One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 81: The Meeting!

Moya still wanted to say something, but Kizaru already left the warship.

In a while, he was already standing in Baterilla Island. The other officers on the warship looked at Moya, and all of them disembarked.

“Moya, you have to listen to Kizaru, take a rest.”

The neck is the most fragile part of the human body. And they were afraid that Moya’s injury became very serious if he didn’t rest to heal.

“Damn it!”

Looking at the marines leaving, Moya clenched his fist and felt very unwilling.

Kizaru first came to Baterilla Island, with a few steps, in the twinkling light, he was standing on the streets of that island.

“Is he on this Island?”

Under the sunglasses, there was a slight smile on his face. Kizaru was very excited and interested.

Kizaru was very impressed with the black flame used on Dragon. It would be hard to get rid of it if it weren’t for the strong Haki of Garp. If he couldn’t solve the strange black flames, he was afraid that he will become nourishment for the flame.

Moya had no way for defeating Rogen, and Kizaru had known it long before he answered the call.

But although he had eaten a sturdy fruit, he was still a slowpoke man, so it took him nearly two or three hours to get there.

However, he wasn’t urgent, he was lazy as always.

“As long as he is on this Island, it would be easy!”

Step by step, Kizaru’s eyes became so relaxed, and he took things slow.

He was very fast as the light, he was able to teleport through the streets. When he moves at high speed, no one could see his figure at all, unimaginable fast. This was the speed of the light. When he sees his opponent, at the exact time his opponent will find him just on his side.

After searching for half an hour, he didn’t find Rogen’s atmosphere. Kizaru was not in a hurry. He even had leisure and entered a coffee shop.

When the waiter brought up the coffee, Kizaru stirred the sugar in the coffee and showed a satisfied smile.

“The weather in Baterilla is a bit moist, but the coffee is exceptionally fragrant.”

“It’s a special product here!”

It seemed that he did not pay any special attention to Rogen.

“Your Majesty, you don’t seem to be anxious!”

At this moment, the four burly figure finally found the trace of Kizaru, pushed the door and stepped in, with anxious eyes, frowned at him.

The importance of catching Rogen was known by all the marines, with the Admiral in their side, Rogen must be caught as soon as possible.

However, the Admiral, after a walk, came here to drink coffee?!

“Vice Admiral Noah, why do you have to worry?”

“Five Vice Admirals and an admiral, do you think that Rogen can still escape?”

Kizaru took a sip of the coffee, and in his face, there was a trace of admiration.

“But it has been four hours and eight minutes so far!”

Vice Admiral Noah glanced at the watch and looked very serious.

“We haven’t heard any news about Rogen!”

Kizaru laughed, but instead of rushing to answer Noah’s words, he took another sip of coffee.

This time, he raised his cup and drank.

Just as he was drinking coffee, outside the coffee shop, at the corner of the street, suddenly a team of marines came out. Among them, a very fat marine, looking timid and honest, was following the team, looking around, as if he was looking for a target.

At this moment, Kizaru paused while he was holding the cup, and his eyes under the sunglasses showed a smile.

“Why do you have to worry?”

“Perhaps, if you have a cup of coffee here, our target will appear in front of us!”

“This, too, is uncertain!”

Vice Admiral Noah was angry, and the Admiral used an icy tone.

Really, that was unbelievable!

Noah swore that he would tell Sengoku about Kizaru when he returns to the base.

“What are you talking about, Kizaru!”

Noah’s voice became heavy as if he was fighting with Kizaru.

“Ha Ha Ha..”

The Admiral laughed again, he drank the last sip of the coffee and then slowly stood up. His eyes under the sunglasses instantly looked at the street.

“I said it, but it’s true.”

His sharp eyes instantly penetrated the window of the cafe shop and looked directly at the fat marine.

At the same time, the fat marine seemed to feel Kizaru’s gaze, and his eyes turned sharply and directly confronted Kizaru.

“Oh! That’s bad!”

The fat marine still looked simple, but his heart was shocked at this moment.

Rogen never thought that by just following the marines around, looking for him. In his manner, he could even meet this Admiral of the Marines.

The iconic glasses, although a lot younger, but he could still clearly identify this face, which was obviously the Admiral Kizaru.

From the marine headquarters, the highest fighting force, Borsalino, also named the Admiral Kizaru!

At this moment, the other side was staring at him sharply, as if he recognized him at a glance.

“What shall I do?”


Rogen’s heart trembled, but it stabilized in an instant.

“Or, I have to fight!”

At that moment, Rogen’s eyes burst out with a fierce light.

“Hey fat man, what are you doing? Hurry up!”

The voice of the marines in front of him sounded very impatient. They didn’t see Kizaru and the others in the coffee shop.

In the shop, Noah wanted to say something, but Kizaru has already stood up.

“Ha-ha, Vice Admiral Noah, come with me to show you our goal, let me show you the difference between us!”

“But be careful, oh!”

His tone was still casual, step by step, Kizaru has come out of the coffee shop.

His target was very clear, just a few strides away, he was getting closer and closer to Rogen.

Watching Kizaru walking toward him, Rogen suddenly felt a horrible pressure coming, and his face changed slightly.

“Is this the momentum of the Admiral?”

There was an enormous pressure that couldn’t be described, and it was invisibly covering his whole body, making it difficult for him to move.

At this moment, in the eyes of Rogen, there was only a tall figure walking toward him step by step. He could see the cloak of justice swaying in the wind, and he could see the two legs that were constantly moving, but he couldn’t see any scenery around him.

Step by step, the clear sound of footsteps came into his ears so that Rogen’s forehead became unconsciously full of sweat.

Such a vast strength could create significant pressure on his enemy. This kind of pressure was invisible, and naturally, it disappears when the strength gap was small.

However, no doubt Rogen’s strength at this moment was undoubtedly far from Kizaru’s.

If Moya was only a huge stone, the Kizaru at that moment, gave Rogen the feeling as if he was,


It seemed as if he could not surmount the horror of his whole life.


His heart was shocked, Rogen could no longer move.

At this time, Kizaru’s figure came in front of him, condescending and looking down at him.