One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 82: Alarm Bells Ringing!

“Did he recognized me?”

Rogen’s heart was in shock, he followed the team closely looking at the highest rank of the marines here.

Kizaru’s face showed a smile, and behind him, Noah and the others followed him.

Seeing the fat marine, which was Rogen, Noah kept silent.


With affirmation, Kizaru asked this.

Behind him, Noah and the others heard Kizaru’s question, they were shocked all, and they turned their eyes to Rogen.

The team of marines with Rogen was stunned at that moment.

They turned and looked at the group who came out of the coffee shop, the badges on their shoulders, their strong figures, were Vice Admirals, and even the one who had sunglasses was an Admiral!!

The Admiral, Kizaru-Sama!!!

The Marines’ team shivered when they recognized their identities.

But what they didn’t understand was why the Admiral Kizaru called the fat marine by.


What the hell is going on?

When he heard his name, Rogen’s eyes shrank immediately.

He didn’t know how Kizaru recognized his identity, it wasn’t just a guess, Kizaru was sure about what he said.

“I didn’t expect that they would send you here.”

The fat marine’s expression changed abruptly, he was no longer timid, but he became calm and bold.

Such a change made the group of the marines felt ashamed. They searched for Rogen all over the Island, but they never thought that he had already mixed into their team.

“We need to solve this problem, once and for all!”

Kizaru smiled and laughed. Actually, he still has the leisure to chat with Rogen.

Vice Admiral Noah, who heard the conversation between the Admiral and Rogen, immediately got shocked.

“He Is Rogen?”

He couldn’t believe it.

“No, No, he doesn’t look like this. Also, he wasn’t fat like this!”

Noah shook his head, and he still didn’t believe it.

Kizaru didn’t care about Noah’s opinions but focused only on Rogen.

“You are very cunning indeed. So, can you tell me what the purpose of exposing yourself here?”

Rogen raised his head and looked straight at the Kizaru with calm eyes.

The power of Kizaru already surpassed him, the master’s mood given him a dangerous heart played a great role at that time.

In the Anime, the Straw Hat group was very bold, but after meeting the admiral, they panicked, it was difficult to have courage in front of such strong fellow.

The marine’s highest rank wasn’t just a rank, he was really a very strong person.

Of all the marines in the world, the three Admirals were the most powerful! They are unparalleled to the Yonko in the pirate world.

Only because of them, when the pirates saw the marines, they quickly run away.

When Rogen didn’t answer, Kizaru raised his eyebrows.

“That woman? Is she real?”

In a moment, Rogen’s eyes contacted and became fierce.

The marines were not aware of Rouge’s existence, it was based more on reports, but at this moment, Kizaru saw the truth in Rogen’s eyes.

“I didn’t expect that Roger would have someone carrying his blood, ah, really amazing!”

With a sigh of admiration, Kizaru’s eyes turned cold.

“Tell me where is she, I’m afraid that she already left the island with your help!”

“Did you expose yourself just for her?”

“Is it useful to ask so much crap?”

Rogen finally spoke.

Kizaru was even colder, but he still liked him.

“Sure enough, you are the brother of Gol.D.Roger, Such a spirit, that I admire!”

“But do you think that you can escape!?”

“And, that woman!”

Kizaru smiled.

“We already encountered this area, no ship, no one, there’s no chance to escape from us!”

“How do I know if I didn’t try…!”

“Admiral Kizaru!”

Rogen’s tone suddenly became cold, and his whole body trembled. The marine’s figure dissipated and his figure began to rise. The fat marine, in the blink of an eye, became a tall and thin young man.

“Great changeover, is it a devil’s fruit ability?”

Kizaru exclaimed once again, and he did not know how many times the young man was surprised today.

At the same time, Rogen who revealed his identity, made the surrounding marines got mad.

“It’s him!”

“Is it real!”

“Rogen, he was hidden between us?”

The Vice admirals were embarrassed. If Kizaru weren’t there, they wouldn’t find Rogen, or even worst, they could be killed by him.

Some black lines appeared on the Marines’ faces.

“Rogen, I can give you another chance, tell me where that woman is, and you’ll come with me to the marine headquarters.”

Kizaru said quietly.

“And if I don’t?”

Rogen smiled.

“Then you will regret that!”

Kizaru sighed and spread his hands.

“In such a close range, it’s difficult for anyone to escape my attack!”

Kizaru said it quietly, and his right foot suddenly burst into golden light.

Rogen’s eyes shrank, and his heart was beating hard, and his whole body was on guard.

“Have you ever been kicked by the speed of light?”

The faint voice introduced into Rogen’s ears, and his muscles suddenly tensed, almost under the conditioned reflex, he pulled out his sword and waved it out.


In the twinkling of an eye, Rogen flew out.

That sword clashed the right foot of Kizaru, but it couldn’t resist the tremendous force of the admiral.

With this move, Rogen directly destroyed 5 buildings, when his reaction came, faint blood spurted out of Rogen’s mouth.

It was only a moment, and Rogen was seriously injured.

He was shocked, and thoroughly understood the power of the Admiral.

“Too strong!”

At that moment, he couldn’t even react, but relied on the body’s induction of danger and forced to pull out his sword at high speed. But even so, he was still not the opponent of the other side.

With one hit, he was seriously injured.

The great power at high speed turned to be horrible energy, and it broke out at that moment, it was even more terrible than a huge bomb.

“System, I need to summon a soul!”

Looking at Kizaru coming slowly, Rogen felt that the threat between life and death was rising rapidly.

The Admiral seemed to be lazy and slow, but when he attacks, his opponent won’t find time to react.

“Unfortunately, I can only deal with you on behalf of the marines and the justice!”

With a touch of light, Kizaru’s voice passed over.

The dangerous bell was ringing more and more quickly, and Rogen’s whole body was trembling.

It was fear, nervousness, confusion!

“System! Summon 500 million soul!”

In his heart, Rogen uttered a roar.