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P.A.S Chapter 99: Dragon Wand

At a marine base.

A muscular man with short dark hair, a beard, sideburns, and sunglasses, wearing a white knee-length trench plain designed coat, like a robot, was holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand.

“Vergo, Is it him?”


Said Vergo to Doflamingo on the other side of the Den Den Mushi.

After inquiries, he confirmed that the “Ron” in the marines was the former East Blue bounty Hunter, Ron the Mage, the one who killed Senor and snatched the devil fruit.

After a few seconds of silence, Doflamingo said: “That insolent guy, he knew that he offended our Family and thought that hiding in the marine headquarters would save him.”

Vergo said calmly: “No, he has left the headquarters.”

“Huh?”, said Doflamingo, a bit surprised.

Vergo stated: “Just yesterday, he applied for the graduation assessment of the newcomer camp, and he succeeded to obtain the rank of rear admiral. He went to the base of the T-72 branch to serve as a captain.”

” Fuffuffuffuffu… was he sent out?”, Said Doflamingo with his usual evil laugh.

Vergo said calmly: “Yes, this Ron’s strength improved a lot compared with when he was in East Blue. The intelligence states that he possesses the fantasy devil fruit ability, and not long ago, he defeated the Baron Tamago, one of the high ranked officers, who worked under Big Mom…but the T-72 is in the area I am in charge of.”

Doflamingo remained silent for seconds, then said: “You stay under the radar, you just got promoted to the position of a vice-admiral at the G8 branch, and now you should focus on becoming the head chief of that base, I want the power of that base in your hands! Keeping your identity hidden is much important than that guy, Ron.”

“I understand.”

Vergo said slowly: “If there is a chance, I will quietly deal with him, I will be careful.”

” Fuffuffuffuffu… that’s good.”

Marine headquarters.

A warship slowly drove away from the port.

Ron was standing on the deck, wearing a justice cloak embroidered with the rear admiral’s badge, and next to him stood Nami, who was also wearing a marine uniform.

Nami graduated in advance and applied to go to the branch with Ron. As she demonstrated her proficiency in navigation, she earned the rank of Ensign.

If she showed a little more strength, she would easily get the rank of lieutenant, but Ron thinks it was better not to show Nami magic skills, and actually, her rank didn’t matter that much, because her current status was Ensign and T-72 branch rear admiral’s assistant.

Working as a rear admiral’s assistant was equivalent to having a rear admiral’s authority.

“I’m finally leaving the marine headquarters…”

Looking at the gradually disappearing headquarters, Nami exhaled lightly. She had a lot of energy and her movement was restricted there. She was really bored at the marine headquarters.

If she didn’t have access to a large number of charts and navigation records to read at will, along with her practice of magic, she would have died with boredom a long time ago.

“I didn’t expect to stay there for a few months.”

Ron stood beside her, looking at the sea in front and smiling gently.

In fact, he was glad about that journey.

The practice at the marine headquarters, the execution of tasks, etc., he found a safe haven, while temporarily avoiding the Don Quixote family.

And from now on, his journey to conquer the world just started!

Whether it was Doflamingo or any other enemy, Ron was eager to reach the peak of the sea even if he had to step on the bones of countless enemies!

Looking at the sea.

Ron’s heart surged.

[Rewrite the world… from here!]

He took a deep breath, summoned the achievement system, and switched to the career interface.

In the morning, when he got the rear admiral’s epaulet, uniform, and cloak, the achievement of the ‘Marine rear admiral’ was completed and he got 2 achievement points, bringing his total achievement point to 75 points.

At that time, Ron was moving the core of the wizard tower, so he was not in a hurry to go to the career interface to see if he could extract new magic. After he took care of everything, and the warship also left the headquarters, he evoked the achievement system.

[Tip: Your total achievement point reached 75 points, and you got a wand extraction opportunity]

[Tip: Your total achievement point reached 75 points, and you got a rune extraction opportunity]

While calling out the career interface, two consecutive Ron popped out.

Collecting a total achievement point of 75 points was indeed enough to trigger a chance to draw a magical rune, and also a new wand!

Looking at the notifications, Ron’s eyes showed a hint of excitement.

After possessing the wizard tower and the energy source, the effect of the elf wand on his performances was far less than it was originally.

The elf wand helped him to reduce the consumption of his first-level magic by nearly ten times, and the second-level magic by half, but for the case of the third-level magic, the reduction was only about one-third.

As for the reduction in terms of release speed… even without the use of the elf wand, the first-level magic could be released instantaneously, and that was the case for even the second-level magic. As for the third-level magic, even with the elf wand, his release speed needed more enhancement.

Two seconds release time in actual combat was a bit too much, especially against Ron’s future enemies.

This elf wand was indeed great for a novice magician, but with Ron’s current level, it wasn’t of big use.

“Hopefully I can get a great wand fitting to my current abilities!”

Ron murmured as the extraction interface appeared on the career interface.

When the elf wand was drawn last time, there were a total of ten wands, and this time also there was the same count expect that the elf wand was dim.

Under Ron’s staring gaze, the nine wands, except the elf wand, lit up one after another and flickered quickly and quickly.

Then a few seconds later, the flashing light became slower and slower and finally stopped on a wand.

[Tip: You got the Dragon Wand]

Along with the prompt sound, the drawn wand appeared in front of Ron.

This dragon wand was only half the length of the elf wand, it looks very short. It was extremely slender, its thickness was only of the size of a thumb, and there was a waterdrop-like ruby on the top.

While Ron touched the wand, a detailed introduction appeared on the career interface.

[Dragon Wand]

[Introduction: A high-level wand made from the dragon tree core found in the deepest parts of the dragon’s cave, with the dragon’s crystal on top]

[Feature: The core of the wand was blessed by the dragon god, the released magic by this wand will be contaminated with the dragon’s breath. With the dragon’s crystal, a small amount of dragon’s power will be transformed and will work as a catalyze, increasing the power of the magic released]

[Evaluation: This magic wand is powerful, but the dragon’s core is extremely fragile and could be easily destroyed. The wand is suitable only for experienced magicians.]