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S.P.P Chapter 84: Zanpakutō!

The horrible flame, which soared for over a hundred meters in an instant, it was like a huge flame of a tip sword, which seemed able to destroy everything in the world.

“This sword looks like it comes out directly from the street.”

When they saw this scene, the marines couldn’t help but took another deep breath.

Looking at the roof just touched by the fire and wiped away directly, everyone’s eyes trembled.

“Is that his real power?”

The Vice Admiral became so serious.

“Logia! Flame Power!”

The marines couldn’t do anything.

“Ah, ah! It’s terrible!”

The golden light flashed, and five meters ahead of Rogen, a figure emerged, it was Kizaru.

Unlike the previous moment, Kizaru’s face was very serious.

The Vice Admirals and marines looking at Kizaru, they were shocked when they saw such a scene.

“The admiral’s shoulders!”

The shoulders badge on Kizaru scorched. At that moment, the transformation of Kizaru into his element was not fast enough, so his shoulder was burned by that flame eruption.

“If we kept fighting here, I’m afraid that all the marines in this island would pay for your ego, Kizaru!”

Rogen’s tone was somewhat threatening. The eyes of the admiral glanced at the vice admirals and the rest of the marines behind him.

Kizaru s eyes narrowed, watching Rogen’s eyes, which were very fierce.

“Seems that you are threatening us.”

“You’ll find out by yourself.”

Rogen didn’t answer clearly, but he waved with his Zanpakutō, and a huge pressure exploded.

The face of the Vice Admiral changed immediately, and his hands were raised sharply in front of him.

“Armament Haki!”

“Iron Body!”


The air pressure swept over the Vice Admiral’s arms directly, causing his body to slide toward the rear and draw straight for nearly ten meters before stopping.

“Your strength is soaring fast!”

Kizaru looked at the Vice Admiral and saw that he wasn’t injured, so he turned his gaze and stared at Rogen.

“You have to choose, Admiral Kizaru!”

Rogen faintly said.

Tightly staring at Rogen, Kizaru’s body suddenly turned into golden light.

“Alright then!”

In the twinkling of an eye, he appeared again in the sky at high altitudes.

Rogen glanced at what Kizaru did, and then in a moment, he floated up.

 “He, he’s flying!”

“My God! That guy, what kind of fruit does he has?”

The marines were shocked.

The speed of the Kizaru was indeed fast, and when he turned into light, even if he did not deliberately show himself, it did not even take him a breath to get from the street area to the port of Baterilla.

Also, Rogen’s figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the air again.

After a few moments, he was steadily floating in the air behind Kizaru.

it is one of the four basic combat skills of the Shinigami, ‘Shunpo’ Flash Steps!

Kizaru and Rogen were already in the sea.

“This kid is really mysterious!”

In the corner of his eye, Kizaru saw that Rogen could follow himself, so he became more cautious.

Whether it is the black flame seen on Dragon or the short transient blow, the power that has erupted made Kizaru feel that Rogen’s power was abnormal.

It seems that Rogen has suddenly changed to be another person.

Once again, Kizaru turned into a golden stream and headed to an island far away.

After 10 minutes, the two appeared on another island.

“There’s no one lives on this island, rest assured.”

Kizaru’s tone was cold.

“I’m just afraid that my power is too strong and that if I don’t control it properly, it will destroy the whole island.”

Rogen was very serious.

Compared with Itachi Uchiha, the power of Yamamoto’s captain is indeed terrifying. The sudden burst of flame, burning everything, made Rogen feel that this island wasn’t enough for him to fight on it.

“Oh ~.”

Kizaru seemed to give an unbelievable sneer.

“Well, I’m going to start then!”

Kizaru disappeared, and in the blink of an eye, he has come in front of Rogen.


Another kick at the speed of light, Rogen single-handed held his Zanpakutō and accurately caught Kizaru’s kick and the cracks under his feet expanded rapidly.

However, Kizaru’s attack didn’t stop at that time.

His attack was very fast, and he struck again.

Rogen’s eyes were cold, waving with one hand.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang bang!”

A series of dull thunderous sounds came out, and more and more cracks appeared at Rogen’s foot.

He held his Zanpakutō, and he accurately caught every blow of Kizaru.

Gradually, Kizaru’s legs were turned into light, and they were too fast to be able to see them clearly.

Rogen’s face was so serious, his Zanpakutō was just in the usual state, and he had some difficulty using it.

Suddenly, another blow with huge force, Rogen caught it, and he slipped toward the rear.

“This is the real power of the admiral.”

With a low sigh, Rogen’s eyes suddenly became more serious.

After the last attack, Kizaru stopped it for a while, but he wasn’t done yet, he just kept looking at him with curiosity.

Rogen slowly put his Zanpakutō in front of him, and then he touched the blade with his left hand.

This is a great sword. It is different from the Yuan Hong sword and also different from twelve Supreme Grade Swords (12 Saijo O Wazamono Grade Swords) in One Piece World. Ryūjin Jakka ‘Flowing Blade-like Flame’ is a blade made up with composed of spiritual pressure, which can only be used by one person.

In this world, Rogen could acquire any skills by himself, but every Zanpakutō does only work with the mysterious power of his owner (Shinigami), which made it not possibly able to acquire.

But in contrast, at this moment, the power of possession was also terrifying.

Rogen slowly put his Zanpakutō down again then put it at the waist.

Rogen laid his right hand on the hilt of his sword and made an attacking gesture.

In the distance, Kizaru’s eyebrows rose, showing confusion.

“A Sheathed Blade Technique?”

Rogen was very proficient in that swordsmanship, but such an attack would it affect Kizaru?

Just in a moment, Kizaru’s eyes suddenly changed.

“This is it!”

Rogen pulled out his Zanpakutō, and the blade threw fire flow toward the void ahead.

The wind and the sea stopped at that moment.

An unparalleled sword pressure burst out, forming a powerful and incomparable flame wave, and rushed toward Kizaru at a very high speed.

Slowly, Rogen put his Zanpakutō in the sheath, and his faint voice came out.

“This is not a Sheathed Blade Technique, it’s….”


The wind was blowing up, this chop divided the island surface directly into two halves, like a shark cutting the water, and went toward Kizaru.


Kizaru turned into the light elements, trying to avoid the horrible blow.

But in the instant on contact, his face changed.


He has turned into the elements of the light, and he could not avoid it. The moment the chopper collided with him, it began to offset and consume his strength.


“Sure enough, the spiritual pressure could work on you!”

Rogen’s eyes twinkled, and he smirked.

Physical attacks could be completely exempted, But this energy attack originates from the spiritual pressure.

 Obviously, Kizaru couldn’t hide.

At this point in the battle, Rogen didn’t even liberate the true power of his Zanpakutō.

The old Master Yamamoto’s Power is indeed strong!