One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 77: Blood!

As the sea breeze blew, Kizaru’s robe was floating, facing the sun on the top of his head, and his sunglasses shone with a mysterious light.

“What’s wrong? Admiral? “

Behind him, a Vice Admiral asked curiously.

“There’s news from Baterilla Island.”

Kizaru stretched without a hint of anxiety on his face and behaved slowly.


The Vice Admiral and a group of high-ranking marines beside him looked at the Admiral.

“Rogen has appeared there.”

After that sentence, all the marines’ officials around him were stunned.

All of them were very aware that the most important purpose of this trip to the South Blue was Rogen. As for Rouge, but it was just in passing. There was a flash of enmity for the Pirate King younger brother, and Rouge’s rank in the Marines had dropped a lot. Now, they get the information about their target.

“Then, we?”

The Vice Admiral turned his doubtful eyes to Kizaru.

“Naturally, we must go to catch him, these are the order of the Fleet Admiral, and I didn’t want to violate it.”

Kizaru said with his casual tone.

After that, he looked at the crowd, then he yawned as if he was about to fall asleep, with a slight twinkle in his eyes, and then he smiled.

“Rear Admiral Kuzan.”

The young marine did not seem to hear the Kizaru’s call, but he was still standing there as if he had fallen asleep.

All the marines beside him had some black lines of their faces, but they did not say much.

They know that this person, extremely strong, coupled with excessive youth, sooner or later, he was going to rise high. Naturally, they were not willing to offend him if it was not necessary.


Kizaru’s eyes flashed a trace of helplessness. Both the Marines and the pirates knew that this fellow is a weirdo. There was no doubt that this fellow was a weirdo in their eyes, he is a very strange person.


Aokiji just seemed to hear him calling, and he answered in a sleepy and depressed way.

“You have a task to do.”

Kizaru waved his hand and didn’t care about his attitude. He knew that this guy was like this from childhood to that moment.

“Admiral Kizaru, please tell me!”

Aokiji was confused.

“Rogen has appeared on Baterilla Island, so.”

At this point, a smile appeared on his face.

“Kuzan, I’ll bother you with guarding and watching this sea area, if you find any suspicious ships or person, take immediate action.”

“Among them, you should pay special attention to the pregnant women.”

Looking deeply at Kuzan, Kizaru laughed.

Kuzan nodded and saluted, “Please rest assured, Admiral Kizaru!”

Rogen has made a plan to secretly let the others leave safely, but Kizaru obviously wasn’t a fool, it was a casual thought, but It was the decision that he made.

Whether Rogen was deliberately exposed or not for another purpose, as long as this area was under the control of the marines, then nothing must happen.

After the two sides completed the handover, Kuzan left in another warship.

“Go ahead to Baterilla Island.”

With this command, Kizaru and his crew quickly headed toward Baterilla Island.

The sky was clear on Kizaru’s side, but over Baterilla Island, there was thunder and lightning and torrential rain.

On the warship, the two stared at each other, with dignity on their faces.


Lightning continued to shine, reflecting in their faces.

The battle was still not over.

As a Vice Admiral of the Marines, Moya, even in the presence of the bottom of the Vice Admirals, only mastered the Armament Haki and shallow swordsmanship, but his physical quality far exceeded that of Rogen. Rogen, even with exquisite tricks, but physically he was still a long way to go with Moya.

This battle turned into a stalemate.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The two kept colliding, and every time, the sparks sprang up. 

As the battle progressed, Rogen’s eyes became more and more serious.

“This guy!”

Because of the initial enemy, Moya almost lost his life.

Moya, who was serious, even if he only has about 40% of the original strength, he could still compete with Rogen.


A set of swordsmanship was used, and as time passed, Rogen’s breathing began to rush.

In the end, he was inferior to Moya in terms of physical fitness.

If he had practiced internal strength, then he would not lose his stamina, but at this time, he was still slightly worse by virtue of his physical qualities.

Dragon Elephant Prajna, Yijin Jing, Washing marrow and other martial arts landscape were exquisite, but Rogen’s contact time was too short to achieve great success.

But contrary to him, Moya’s breath remained as primitive as ever, breathing vigorously, smoothly, and the only change was his violent anger.

“Abominable boy!”

He was a Vice admiral and there was no way that he would lose against a sixteen-year-old child. But because of his carelessness, he suffered serious injury.

If his colleagues saw this, they would laugh to death.

“Fan knife, two consecutive chops!”

The double-knife waved like the wind, forming a whirlwind attack, and the rain curtain was cut directly by the tornado.

Suddenly, Moya’s double knives came to Rogen.

When the manpower was exhausted, after suppressing Moya for a long time, Rogen’s breath was chaotic, and eventually, the other side found a gap and counterattacked.

“Too bad!”

Seeing the dark vigor surrounding the knives and the deeper eyes, Rogen’s face has changed greatly, shut his eyes quickly, and then he swung Yuan Hong’s sword violently.

“Kuzuryūsen!” (Nine-Head Dragon Flash)

With one-step, Yuan Hong’s sword moved toward the double-edged attack.

Losing visual judgment, relying only on hearing and feeling, to discern Moya’s double-knife orientation, was undoubtedly more difficult. Plus the thunder in the sky and the mixed sound of raindrops falling on the ground made it even harder.

At the critical moment, Rogen only judged the offensive of this attack according to all kinds of sword theory.


After a breath, the two sides collided.

The next moment, Rogen opened his eyes.

“Tick tock!”

The bright red blood fell to the ground, smashed into the rain on the deck, and soon dyed the rain red.

“Kid, do you really think that you’re my opponent?”

“How could you possibly be Dragon’s opponent with such strength?”

Even though he was suppressed for a long time by Rogen, Moya got serious, naturally, the other side had just delicate moves, but it was far from true strength.

Dragon was an elite of the younger generation of the Marines. Although he was only a rear admiral, he was probably much stronger than he was.

How could such a fellow be defeated by the kid in front of him?

“Or do you have other secrets?”

Moya’s eyes were fixed on Rogen again.