a magical link in his brain that allowed him to understand the emotions of all creatures.

This is a magical and precious ability…

Although it is different from the Voice of All Things, Rogen was still very satisfied.

“It’s amazing. What kind of power are you hiding?”

Crocus looked at Rogen in surprise and wanted to completely understand Rogen’s powers and personality.

But no matter how he looked at him, the young man in front of him seemed like an ordinary boy.

“Laboon won’t hurt himself anymore. You can rest assured.”

Rogen said to the doctor.

“I’m curious about what you told him.”

Crocus looked up at Rogen.

“You mean about the man Laboon is waiting for?”

Rogen asked with a smile.

“Yes, have you really met Brook?”

Crocus asked.

As far as he knew, the group of people who were friends with Laboon, are considered dead in the Grand Line. It has been ages since they left him here. Crocus was sure that they had disappeared in a mysterious way.

If so, then is he lying to Laboon?

“Yes! I have seen him, he is still alive.”

Rogen nodded without hesitating.

Crocus was stunned…

“He is!?”

“Yes, he’s sailing in an unknown area, wandering lonely and desolate, he is also waiting.”

“Waiting for what?”

“Waiting for the friends who will save him and take him away.”


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