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P.A.S Chapter 98: Graduation Assessment

After a few days.

The graduation assessment began.

The graduation assessment of the HQ newcomers camp was not complicated.

The collection of the necessary military skill point was the real assessment, and the so-called graduation assessment was just to verify whether these military points were earnestly earned or obtained by means such as cheating.

Ron applied for a rear admiral-level graduation assessment. The assessment content was very simple, which was to take care of a pirate, who once had a bounty of 130 million Berries and was detained in the 5th level of Impel Down, the Freezing Hell. As long as he could defeat him easily in one vs one battle, he passes the exam.

For Ron, this assessment was a walk in the park.


Although it was just a graduation assessment, it attracted many people to watch, such as Aokiji who was interested in Ron, Kizaru that he had nothing else to do, and a small number of vice admirals.

“Six-Rods Light Prison.”

Ron held the elf wand and faced the 130 million Berries worth pirate and waved it calmly. The sealing magic was released and the pirate was locked, unable to move.

After watching his opponent struggling for a second, Ron waved his backhand again.

“Roaring Dragon.”

That was the third-level fire magic that he mastered the day before the assessment.


Monstrous flames were released, which took the shape of a dragon, flooded like magma, and instantly swallowed the pirate’s body.

With such an attack, the ground cracked open and a rift of more than tens of meters appeared. The hot flame spread in all directions. Aokiji watching from a distance could not help shaking his head, then released his ice wall to constraint the spread of the flame.

Seeing this scene, some of the headquarter officers who came to watch were dignified.

Most of them have heard about Ron easy victory against Baron Tamago, and most of them thought that Ron took him out by a surprise attack or just exploited one of his weak points, but after they saw Ron in action, many of them started to wonder if they could resist such abilities.

If it was just the flame attack, most of them had the confidence to resist such ability or avoid it, but what was terrifying, was Ron’s six rods light prison, which completely sealed a pirate with a 130 million berries bounty! And no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t set himself free.

Such a binding technique was troublesome, which wouldn’t give the opponent a chance to dodge and only he could do was to resist the upcoming attacks.

“Ah Lala, this strength is indeed genuine…”

Aokiji spoke out while suppressing the flames of Ron’s attack. Such strength was indeed enough to defeat Baron Tamago, and there was no mistake in the fight report.

Ron, a recruit, had strength comparable to the vice admirals!

Kizaru folded his hands at the level of his chest, narrowed his eyes slightly, and said: “I remember seeing his attacks before and it was wind-based…And now he used fire… What is his devil fruit ability? He is a monster Ahah.”

Aokiji hearing these words, looked at Ron thoughtfully: “The ability he used to imprison the pirates was something impressive, without any prior notice, it appeared out of thin air, and it was faster than my ice.”

“I heard that he may possess the fruit of fantasy.”

One of the officers heard the conversation between Aokiji and Kizaru, turned his head, and said:” Is it a Logia type? This fantasy devil fruit?!”

Kizaru tilted his head and said: “If I remember correctly, it was the ability of a well-known pirate more than 20 years ago. If he was still alive, that guy should be imprisoned in Impel down…”

“Maybe he’s dead, and his fruit reappeared.”

Said the Vice-admiral.

The reason why the marine followed a policy in which it just arrests murderous pirates without killing them, was to prevent the reappearance of the devil fruit abilities of these pirates in the sea after their deaths.

The fantasy devil fruit was one of them. It could visualize fantasy. It was one of the most terrifying devil fruits.

“Fortunately, it was a marine officer who ate it, otherwise it would be quite troublesome.”

Aokiji said as he completely extinguished the flames in the field.

Kizaru said with a smile: “No wonder he had problems with instructor Zephyr if he had such devil fruit, there was no way that he wouldn’t depend on its powers.”

In the field.

The flames dispersed, and the pirate was dead.

Ron slowly fell from the sky.

“The assessment was successfully passed! you are now an HQ rear admiral.”

Aokiji said to Ron: ” this is Tokikake (known as Chaton), he will help you to understand the rear admirals’ responsibilities.”

After their promotion, rear admirals were assigned to work under Aokiji and Kizaru in turn according to the order, and this time Ron happened to be under the command of Aokiji.

“…I want to apply to serve in a branch.”

After falling down, Ron didn’t cover-up and directly expressed his thoughts to Aokiji and Tokikake.

Aokiji looked at Ron in surprise.

It was rare for someone to discard a position on the HQ and request to take charge of one of the branches.

Also, if Ron stayed in the headquarters, with his current strength, he could be promoted to vice admiral in the next few years. But if he went to serve at a branch, it would be hard to get such promotion.

“You want to go to a branch?”

Ron nodded and said: “I hope to be in charge of the security of a sea area! That way I will be freer than staying at the headquarters.”

Hearing such words, Aokiji could not help but ponder, glanced at Kizaru beside him, and thought that because he conflicted with Zephyr, Ron didn’t want to stay at the HQ. Aokiji was standing there, rubbing his temple.

He didn’t want Ron to go to the branch.

After all, if someone like Ron, served under his command, he would soon be promoted to the vice-admiral position, and he would gain a competent officer under his command. And the security of the sea would be more than handled that way.

But Ron expressed his thoughts, and luckily for him, there was a vacant rear admiral post at one of the branches.

If there wasn’t such a position, Aokiji could deny his request, but at that moment he had no reason to refuse and made his decision quickly.

“Then you go to the branch.”

“The branch’s work is not much easier than the one here at HQ, and any problem in that sea area, you will bear full responsibility.”

Aokiji reminded Ron.

Aokiji always respected the thoughts and the decisions of others, and applications to move from the headquarter to the branch was rarely rejected.

One day later.

Ron’s letter of appointment was issued.

His specific duties were: to serve in the first half of the grand line, under the G8 fortress, at the T-72 branch as a rear admiral.

The location was near the Florian Triangle, and he would be responsible for the security of a total of 5 islands in the nearby waters.

Ron and Nami bid farewell to Garp and left the marine headquarters on a warship towards the T-72 branch.