One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 79: Hidden!

“Damn it!”

Moya roared, he was holding the wound, and finally, he was unable to suppress it. The bright red blood was oozing out from his neck and he looked shocked.


When the marines on the other side saw this, they immediately yelled and the scene became chaotic.

“I’m all right. Chase that kid NOW!”

With a big wave of his hand, Moya pushed away the marines beside him. Moya looked shameful and shouted.

“Vice Admiral Moya, leave Rogen for us. You must start treatment now.”

On the other hand, the marines’ doctors rushed up quickly and began to inspect Moya, the captains said to Moya with a serious face.

Clenched his fists, Moya showed no concern for the pain on his body, and there was a gush of anger in his eyes.

“Damn! This kid!”

For a moment, he was seriously injured and his fighting effectiveness was cut in half. In the end, he was about to win, but his enemy was escaped using weird tricks.

“Catch that kid, he is not that strong, at most he is equal to you.”

Quickly commanding the officers around him, Moya was forced to receive treatment. He knew that although he had suppressed the wound in the battle, but now, the wound has collapsed, and if he did not control it, his life would be in danger.

The whole Island boiled up, and countless marines broke into the streets, looking everywhere for Rogen.

In the stormy weather, there were no civilians on the streets, even if there were people out, they rushed home and closed their doors when they saw the dense marines with guns and serious and cold faces everywhere.

“The marines are going crazy!”

“What’s going on?”

“What are they looking for everywhere? They are turning over the whole island of Baterilla.”

On the island, such words were spread everywhere. People were hiding in their homes in fear of being affected.

At the northern block, Rogen’s figure just flashed by, and once again he was out of sight of the marines.

In a dark roadway, the dense sound of marines’ footsteps passed quickly.

Five teams of marines passed successively, and after fifteen seconds of silence, a figure appeared in the roadway.

This figure was so tightly attached to the wall that made it look magically invisible in the dark light. It was only then that the faint outline could be seen roughly. Five teams of Marines passed by, and dozens of them even looked at his direction, but they did not discover him.

“Black Unicorn’s easy-to-disguise technique really did not make a mistake.”

The voice of a sigh of relief came from the figure. Long ago, Rogen had bought Black Unicorn’s soul. Compared with Ge Nie, Kenshin Himura, and the others, Black Unicorn’s fighting skills were not so excellent. However, his versatility, the myriads of changes, and even his ability to approach invisibility in a dark corner was very useful for Rogen at this moment.

At this time, Rogen was so exhausted and it could be said all his aspects have reached the limit. If he was seen by the Marines, then it must be his end.

Unless, he used his possession system!

However, in the confront of these ordinary marines, captain ranks, the balance of 500 million Bailey, even if it cost a little, that was imperfect.

Standing silently in the roadway, Rogen adjusted his breathing and quickly recovered his stamina.

The marines were so heavily armed and it was almost entirely involved in the search for him. At this time, even if there was a sound of the wind sways grass in any place, it will attract the attention of a large number of marines.

It was also at this moment that Rogen realized what kind of pressure would be exerted on him when his fighting capacity was not good and he often fell to the bottom ranks of the marines.

“So many ants that could kill an elephant!”

A deep sigh.

Suddenly, Rogen’s breath converged and his figure disappeared again in the shadow.

At this moment, he seemed to be incarnated in darkness, and no one could see his trace.

In the next second, the two marines came running confused.

“Hurry up, you can’t keep up with the army.”

“I know, that guy is terrible, the vice admiral is injured. We have to catch up quickly.”

“You don’t exercise on a regular basis, now it is urgent, Damn it, I am dragged down by you.”

The voice of the dialogue was getting closer and closer, and the shadow that has already disappeared in the darkness has emerged faintly.

Soon, the two Marines approached the alley.


Among them, the first marine was keenly aware of a different atmosphere in the alley.

“Don’t scare me, is there anybody?”

The slightly fat marine behind, nervously holding up the gun, said.

“There is a bloody smell, very light, but it does exist, just in the front!”

The marine in front whispered, and his face became more and more serious.

He couldn’t see anything, but his sixth sense made him feel someone ahead. Even he could hear the slight breathing.

Somebody, there must be somebody!

But why couldn’t he see him?

There was a little doubt on the Marine’s face, but the shade in his heart was bigger, and the gun in his hand was tighter. Seeing the soldier in the front, the fatter marine in the rear was also more nervous.

Suddenly, the front marine’s face was full of shock, and his body was a stiff.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?”

The slightly fat soldier saw the other one suddenly stop moving and asked in a low voice.

“You! You! “

The marine ahead was full of horror and the cold air was coming from his back.

In front of him, in the empty alley, a transparent outline emerged suddenly. Then, in one breath, the outline became more and more obvious, and finally turned into a person!

There was a pale bloodstain on his face, and his eyes were so cold, but his appearance was particularly young.

Ro! Rogen!

Under the horror of the marine in front, he would yell out, but at this moment, the figure was just a squat.


The marine turned his eyes and immediately fell to the ground.

As soon as the marine fell down, the fat one in the rear saw it immediately, and was shocked even more. He put his right hand on the trigger, he was about to shoot.

But Rogen strode forward and struck again.

The fat marine almost just reacted and lost consciousness.

In just two instant, the two marines were easily overthrown by Rogen. Then he dragged them into the alley and disappeared into the darkness.

After about ten seconds, a slightly fatter marine wiped the sweat from his forehead and stepped out of the alley.

After looking around, the fat marine took a deep look at the roadway and then quickly walked toward the front root.

This fat marine was just Rogen after using the easy-to-disguise technique.

The Black Unicorn’s easy-to-disguise technique was quite amazing. After using it, he seemed almost the same as the target.

Later, the fat marine followed the big army and searched for Rogen with them.

In this process, Rogen quickly adjusted his breath and restored his strength.

“It only takes me six hours to recover.”

Feeling inside, Rogen’s eyes twinkled, he temporarily relieved.