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P.A.S Chapter 101: Arrival at T-72

Marine T-72 branch base.

The former read admiral who was in charge of this base was seriously injured by a pirate, which he went after to capture. The original bounty of this pirate was only 60 million Berries, but after that battle, it was increased to 145 million Berries, becoming one of the Pirate Supernova in the paradise.

Ron came to the T-72 branch, but he didn’t have the order to get rid of this pirate and his crew, because they already arrived at Sabaody Archipelago a few days ago, and the marine had no intention to make a move in that area.

“Line up!”

At the port of the T-72 branch, rear admiral Puka led the ten branch captains, and a large number of officers such as lieutenants and commanders, gathered at the port to welcome the new base chief.

Seeing a warship approaching in the distance, many people recovered from the loose state and became solemn.

“I heard that the new base chief was sent by the headquarter, and he is very strong.”

“After all, our branch is so embarrassing… We need a strong chief to lead us to regain our control over the nearby waters!”

There were a few whispers between the lieutenants.

When the warship arrived at the port, the whispers disappeared, and everyone looked at the docked warship with a solemn face until someone appeared.

Ron was the first to walk down. He was wearing a marine uniform and had a calm and natural look. He was followed by a little bit bumpy girl, Nami.

“Rear admiral Puka, Division T-72, led all officers to welcome the new base chief, Mr. Ron!”

Without hesitation, rear admiral Puka saluted Ron. Puka already knew Ron’s looks from the report received from the HQ, which had a photo of him attached to avoid any unnecessary accidents like frauds…

Puka was not surprised, but the other officers in the rear, when they saw Ron walking down, were all startled, and some people were a little shocked.

Not everyone had seen Ron’s photos in advance. At the moment when they met Ron in person, many marine officers subconsciously felt that something was wrong. For them, Ron looked too young and at most in his early twenties!

“A rear admiral, a base chief in his twenties?!”

Even the three current admirals, Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji, were 30 years old when they were rear admirals. The former admiral, Zephyr, also became a rear admiral in his 30s.

Also, putting the age aside, when the officers looked at Ron, they couldn’t see the features of “strong”, “fierce” and “strong”, but someone with a little temperament like nobility, especially with that girl with him, he seemed like an aristocrat out for fun.


Some captains in the rear looked at each other, and they all saw the embarrassment in each other’s eyes. They thought that the HQ sent a senior officer’s son to rule their base…

Although there were few such figures in the marine, they existed. After all, it was the case of the base chief, in the T-71 branch next door. His father was said to be a senior official of the world government and had a lot of influence, that he used his authority to send his spoiled son to serve as a base chief.

The entire T-71 branch was a mess.

And because of this, the T-72 branch often had conflicts with the T-71 branch. From time to time, they disobey the HQ orders and even refuse to send support. Many T-72 officers wanted to bit the s*** out if that spoiled brat, the t-71 base chief, and send him crying to his Papa.

But there was no way, his father wouldn’t stay quiet about such a thing, and it would cause more trouble for the t-72 branch.

The T-71 chief base was a spineless and coward…and the area under his charge was a complete mess.

That spoiled brat was hiding in his branch, afraid of death, using the branch rear admiral as his bodyguard, prevent him from leading his team to go out to hunt down the pirates, which made the pirates run rampant.


Ron walked indifferently in front of the many officers.

He glanced at the captains in the rear and saw the embarrassment on everyone’s faces, he noticed that some even had annoyed expressions, he could roughly guess everyone’s thoughts.

“I’m the new base chief Ron. I will be in charge of the T-72 branch in the future… and it seems that there are many people dissatisfied with this.”

Ron said casually as he looked at the many marine officers.

The captains glanced at each other, then bowed their heads in silence.

With such a statement, everyone became solemn, it was the worst outcome for an officer to make an enemy of the new base chief since his first day…The chief could make the life of an officer under his charge, a living hell. No dared to look at Ron in the yes, let alone say another word.

Rear admiral Puka, who saw Ron’s photos in advance, was hesitant at that time.

He already had a look at Ron’s report sent by the headquarters, which stated that he annihilated a pirate supernova along with his ship and crew, and even killed well-known pirates with a bounty more than 300 million berries. This information came from the headquarters! and shouldn’t be false…but Ron’s appearance made him confused.

For senior officials of the world government, fabricating some resumes wasn’t that hard task…

There was some hesitation in his heart, so he had no idea how to respond.

“Should I remain silent…!?”, he said to himself.

Ron was not angry when he saw the appearance of many marines. Instead, he smiled and took Nami directly to the base, saying: “Rear admiral Puka, If you don’t mind, could you take me on a tour?”

At first glance, Puka couldn’t see how powerful Ron was, but he could see that he acts like a noble, which was quite in line with Ron’s standards.

It was just that people didn’t sense the new chief strength, and it was a little uncomfortable. It would be more reassuring if he was built up, and had furious eyes.

“Yes sir!”

Puka saw Ron’s attitude, slightly startled, and immediately responded.

He was a little skeptical at first, but Ron’s attitude reduced his suspicions because if he was some high-ranked world government officer’s son, he would be very arrogant. He would immediately get angry when he saw the officers’ reaction. But Ron didn’t! he was indifferent, gentle and kept his composure.

The hesitation in Puka’s heart faded away. He took Ron and Nami to visit the T-72 branch and showed him all the areas.

As for the other officers, they dispersed quickly after a little conversation.

It didn’t take long.

After understanding the structure of the T-72 branch, Ron and Puka came to the base chief’s office on the top floor of the branch building.

“There are not many things that I will be responsible for.”

Ron sat at the back of the desk, tapped on the table gently with one finger, and looked at a list of officers and information about the T-72 division.

“You will handle the daily affairs of the branch as you see fit! You will take full responsibility! As for special information or mission, you need to report to me first.”


Ron groaned slightly, glanced at Nami sitting on the sofa on the opposite side of the office and said:

“Nami is my assistant and she will be responsible for the branch’s finances in the future.”


Puka was speechless for a while. It wasn’t a part of his job, but it was a bit weird to hand over the finance to the assistant, which…how to say it, seemed a little unreliable.

The chief base’s assistant should be smart and capable, someone who was familiar with this water area… check the information about the branch and give Ron some suggestions. But Nami wasn’t a good fit for such a job, he thought. She was a little girl…with at most 15 or 14 years old.

[Would she be able to take charge of the branch finances?!]

The more Puka thought about it, the darker his face became. If things get so messy, he was afraid that he and the other officers wouldn’t even get paid!

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