One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 80: Take A Rest!

It has to be said that Black Unicorn’s easy-to-disguise technique was really amazing.

At this moment, Rogen was standing in the in the middle of the marines, but none of the surroundings recognized him. There was a tall and thin marine whispering in a low voice towards him.

“Hey fat, you are late as always, fortunately, the captain didn’t see you!”

Rogen duly showed the timid look of the fat man, and he muttered in a low voice.

“I don’t really want to find Rogen, that guy, he is powerful, I don’t know if I will stay alive when I run into him!”

The skinny marine sneered, then he turned his head and ignored him.

“Huh, chicken, I really don’t know how you became one of us!”

Rogen grinned and didn’t respond. The other marines ignored him, and that’s what Rogen wanted.

Following the group, Rogen started to shuttle back and forth along the large army in that street area.

In any case, I am afraid that they did not think that their target would be among their army.

After two hours, the dark clouds over the island began to disperse, revealing the blue sky.

“This damn rainstorm has finally stopped.”

One marine complained while they were taking off their raincoats, and then they lined up neatly, after the call of their superiors they began to gather.

Rogen followed the marine team, which regrouped in the central area of Baterilla.

With a cursory sweep, his eyes became so serious.

“Damn it, there is still so many marines!”

He sighed and he felt a little depressed in his heart.

This huge square covered an area of 3,000 square meters. At this moment, it was in the middle of the island. The marines there were organized and strong, with an equal distance between them. There were almost about 5000 people.

Rogen was mixed between the marines, his legs straddled, and he looked ahead with a calm expression.

On such occasions, he did not care if someone could recognize him.

After three or four minutes later, a group of marines wearing the cloak of justice came to the square. Rogen’s eyes were condensed, he saw at the center Vice Admiral Moya who fought against him before.

At this point, He had a bandage on his neck. However, his spirit was full and his strength seemed to have recovered 80%.

“His recovering is very fast!”

Rogen was exhausted and it took him six hours to recover. However, Vice Admiral Moya who was badly injured and almost had his own throat was cut by Rogen’s sword, seemed to be normal at that moment.

“Everyone, listen!”

The Vice admiral Moya went to the platform and immediately screamed with a high voice to attract the attention of the all the marines.

His voice was very powerful, and it was spread all over the area, even his voice lasted for a long time.

“Rogen is still on this island! You must not slack off, and look for him carefully!”

“All the ports, including the main roads, all of them must be block!”

“Even a bird can’t fly out of this island now!”

“You don’t need to doubt his whereabouts, he is on this island. Even if he digs down three meters, you must find him!”

“Residents, homes, street crossings, woods, caves, search in every place possible to hide in it, search them all carefully.”

Moya’s voice was harsh, and a touch of indignation that was hard to detect.

Of course, he was very angry. Although he has been very restrained, for Moya, the battle against Rogen was a shame.

Listening quietly to Moya’s words on the stage, Rogen’s heart was very calm.

He was very confident that if he didn’t want to be exposed, then hiding between the marine was the best way.

On the stage, suddenly fell into calm. After Moya’s words, a young major suddenly came up.

“What’s wrong?”

For being interrupted, there was some discontent in Moya’s voice.

“Admiral Kizaru is here!”

The Major lowered his voice and said in Moya’s ear.


Moya was shocked and immediately said, “Where is he now?”

“His warship on the shore!”

The major answered quickly.

Moya looked down at the marines and then he left the place. Behind him, the Colonels were following him closely.

Rogen saw Moya talking and suddenly left, with deep eyes and trembling heart.

Not many people on this island or even the sea could make the Vice Admiral interrupt his speech or even leave.

Unless it was an Admiral!!

“Kizaru! Is he here?”

In addition to this possibility, there may be other reasons, but for the moment, the possibility of this was the biggest.

The feeling in Rogen’s heart couldn’t be described at this moment, is it fear, nervous or excitement?

“What kind of strength and power does the Marines’ Admiral have?”

He already knew because of his fight against Dragon and Vice Admiral Moya, that kind of strength was indeed powerful and far beyond his own strength.

By his own strength, he wasn’t able to compete with it at all. However, he still has the system power, he has been preparing for this day for a long time ago.

At the Port of Baterilla Island, a medium sized warship slowly landed.

But when they reached the coast, they found that their boat couldn’t berth.

“Ha-ha, it seems that we are late, we have missed many interesting scenes!”

Casually laughing, Kizaru glanced at the ruins in front of him.

On that port, a huge handprint was clearly visible. Despite the ferocity of the storm, the mark of this palm was hard to cover up.

“Admiral Kizaru!”

At this time, Moya with a group of high-rank marines behind him and rushed to welcome Kizaru.

“Oh? you are hurt, Vice Admiral Moya!”

Kizaru raised his eyebrows and asked curiously.

Moya’s heart was full of rage when he mentioned this.

“It’s that kid, I wasn’t careful for a moment and he got me!”

Kizaru heard Moya’s explanation and smiled “Vice Admiral Moya, there is no need to be angry!”

“At first, I didn’t think that you could deal with him.”

Behind him, all the Marines were surprised.

They didn’t think that the 16 years old boy was so important for the Admiral Kizaru.

Moya was even more stagnation, he couldn’t say anything, as if something was stuck in his throat.

Did Kizaru disdain them? Or was it all about that guy? At that moment, Moya was confused.

“What about the others!?”

Being entangled in his heart, Kizaru’s words suddenly came out, which made Moya embarrassed again.

“We didn’t found them yet, but they must be on this island.”

Laughing again, Kizaru was too lazy to ask for any more information.

“Huh, of course, there are on this island.”

By now, Kizaru was almost 100% sure that this cunning kid had other purposes.

“Is it that woman?”

Kizaru was very curious but was not sure.

“I’ll find him as fast as I can!”

Moya said with a low voice.

“Haha, Vice Admiral Moya, you’re injured.”

“You have to take a rest!”

Kizaru waved his hands and quietly refused.