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S.P.P Chapter 353: Next station

Crocus was stunned. He didn’t understand what Rogen was saying, and he doubted the authenticity of what the other party said.

But when he stared at Rogen’s eyes, he saw sincerity.

This boy, is he serious?! There was no deception or lie in his eyes.

“Well then, Daz Bonez, bring some specialties from the East Blue and give them to Crocus. It’s time for us to leave.”

Rogen doesn’t care whether Crocus believes it or not. Anyway, what he said is true.

He did see Brook alive, but it was just in the Manga…

In the future, when the Straw Hats arrive at the Grand Line, Brook will naturally leave the area where he’s stuck and eventually come again to see Laboon.

Daz nodded, turned around, got on the boat, moved some specialties and wine and put them in Crocus’ house.

“Are you leaving, boy?”

Crocus sighed.

He was staying here alone at the Twin Cape all year round. Occasionally, some people won’t bother chatting with an insignificant old man. It’s not easy to encounter a guy who is somehow familiar.

“Let’s go, Crocus. You know, Shanks has entered the new world, and I’m still here… I’m a bit late!”

Rogen waved his hand.

“Take care!”

Crocus knew that these young people would not admit defeat without giving it all they had.

“Do you want some advice? Regarding your route!”


All the crew members looked at Crocus. The experience of the old sailor naturally needs to be heard, which is a very valuable asset.

“Do you have any suggestions?”

Rogen asked.

“Where’s your navigator?”

Crocus searched, but could not find anyone present who looked like a navigator…

“We don’t have any…”

Rogen was a little embarrassed.

Although there seem to be many crew members, none of them have a formal career. Most of them were fighters.

Even he is also a part-time cook and captain. As for navigators, naturally there is no one.

“You don’t even have a navigator, and you dared to enter to the Grand Line?”

Crocus was a bit shocked.

These guys were really fearless. What are they thinking, entering this part of the world without considering its dangers? You know, the strange weather of the Grand Line is completely unpredictable. Even veterans who have sailed here many times have to be careful and try their best to avoid unknown routes. Otherwise, they will enter a dangerous path by mistake. They won’t even know how they died…

“We should be fine. somehow, I have learned some knowledge about sailing.”

Rogen said with a smile.

Crocus was speechless. Looking at the confidence in Rogen’s eyes, he had a strong urge to slap his forehead…

“Forget it… However, I can only suggest that you should choose the route Roger took!”

The serious voice spread to everyone’s ears and made them look puzzled.

But Rogen was not surprised, he just smiled and listened.

“As we all know, in the Grand Line, geomagnetism, celestial phenomena, ocean currents, and air currents are all chaotic, and it is so difficult to confirm your position. If you want to find an island, your experience and technology in the sea are unreliable. Only an Eternal Pose is trustworthy, or a regular one.”

“From the starting point, here, the Twin Cape, seven magnetic forces extend out to form seven different routes. These seven routes will all lead to a focal point, that is, Laugh Late!”


Crocus’ tone became severe.

“I don’t know if Roger mentioned this to you…”

“I don’t know if you know!”

Some of Rogen’s crew were surprised to learn this… They were surprised that the Grand Line had seven channels leading to one point.

“The real fact is that only when you enter the New World will you understand that only one of the seven channels can really reach the final Island…!”

This sentence made everyone present shrink their pupils and change their expression.

“The real position of Laugh Tale is very difficult to determine, even the Whitebeard wasn’t able to reach it.”

“Even more, he, the Golden Lion, and many other legendary pirates who have dominated the New World for many years didn’t land on that island, that why Roger is the only one with the capability to become the pirate king!”

Rogen’s eyes twinkled. He read the original story, and although the story was not finished when he entered this world, he still understood something.

“The four red Poneglyph indicate the location of four islands. These four islands interlocks, and forms a point position that is Laugh Tale, right?”

He whispered.

This sudden sentence shocked Crocus.

“How did you know?”

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t Roger who told me, but I just knew. In fact, I already knew the location of one of the islands.”

Rogen said and smiled.

“You’re an incredible guy!”

Crocus shocked.

For the specific location of the four islands and the four red Poneglyph, how many pirates slaughtered each other, bloodshed turned into rivers… But this guy, before entering the Grand Line, has actually grasped a position of an island!

“Since you already had a grasp of the new world, you should also know why I told you to choose the route Roger took!”

He took a long breath, said Crocus.

“I know.”

“That, including an island, you must ascend to.”

“Which one?”

Jason asked quickly.

He had been on the Grand Line and thought that this area was not too difficult for him, but with Crocus’ description, he felt that this part of the world was far beyond his expectation.

There are too many things he doesn’t currently understand!

Similarly, the others have the same idea. The world is too broad for them to imagine.

Even Trensu and Crocodile, who have been to the New World, were listening carefully at this time.


Crocus said solemnly.


The crew members were stunned.

“Does the legendary Skypiea really exist?”

Trensu subconsciously looked at the sky… A rainbow appeared high in the air after the rain, and the white clouds were sparse everywhere. Under such an environment, how could it be possible for someone to survive here?

“It does exist!”

This time, however, Rogen answered with a smile.

“In fact, my next station is Skypiea.”

“We’ve all been on the road looking for it… It’s nothing unusual.”


Crocus didn’t know what to say. The boy seemed to know everything, and he even added some information!

“Over there, in the end, Roger has left you something.”

Crocus said one last sentence.

Rogen naturally agrees with what he said. Even if the old man doesn’t say what it was, he will find it.

The seven routes seemed similar at the surface, but if they don’t select correctly, the risks and opportunities they face are also different.

“Brothers, let’s sail!”

“Our destination, Grand Line.”

Stepping forward, everyone followed Rogen towards the ship.


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