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S.P.P Chapter 357: Casino

In the first half of the Grand Line, you can find every kind of pirate, but most of them were newcomers.

Rogen and his group traveled smoothly, and no one could stop them. Besides the necessary resting time, the Logan has been sailing the sea non-stop. After five days, the ship leaned steadily against the next Island pointed by the Eternal Pose.

“Is this a small garden?”

Looking at the lush trees and huge branches of the island, Jason asked curiously.

“It is said that giants nearly 100 meters tall live on this island.”

Daz Bonis spoke.

“On weekdays, when we carry out our tasks and stay as far as possible from the center of the island.”

“So, are there really giants here?”

The rest of the crew asked curiously.

Just thinking about it, they were surprised that there were incredible creatures like giants in the first half of this Grand Line.

Jason and others had seen the Vice Admiral giant in the war against the marines, so they found it a normal matter. While the others were so excited.

“We are not staying here, we will wait and leave as soon as the Eternal Pose determines a direction again.”

At this time, Rogen suddenly said.

“But Captain, can’t we just have a sneak peek at the giants?”

Cried Caros.

“Haven’t you seen enough in the new world?”

Trensu bumped Caros on the head and yelled.

The latter laughed bitterly and stopped making trouble.

“There is no need to waste time here, we need to speed up and keep on moving.”

Rogen shook his head and said with a firm tone.

They inquired about Dina’s father along the way, but didn’t find any clues. According to the information provided by Dina, the sea area where she and her father landed was most likely the nearby islands where Jaya Island is located.

Therefore, it is only possible to get traces of Dina’s father around Jaya Island.

Moreover, as far as Rogen knows, if he wants to go to the Sky Island and reach an altitude of 10,000 meters, then the place that could help them reach such a high place, due to a phenomenon known as the Knock Up Stream, which is a powerful pressurized water stream that shoots upwards to the sky from the Blue Sea, and this event only happens 5 times a month…

So as long as the ships are reinforced and improved to withstand the impact of the updraft at that moment, they are 60% likely to reach the White Sea.

Don’t underestimate the 60% possibility, which is high enough. Although under this possibility, more ships have ended up being destroyed, after all, it is in an era without planes.

Rogen doesn’t worry about what’s in the sky island. His magical gourd and swordsmanship are enough to handle what’s coming his way.

Everyone obeyed Rogen’s command, and the Logan quickly turned its bow and drove in another direction.

Two days later, the Eternal Pose marked the next island with a slight fluctuation.

Without the slightest hesitation, Rogen moved forward in the direction indicated by the pointer.

This time, the Logan maintained a high-speed state, sailed the sea for 15 days, and finally entered the sea near Jaya Island.

With Logan’s performance, in the past 15 days, some pirates thought of ransacking their ship, but they were stunned because they couldn’t keep up with their speed, they couldn’t even see the stern light of the ship.

Until the Logan disappeared from their sight, they didn’t even see the pirate flag on the ship, they only glimpsed the skull on the bow.

“Jaya Island, here we are!”

“Judging from the information we have received during this period, Dina’s father is most likely to be on this island!”

They docked the ship at the Mouth Bay, jumped off the ship, glanced at the people around, and said softly.

“This island is in the middle of Paradise, with the largest number of pirates gathered around it, which should not be underestimated.”

Crocodile said solemnly.

“We are on the northern side of Gaya island. The town in front of us is called Mock Town.”

“There are many spendthrift pirates gathered in this town, and some are even connected with the big pirates of the new world. Therefore, the situation in the island is complicated.”

The general introduction of Mock Town made everyone understand what kind of island it is.

They didn’t come here to make trouble, just to get information about Dina’s father.

“Everyone has heard what Crocodile said, so…”

“After entering this town, everyone must be careful, and ensuring the crew safety is the most important prerequisite.”

“Now, let’s scatter around. I hope we can find something about Dina’s father as soon as possible and solve her concerns.”

Looking at the crewmembers, Rogen said in a deep voice.

“Hai hai captain!”

After that, they turned and left.

These guys were experienced soldiers, so Rogen didn’t have to worry about them. Dina was so excited and went with Nanlin. Therefore, Rogen also began to wander around the so-called sin Town, scanning around and observing the situation of the island.

In Mock Town, bars and casinos are the only stores they could find, and even underground auction houses were spread around. Rogen noticed this matter after a short walk.

“There are many dark forces hidden in this island!”

His eyes twinkled. After wandering around, he found that the strength of some pirates here has obviously surpassed the usual level of the Paradise pirates, but he moved around silently to hide his identity.

From this alone, they can see the unusual things in this place.

After the crew spread out, they searched everywhere and tracked clues, and soon came up with useful information.

“Her father is indeed on this island!”

“Like Dina, her father also fell into the sea, and according to the news we heard, the location where he fell was actually not far from Dina, but it was difficult to distinguish their direction in the sea, so that the two of them couldn’t find each other!”

Trensu came to Rogen with the six dragon elephants and said softly.

“Where did her father go then?”

Rogen asked.

“He was caught!”

Speaking of this, Trensu’s eyes turned cold.

How pitiful their situation was. When the daughter and the father were both captured, they encountered the same fate.

“It was the dark forces called shad underground casino on the island that caught her father.”

Trensu had been the General Commander of the dark night army, he can be said to be the second leader of the whole army. Therefore, he has a lot of experience in the dark world.

“Hey, we discovered that in two days, her father will be taken to the new world!”

At this time, Caros and Daz Bonis appeared and said.

Trensu looked at Caros suspiciously.

“Why the new world?”

“Because the forces behind the casino are interested in angels!”

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