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P.A.S Chapter 100: New Magic

“Dragon Wand…”

Holding this new wand, Ron gradually smiled.

The new wand helped him to enhance his ability power and covered a bit of his lacking. This dragon wand with increased magic power was indeed more suitable for him now than the elf wand!

As for its extreme fragility… If an opponent managed to get close to the wand in his hands, it could only mean that the enemy was far stronger than him.

This defect should be very troublesome for a magic apprentice, but it was nothing for Ron.

The elf wand was indeed extremely strong, and the hardness of the world’s tree branches was probably beyond all the matter in this world, and it was far superior to the sea-stone and the like.

Ron was even very sure that the elf wand wouldn’t be cut off with a sword unless it was the one yielded by Mihawk. After all, that wand’s core was extracted from the world tree, the tree which supports the heavens!

The elf wand was tough enough to grant its user the ability to use it for defense, to parry in the critical moment, but the dragon wand did not have such a feature.

Just thinking about the scene of a close fight with a wand in his hand, Ron wanted to laugh.

That’s really what a magic apprentice would do.

Ron did not rush to discard the elf wand, he had to try the compatibility of the dragon wand and the energy source rune first. If it was not enough, he wouldn’t give the elf wand to Nami for the time being and will become a temporarily dual magician for a while (Double wands style!).

If the dragon wand had similar compatibility to the elf wand it would so great and it would be more then enough alone, along with the wizard tower and the energy source rune.

“oh, totally forgot about the rune extraction.”

When Ron was about to try the power of the dragon wand, he suddenly remembered that this time it was not just a wand extraction, but also, he had a chance to extract magic runes.

At that moment on the career interface, the introduction of the Dragon wand gradually disappeared and was replaced by the familiar rune extraction interface.

“As long as it is not a water system…”

Ron did not have high requirements, nor expectation for this rune extraction. Even if he could not draw a space system, as long as he did not draw the water rune, any outcome would be a great enhancement to his powers. As for the water system, Ron thought it would not benefit him a lot with his current strength.

Mastering the four-basic elemental magic of earth, water, wind, and fire, would be a pain in the a**, thought Ron, and he didn’t have the luxury to waste his time and energy on four of them. He didn’t even have time to study even the higher levels of the earth’s magic.

The extraction of light flashed.


The flashing rune stopped on the line above the ordinary element system, which represented the special runes, on an ice-like pattern.

[Tip: You got the Ice Rune]

“It’s not the eternal line…”

Ron slightly disappointed, moved his eyes away from space, time, and necromancy runes, and fell on the frost rune of the special department, then smiled gradually.

He was not greedy, as long as it was not the water system, it was fine.

The Ice system was one of the special runes alongside Thunder, Light, and Dark systems. Ron already witnessed the power of thunder when he faced Enel. Its range and power were indeed above all the other basic elements, and Frost magic should have equivalent strengths.

Ice was composed of water, but the Frost system was not presented as a branch of the water system, or an evolution of that system, because the Ice system was based on “freeze” power, not water.

Winter is coming! (T/N: GoT fans could relate :p)

It was very difficult for Ron to explore fourth-level magic. Such level needed a stronger spirit, whether it was control or strength, Ron was lacking in all terms.

Ron was sure that the four-level magic was so hard, if not impossible to explore. He even wondered if there were a possibility that the system would grant him that rune without exploration.

And the third-level guardian was similar, and it was even more difficult and complex than the fourth-level magic of the elemental systems.

And the Ice…

Judging the difference between the basic elements and eternal system, Ron assumed that mastering the third-level magic of the ice system should not be too difficult, and it should be far stronger than the earth and fire!

As Ron predicted, the complexity of the rune of ice magic was between the elemental and eternal systems, which was about twice that of ordinary elemental magic.

At this level, exploring derivative runes could be completed quickly, and mastering second-level magic would be extremely simple. Even the third-level magic, Ron was also confident to get it done within a month!


Thinking about the ice system, Ron waved his dragon wand and released it straight ahead.

The frost system was different from the element and eternal systems. It was neither spirit-depended like the eternal runes, nor element-gathering type.

It’s somewhere in between.


Ice blocks quickly appeared in front of Ron, forming an ice shield in front of him.

[Tip: You have mastered the first-level ice magic, Ice shield]


Ron looked at the little ice shield and couldn’t help but snort.

If he didn’t have the guardian magic, this technique could be useful. But at the moment, it was too tasteless…

However, this simple release also allowed Ron to judge the Ice magic. The runes of ice magic were more complicated and required more spiritual power than the element system of the same level.

The defensive power of this ice shield was weaker than that of the first-level magic shield of the guardian system, but it had enough power to be compared with the enhanced first-level earth magic. The rock wall technique was equivalent, or a bit stronger.

“Let’s first test the effect of the Dragon Wand.”

Ron thought that the Dragon Wand also played a role in enhancing the ice magic. So, to have a more accurate judgment, he flew from the warship to the sea.

First-level, second-level, third-level…

Various types of magical were released one after another, tested one by one, and quickly Ron got an accurate judgment on the performance of the dragon wand.

“It has no effect on eternal magic, nothing has increased, but it enhanced the power of special and basic elemental runes by at least 30%, and consumes about one-tenth additional mental power.”

The improvement was huge!

30% power increase, For Ron, it was almost equivalent to a 30% increase in overall strength, because he was lacking in attack power.

As for the one-tenth of mental energy consumption… In the face of a 30% power increase, there was no doubt that it was definitely worth the exchange!

“This kind of power, there should not be much that the vice Admirals will be able to resist.”

“After mastering the third-level magic of the ice system, my attack power will be greatly enhanced!”

Ron had a general judgment on the strength of those who have surpassed the vice-admiral level in his department.

Most of the pirates in the New World, with a bounty of more than 500 million berries, were stronger than the majority of the HQ vice admirals, for instance, Gecko Moria who was thought as the weakest Shichibukai had a comparable strength with vice admiral Momonga.

In the next level, there were pirates with a bounty of more than 800 million berries, such as Doflomingo.

Up again.

Charlotte Katakuri, the strongest among the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, the All-Star of the Beasts Pirates, and Marco the Phoenix, 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, all have the power to contain a Marine admiral.

The gap between these people and the HQ admiral candidates, such as vice-admiral Momousagi (Gion) and the others, was very small. In a real fight, it would difficult to distinguish the victorious from the defeated, and it would be a close battle.

Further up there are the marine admirals and the four emperors.

The highest combat power of the marine and pirates, standing at their peak!

At the moment, Ron, who gained the Dragon wand, even without the use of the wizard tower, he had strength beyond one of the vice admirals, and If he was in the area covered by his wizard tower, his strength would be even greater!

He started to have a glimpse at the top stage of the sea!

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