One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 354: Kidnapping

Seven routes are extended by magnetic force, leading to seven different lines? Each course has different experiences and sceneries.

Rogen decisively chose the middle one. Compared with the scenery in the first half, the second half is a more suitable place for him. Moreover, this route is the one he is most familiar with and can reach the end of it as fast as possible to enter the New World.

The battle of the four emperors began from the moment Shanks stepped into the new world, and Rogen won’t miss such a big event.

It is the dream of every pirate to stand at the peak of the world and become one of the most powerful.

Three days later, the Logan, following the Eternal Pose direction, docked at Whiskey Peak.

“We have to stay for a while and wait until the magnetic force is full before we can leave to the next island.”

Rogen looked at the compass on his wrist.

It wasn’t Crocus who gave him this Eternal Pose, but it was Trensu’s pointing to the new world. It had three-pointers in total, which have more powerful performance than Log Pose.

Daz looked at the familiar place, turned his gaze to Crocodile, and saw the latter nod, so he left quickly.

“What’s up!?”

Caros noticed their silent communication and asked curiously.

“This is our territory. So I asked him to arrange things up.”

Crocodile said softly.

Rogen was not surprised. Besides his identity as an elite member, Crocodile is also the president of Baroque Works. Thus, whisky Peak is within his sphere of influence. However, Rogen had no idea about how strong this gang was.

Under the arrangement of Daz, the crew entered a bar.

“This island looks calm on the surface, but in fact, there are pirate hunters everywhere. They often engage with new people who just entered the Grand Line.”

On the table, Crocodile said faintly.

“Pirate hunters?”

Jason was interested.

“Hum, then we should stay alert…?”

Ignoring Jason’s mockery, Crocodile said.

“They already know who we are!”

The crew members turned their heads and scanned the surroundings. When they looked at some people in the bar, they immediately found fear in their eyes.

“This is only the tomb of weak new people, but for big pirates like us, no one dares to provoke these guys!”

Finally, Crocodile concluded.

Whisky Peak was full of pirate hunters, but they were all low-level. Even some pirate groups who have just entered the Grand Line could pass their strength level.

When they arrived in the evening, Rogen and his group followed Daz to the residence he had arranged.

As soon as night fell, the streets were sparsely crowded.

Occasionally, when passing some streets, Rogen will find some newcomers who are obviously pirates getting kindly invited by the local people to join a banquet.

He knew the twists and turns of this matter, so he just smiled slightly.

“Those pirates are going to be trapped.”

Caros said with a smile, and a little gloating.

They will not kindly warn them of the upcoming dangers. They don’t know what kind of people they were. So, naturally, they won’t rush to rescue them.

Going deeper into the street, and when passing an intersection, Rogen’s eyes suddenly flashed, and he stopped in place.

“What’s wrong? Captain?”

Trensu asked curiously.

He looked around and found nothing suspicious.

At this time, Rogen’s ears twitched, he was hearing a faint conversation.

“This is of a rare species! I never thought that I would encounter a human with wings on his back, plus it’s a female!”

“Nobles will certainly like such a slave… or maybe selling it to these collectors. Hahaha, this is the jackpot.”

“Yes, look at her, doesn’t she seem like an angel we all heard of in legends?”

“I think so.”

With a sharp sense of hearing and magical perception, Rogen can hear low and far voices that others can’t hear.

“Go ahead to the residence. I’ll come later.”

Rogen said to the group, turned around, and separated from the crew.

“Captain, what are you going to do?”

Jason asked, but Rogen just waved his hand and soon disappeared.

“Don’t worry. With the captain’s power, you only need to think about whether this island will be demolished or not.”

Trensu smiled.

“Ow, yeah! I know!”

Jason reacted and laughed.

On his shoulder, the smaller dragon snorted fiercely, spitting out a small line of flame.

The crew did not worry about Rogen, they just followed Daz.

On this side, after Rogen turned three intersections, four people appeared in front of him.

One of the four was carrying a black bag on his back. There was something struggling in it, and a faint cry for help came out.

Rogen hid in the rear, calmly looked at the four people, and quietly followed them.

There is no doubt that it was a kidnap. However, judging from the voices Rogen heard, these kidnappers may be somewhat different.

“Hey, don’t you guys have some strange feeling?”

Suddenly, the person walking in the front stopped and touched his head.

“What are you talking about? Hurry up, walk faster.”

The man behind urged.

“No, I feel like someone is following us.”

The person in front said cautiously.

“Someone is tracking us? Are you hallucinating or what? There is no one behind us, not even a ghost!”

The tall man at the end said impatiently, turning his head to confirm that no one was there.

But the moment he turned his head, his expression changed instantaneously.

A face suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, like a sudden fierce wraith.


The man in the back screamed, took three steps back, and sat down on the ground.

“What’s the matter?”

The three guys ahead immediately reacted and turned around.

“Mathafaka, you scared me. This boy suddenly appeared in front of my face… did you want to die or what?”

The man sitting on his buttocks saw Rogen clearly at this time, took a breath, and cursed loudly.

“It’s just a boy. Hey agent n4, you’re acting like a chicken.”

The three laughed at their friend, and then looked at Rogen.

“What are you doing, boy, following us?”

This tone was a little fierce.

They kidnapped a human with wings, which can’t be known to others.

“What’s in the package?”

Rogen smiled and pointed to the package on the guy’s shoulder.

At this time, the person inside seemed to hear the conversation, shouted for help, and struggled constantly.

“Hey kid, mind your own business, or you won’t be spared.”

The guy who seemed to be their leader changed his expression, and a murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

“Help, help!”

In the package, a faint cry came out.

“Oh, you kidnapped someone!”

“Do you have a death wish, kiddo!”

The four guys realized that they had been discovered. Their killing intention was awe-inspiring, and they started approaching Rogen.

The latter’s face was indifferent, and his lips opened gently.

“Heed my words, you will kneel in front of me with your forehead slammed to the ground.”

“Pray for my forgiveness!”

The sound of these words, with inexplicable power, buzzed and trembled, sweeping the four kidnappers ahead.


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