One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 356: God

Rogen, who was standing at the door, couldn’t bear it anymore, so he strode over, and the people who had just spoken were all punched on the head, puffing up a big bag on each one of them.

“If you dare to make fun of your captain again, you will all pay the price!”

Rogen scolded all of them as he looked at the crew members who were holding their heads.

Among them, Daz, who has always been indifferent, had a great time mingling with Caros. Although they quarreled every day, their bond was getting stronger by the day. Unconsciously, even the bastard Daz was getting along like Caros.

“This is a girl I saved on my way to the resident. She is from Skypiea.”

When the crowd finally was quiet, he explained.

The little master’s face relaxed, and the other crew members looked at Dina curiously.

“Skypiea? Wow, that Sky Island really exists!”

Caros and the Dragon elephants jumped out and surrounded Dina, so that the latter screamed.

“You see, she has wings, just like an angel in myths and legends. It’s so magical!”

“Little angel, can you fly?”

“It is said that angels have divine power. So why don’t I see it.”

A few people shouted, which frightened Dina. She was really afraid that these fanatical guys would tear her apart and dissect her.

“Move away. Don’t you see that your actions terrified her?”

Nanlin came forward, stared at the crew members, and moved Dina behind her to hide her.

The healer that currently joined surprised the crew. They remembered that they had to rely on her if they were poisoned or injured, so they all respected her a lot.

Seeing her coming forward at the moment, Caros and the others stepped back silently with regrets on their faces.

“I’ve never seen an angel in my life. You are so different from us!”

“She has wings, such an angel, she is also very beautiful.”

“I can’t believe that Skypiea actually exists. Are we really going to there? I’m looking forward to visiting such a place!”

These guys talked to each other, their eyes full of expectation, and occasionally glanced at Dina, which made her shiver all over.

Faintly, Dina felt that she was surrounded by a pack of wolves.

“Don’t be afraid, that’s who they are… they easily get excited.”

Rogen smiled and turned back.

“You, who on earth are you?”

Dina trembled.

The mad looks coming her way were horrifying, which petrified her.

“We are pirates.”

Rogen answered.

In a word, Dina rolled her eyes and fainted.

‘Mama… pirates, this is a more terrible guy than the four kidnappers! Why am I so unlucky!’

“Captain, she fainted.”

After looking at Dina, Nanlin said calmly.


Rogen was speechless, waved his hand, and joined the small banquet.

“You take care of her.”

Without saying a word all night, the following day arrived.

After breakfast, they rushed to Logan.

The Eternal Pose’s magnetic force on Whisky Peak has been stored, and the pointer was locked to the next island.

With little Dina, who still had fear in her eyes, they got on the ship.

After three days of sailing, Dina, comforted by Nanlin, gradually became familiar with the people on the ship. She was no longer as afraid as before and was able to communicate with them occasionally.

To everyone’s surprise, Caros, the jumping monkey, had a very open conversation with Dina. They soon talked about everything.

“Dina, why are you here? What’s happening on your island?”

Following the conversation, Caros heard some of Dina’s story. Getting more curious, he began to inquire more deeply.

At this point, Dina’s mood became low, and everyone on board couldn’t help but focus their attention and listen carefully.

“It’s all because of the new God!”

With a sentence, the crew members looked surprised.

“Is there a God on their island?”

“No, I think there are many gods on Skypiea?”

They thought it was incredible. Can there really be gods living in the sky above the sea?

“He is the god of lightning, he destroyed our Kingdom and made countless civilians lose their families and homes. That’s why my father and I came to the Blue Sea.”

Dina cried.

“You came with your father? Where is he?”

Caros wondered.

“We were separated when we fell. I was saved by a passing merchant ship, and then they took me to Whiskey Peak.”

“When I got here, I was worried about my father and wanted to ask for help. As a result, I encountered the four guys who kidnapped me.”

At this time, Dina finally told her whole story. The crew realized the little girl’s tragedy and couldn’t help sympathizing with her.

Her hometown was destroyed by “the god”, and the people of the whole kingdom began to flee. Coincidentally, she came to the Blue Sea with her father, but they got separated again. After being rescued by a kind man, it didn’t take long before she fell into the hands of evil people.

If Rogen hadn’t saved him, the poor little girl would have been sold to the nobles as exhibits.

“What a pity!”

Caros shed tears hearing this, and wept while holding Dina’s hands.

No one knew when this guy became a sentimental noble, completely different from when they met him.

“I will definitely take you back to your father and reunite both of you.”

Caros cried and promised.

“Really? Caros!”

Dina was excited.

“Of course! I promise you!”

Caros slammed his chest in tears and shouted.


Dina hugged Caros and cried likewise.

The two, a tall young man and a small girl, just hugged each other and cried. Daz’s eyebrows rose while watching.

“Why is this guy really crying?”

“Who knows!”

Jason and Trensu wandered nearby.

“I miss my father!”

Caros shouted and cried even more.

Saying this made everyone on board have black lines on their foreheads.

“I suddenly want to beat him!”

Jason gritted his teeth.

“He’ll die… so please don’t!”

Trensu objected and asked Jason to hold back.

Rogen shook his head as he watched. Caros’ reaction made him speechless.

“The captain hasn’t spoken yet. So don’t make such promises, Caros.”

Daz gave a thoughtful advice.

“Ah? Captain, I forgot!”

Caros came back to his senses, and then looked at Rogen with tears in his eyes.

Rogen’s eyelids constantly twitched with this tenderness.


Dina also looked at him aggrievedly.

The looks of these two put together are too lethal. Dina displayed sympathy and pity, while Caros was purely disgusting.

Rogen was disgusted and couldn’t take it anymore, so he waved his hand repeatedly and held his forehead with the other.

“Fine! We’ll help you find your father!”

Hearing the accurate answer, Caros and Dina hugged each other and jumped up and laughed loudly.

“These two are living treasures.”

Trensu could not laugh or cry.

“We are on our way to Skypiea, so we should be able to inquire about her father in the surrounding area. Let’s just leave!”

“As for Skypiea, we will take them up with us!”

Rogen’s eyes flickered.

“I really want to hear more about that guy!”


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