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P.A.S Chapter 97: Wizard Tower

“I thought I could improve my physique a little…”

Ron closed his eyes and realized the spiritual improvement. After a while, he reopened his eyes and pouted.

The Logia devil fruit grants its user the ability to change his body structure, while the Zoan devil fruit grants its user the ability to transform into semi or fully animalized states, which brings a major improvement in physical fitness.

Ron thought that after swallowing the Zoan devil fruit, he could slightly improve his physique. However, it was the same result as when he devoured the Paramecia one, he just improved his mental strength, with no effect on his body.

He was not surprised.

Because the whole process of engulfing was observed this time, it was the spirit that crushed the rough and unstable runes structure in the devil fruit. After the rune was broken, the energy was extracted to devour, as for the runes that affect the body was completely destroyed.

In fact, Ron didn’t care much about whether his physique was improved or not by the devil fruit because he already reached a cell level vision and If he wanted to improve his physical fitness, he could use his spiritual power to stimulate his own cells to gain more physical powers.

Absorb energy from the spiritual world through meditation, and in turn, refine his body with the spirit.

But it didn’t seem necessary to Ron.

As the supreme dharma (God of law), he did not need martial arts and similar things. With his spiritual strength, he could surpass and overcome everything.

[What is God?]

[What is the dharma god?]

Ron thought about this question before but had no absolute answer.

[The Dharma God is close to God, and he could release the power of Gods with the body of a mortal. So, what does God represent, is it another living body that surpasses the mortal?]

[No, it should not be like that]

Ron, who has occasionally explored the vast spiritual world once or twice when his spiritual power reached 100 points, had a very different understanding of this aspect.

If it was just another life form above humanity, it would not be a good fit to be called God. He felt that God should refer to a certain existence beyond this dimension and understanding.

Like human beings could modify the program and the rules of the world indiscriminately, then from the perspective of God, this world should also be like a game. The so-called runes, cells, etc. should be like the program symbols.

Ron had certain ideas about the body at first, but because of these glimpses at the spiritual realm, he became uncertain about everything related to the body. No matter how strong the flesh was, it was just a pile of data in the game world.

This world was based on spiritual strength, so it was meaningless to gain any other form of power, the so-called physical and other powers were just virtual data. Only when they reach a higher level in spirit and could be compared to God, they would be able to understand what was the rule, what was this world “program”, and would be able to modify it at will. Then, they could be called the supreme dharma god, standing at the top of this dimension!

Of course.
Ron had a long journey before he could reach all of this.

At the moment, Ron’s first goal was to improve his spiritual power and magic, surpass the Shichibukai, then the marine admirals, the four emperors, and stand at the peak of this sea!

“Spirit has increased by almost 5 points, and it should be 124 points now.”

After devouring the devil fruit, Ron judged that the improvement triggered by devouring a Zoan devil fruit was no different than that brought by the Paramecia devil fruit, which was around 5 points of spiritual force.

Although he was still far away from 200 points of spiritual power, this last improvement was huge, an all-round improvement, which enhanced his thinking speed, recovery ability, and the total amount of mental power…

“It’s time to work on this big stone. ”

Ron without being immersed in the spiritual ascension, after regaining his consciousness, he discarded the messy thoughts and looked at the huge kairoseki stone placed in the center of the room.

Although its shape was irregular, it was better than stitching together a large pile of stones.

“Let’s try this out.”

Ron switched to his spiritual perspective and made a quick scan. After he had a clear image of what he had to do to maximize the capacity of the stone, Ron took out his elf wand and began to try to inscribe the rune on the stone surface.

Because he already tried such a process several times before, Ron had a certain proficiency in engraving runes, in addition to some luck, he directly succeeded after a single attempt.


After the inscription was completed, the surface of the entire stone started glowing. The countless rune lines were all lit up, forming a white light path.

The white light gradually became brighter and brighter. The spiritual energy was continuously drawn, condensed at the top of the Kairōseki stone.

[Tip: You have built a basic magic tower]

[Tip: You have completed the achievement of “no longer wandering magician”, and got 2 achievement points]

A continuous prompt sounds rang in Ron’s ear.

But at this time Ron had no time to pay attention to these notifications. He was fully focused on the large sea stone in front of him or what should be called the “Wizard Tower”.

About three minutes passed, the energy of the wizard tower was saturated.

“This amount…almost three Elf Orb could be released.”

Feeling the energy gathered in the core of the wizard tower, Ron’s eyes gradually showed a hint of excitement. It was more powerful than he expected!

In three minutes, the wizard tower could gather and release an energy equivalent to three elf orbs, which meant that as long as he stands within the range of the magic tower, he could release the elf orb once every minute!

Coupled with the elf wand, which had the Energy Source rune engraved on it, and his own recovery ability… The second-level elemental magic could be released without limit!

Even the third-level elemental magic could also be used at will!

“This is the wizard tower…”

The excitement on Ron’s face gradually turned into a big smile.

With such a tower, not only attacks and defenses, but also his cultivation process, would be enhanced. He had no more problems or constraints related to energy consumptions.

“I wonder if Nami can use the wizard tower to release magic… Although the core of the magic tower is not linked to my spirit, it is also built based on my spirit. Nami holds my magic mark, she may be able to control it too?”

With such thoughts in his mind, Ron quickly called Nami.

The result was exactly what he expected.

Nami could also control the wizard tower, but it wasn’t that easy task! It was extremely difficult to control, and she managed only to use it for a short period while standing next to it.

Besides, Nami’s control of the wizard tower was also subject to his restraint, as if he had the highest authority, the administrator, and Nami had the second-class authority.

But it was more than enough.

Even if it was extremely difficult to control, with the magic taught by Ron, and relying on the wizard tower, Nami, who broke through 30 points of spiritual power, could barely use third-level elemental magic.

In other words, as long as she stood next to the magic tower, Nami also could kill a supernova pirate with a single blow!

“You’ll be guarding the tower in the future.”

Ron said to Nami as he patted on her shoulder.