One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 78: Been Fooled!

What kind of persons was Dragon?

When the son of the Vice-Admiral Garp became a marine, he showed outstanding performance and amazing strength. He was regarded as a talented person, trained for the future of the Marines. Even if he was unwilling to accept it, but Moya has to admit that Dragon was indeed much stronger than himself.

However, such a person how could he be defeated by this kid? He doesn’t believe it!

With this kid’s exquisite swordsmanship skills, he could only suppress him no more, even though he has been seriously injured for a while.

Didn’t Dragon fight him while he was daydreaming?

Up to now, even Rogen was unable to fight against him because of physical problems, and he was breathing heavily.

“This kid is almost as the strength of a captain, he is definitely not Dragon’s opponent!”

So, here came the problem.

The biggest possibility was that Rogen has a hidden power.

“Are you hiding your true power? Let it out, let me see!”

Moya yelled and waved his two swords again.


The bright red blood dripped, and Rogen took a step back and avoided the blow.

His expression was very serious.

Above his cheeks, a bright red stain was constantly oozing blood out.

Rogen was injured. In the previous attack, the double knife was heading to his neck, but when he avoided it, it wounded his cheek.

At this moment, Rogen has a deep understanding of the Vice Admiral’s strength.

In the battle with Dragon, he relied on the system’s power, an inflated, exaggerated force, to be exact, the power of Itachi Uchiha. But in this battle, he was fighting someone who was weaker than Dragon, and he used his own strength.

Obviously, his strength at this time was far from enough to confront the Vice Admiral.

“My physical strength is almost coming to its limit!”

Moya took his two swords and rushed toward Rogen again and again.

His pace wasn’t so urgent, but it was full of compression. Even the wounded tiger still a tiger.

Moya was moving like a tiger, the injured tiger faced a wolf alone, and he could finish him with one slap.

Though he has been entangled for a long time, at this moment, Rogen was about to reach his limit.


This word came to his mind, and Rogen shook his head violently.

“No, this power must be used only against the Admiral!”

500 million Belly, whether it was divided into two parts, or used at that moment, no doubt it was not cost-effective.

How strong was Kizaru? It was impossible to judge based on what is shown in the Manga or the anime. The reality and the second element are different after all, the strength of Kizaru, at this moment, Rogen simply couldn’t accurately define.

“Then, hum..”

Quietly, Rogen tuned his gaze to the interior of Baterilla Island.

“Jason and the others, they should have left the island, as long as don’t leave the island.”

“That’s fine!”

Having this battle, Rogen’s important objective of this battle was to drag the attention of all the marines, and didn’t leave time for them to take care of Rouge, and to create a good condition for Jason and the other to leave safely.


With the thunders and lightning, the island flickered.

Standing on the deck, after Rogen’s eyes twinkled, and he suddenly raised his head and looked directly into Moya’s eyes.

Before that, he was bowing his head instead of looking at him. Moya’s psychedelic eyes, like a weasel’s illusion, having the functions of deterrence, fear, dizziness, etc. it was very dangerous to be invaded by him when fighting.

But at this moment, Rogen confronted him directly.

“You want to know my true power?”

In his voice, with endless indifference, Rogen’s momentum suddenly increased at this moment.


Moya was stunned and stopped moving forward. Somehow, he felt that the other side became very dangerous.

“You want me to use all my cards?”

Moya was very alert and used Tekkai (Iron Body).

After that, Rogen’s expression became serious, and his palm moved slowly to stand on his chest.

“If this ability didn’t kill you, I’ll spare you!”

At this moment, Rogen looked at Moya with a look of contempt, hegemony, and his eyes contained a hint of scorn for Moya.

“You’re going to use your best move? Was Dragon also defeated in this way?”

Moya was serious and also he was careful.

In the next moment, Rogen’s palm standing on his chest suddenly trembled and slowly pushed forward.


The void trembled, Moya’s expression shocked, feeling the tremor of the air around him.

Subsequently, Rogen suddenly pressed out his palm.


These faint two words, like a God whispering, at this moment, Moya seemed to see this rain curtain shining in countless Sanskrit.

Above the warship, there was a sudden light.


The huge Buddha’s palm appeared in the void, about twenty or thirty meters in diameter. As soon as it appeared, it was imprinted toward Moya.

“Great power!”

Moya’s face was shocked. He saw that the rain was shattered by this palm. He saw a countless drop of water in the air. He saw also tremendous air pressures formed in the void and then burst.


“Busoshoku Haki!”

“Fan knife, Two Consecutive Chops!”

How powerful this strange hand was, it looked so magnificent and powerful, like a God strike, which made Moya’s face suddenly change color.

He shouted three times and rushed at the huge hand in front of him with all his strength.

After a breath, the giant palm rushed over him.


The void shuddered, the tremendous power immediately made Moya rise to the sky, and he was blown away. Then, the trend of the palm print didn’t decrease, and the bow of the warship behind him was directly broken, and then it gradually dissipated.

After a few moments, Moya, who had fallen heavily on the deck, sprang up.

“I,,, I’m all right?”

He touched his whole body and he found that he wasn’t hurt at all.

That palm looked so massive that it seemed to crush him into pieces. Somehow, it turned out that it only gave him a strong push.

Under the protection of the Tekkai and the Haki, he had no scars on his whole body.


“Vice Admiral Moya!”

“Hurry up, Hurry up!”

A group of the marines below, seeing Moya being shot off, responded and rushed to the warship.

“I’m fine!”

Moya waved, and then he turned his gaze toward Rogen’s direction.

At this point, Moya was confused.

“Ki,,, Kid?”

All the marines looked at Moya’s sight, and they found out.

Rogen was gone!

The guy who made the last shocking shot, actually, ran!

Moya’s mouth trembled a few times, and an abnormal red color appeared on his face. The next second, he roared.

“Find him NOW!!”

That abominable guy, he fooled them.

After a few moments, the marines near the streets of the Island suddenly saw a figure.

“He is here!”

“Rogen! It’s Rogen!”

Moya’s face was anxious, and he immediately turned and went toward them, but the next second, he pressed on his neck with his hand.

On his neck where he was hit by the sword, a hint of redness appeared.