One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 355: Lolicon

Fear was emitting from their eyes, and they were shocked to find that their bodies were out of control.

It seemed that a mysterious force manipulated them, forcing their knees to bend down slowly.


The guy in the front put down the black bag, and all of them knelt down on the ground.

Hearing the words of the young man, the four guys knelt down with a frightened expression.

At this moment, a mysterious and enormous force swept through their hearts, making them think that the person in front of them was a God who dominates their lives.

With fear and panic, these scumbags pressed their hands and their foreheads tightly on the ground.

“We implore your majesty to forgive us.”

As Rogen told them a moment ago, the four fellows knelt down, their foreheads pressed to the ground, and asked for forgiveness.

This scene, if seen by others, is bound to shock the world. Yet, uttering just a sentence seemed to manipulate people’s hearts.

Facing them, Rogen smiled.

Although he hasn’t yet fully developed the ability of the Prediction-Prediction Fruit, it is powerful enough to play an incredible role in controlling people.

Ignoring the four kidnappers, he went over and untied the black bag.

“Am I been saved?”

Opening the bag, a girl about ten years old was brought out. The little girl had a fat baby face, big eyes, a small nose, and a small mouth. She looked like a porcelain doll.

“I think so.”

But Rogen’s eyes were fixed on the little girl’s back, where a pair of white wings flickering slightly.

The little girl who got just out looked a little cautious.

“Are you a Skypiean?”

Rogen asked with a smile.

“How did you know?”

The little girl asked in surprise.

The next thing she saw was the four people kneeling on the ground and constantly praying for forgiveness, and that alone stunned her.

“Are you the one who saved me? And what happened to them?”

“I think they are getting punished by God.”

Rogen smiled.

“God!? No, God won’t save me. How can he save people?” (She is thinking about Enel!)

Hearing the word God, the little girl’s eyes got filled with horror.

Her reaction made Rogen vaguely guess something, but he didn’t ask.

“My name is Rogen, what about you?”

“I’m Dina. Thank you for saving me… but I must go home, I can’t stay here.”

Dina said warily.

“Are you going back to Skypiea? Maybe I can help you.”

Rogen asked curiously.

“How can you help me? It’s not easy to reach Skypiea.”

Dina yelled.

The way the little girl yelled made Rogen shake his head, because it was a bit disrespectable.

“I have my means. Do you want to come with me? Or, you’ll wander alone in this dangerous sea.”

“However, no one can assure that somebody will save you next time…”

He said with a laugh, then waved his hand and turned away to leave.

He was just curious about how there would be people from Skypiea in Whiskey Peak. Although he was confused, the other party was unwilling to follow him, but he didn’t ask.

Seeing that Rogen really left without saying anything else, Dina got anxious.

It was too dangerous for her to wander alone in the Blue Sea. She glanced at the four kidnappers who were still kneeling on the ground and praying, then she gritted her teeth, ran towards the young man.

Although she is not sure if the man who just saved her is a good guy, it’s always better than staying around these wicked people who kidnapped her and wanted to sell her to human traffickers.

“I don’t believe how unlucky I am!”

Dina quickly caught up.

“Hey, wait for me. I’ll go with you.”

The sound of footsteps echoed in the alley. Dina followed Rogen and walked on the same level as him.

“Thank you very much for rescuing me!”

Thanking Rogen again, Dina’s expression was very serious.


Rogen nodded faintly.

“What’s the matter with those people?”

Dina was very curious about what happened when she was inside the bag, so she asked again.

How could four despicable guys suddenly repent of their conscience and kneel on the ground to beg for forgiveness? The young man must have done something, Dina guessed wisely.

“Who knows?”

Rogen shrugged.

“Are you really going to Skypiea?”


“Skypiea is a very dangerous place. I just escaped that Hell. There is a terrible man ruling the island.”

“Oh? Then why do you still want to go up there?”

Rogen asked back with a smile, which embarrassed Dina.

“It is my home after all.”

“How terrible is that man?”

Rogen asked again.

“He is a scary man. He is the God who manipulates lightning and can destroy everything!”

Dina said with a scared tone.

Rogen didn’t stop moving again, and Dina followed closely.

“Really, I advise you not to go there. It’s too dangerous!”

“Actually, I am also a terrible person!”

Rogen said seriously.


Dina laughed.

“You don’t look terrible at all. I don’t believe it. You just saved me from those wicked guys! You’re a good man!”

“I was just passing by.”

“If you can save a poor little girl when passing by, then you’re not horrible.”

The conversation between the two was very interesting. One person told the truth, but the other didn’t believe it.

The rest of the way, he didn’t talk to Dina, but when they took a turn at a corner, he asked why she was here. However, the little girl was very vigilant. Although she was young, she was not small-minded. She kept her secret airtight, which made Rogen a little surprised.

The young man clearly wasn’t a bad guy, but she was still a bit nervous.

Unknowingly, they had reached the door of the hotel Daz arranged to the group.

“Tonight, we’ll stay here, and set sail tomorrow.”

Rogen pointed and went in first.

Dina didn’t have time to object. Rogen was already gone, but she stamped her foot and followed in desperately.

As soon as she entered the hotel door, Dina was stunned.

The first floor does not have the quiet atmosphere of a normal hotel, but rather noisy. Dozens of people were gathered around a big table, eating and drinking, with happy smiles on their faces.

In the middle of the room, there were several women with exposed clothes, swaying their small waists.

“What is this place?”

Dina covered her eyes and didn’t dare to look at the dancing women. Her face turned red with shame.

After all, the scale of the reality she can bear as a little girl is limited.

“Hey, Captain, you left us to kidnap a little girl!”

“Who is she? This cute little girl!”

“It’s the captain’s illegitimate daughter, haha!”

The crew joked loudly, which made Rogen’s face turn gloomy with several black lines on his forehead.

“No, stop joking around, it’s obviously the captain’s girlfriend. He must have a special fondness..!”


Caros jumped out and laughed.

These words made Rogen’s face twitch harder, and what made him angrier was that the little master who drank a bit seemed to believe it. His expression became ugly, and they couldn’t help glancing at his face.

“I think there is something wrong with your face!!”


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