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P.A.S Chapter 102: Fire Fist

“Ron-San, wouldn’t it be better if you handle the finance yourself?”

Puka finally couldn’t hold his tongue back and spoke to Ron with a solemn face. He couldn’t stay quiet as he saw the new chief bestowing the base’s finance to a little girl.

“Rear admiral Puka, please don’t question the chief decisions.”

Nami pouted at Puka.

Since Ron served as the T-72 branch’s chief, Nami considered this base as her own industry, and she wouldn’t let anyone meddle with its affairs. After all, that was the agreement with Ron since the beginning. Nami will be responsible for finances, even if the branch goes bankrupt.

Ron really didn’t care about the money, and he could even pitch in some resources in case things went so messy!

“She will be fine, handling the finance! I will oversee her work too.”

Responded Ron indifferently.

Puka wasn’t convinced yet, however, he couldn’t say another word… If he pushed further, it wouldn’t be a matter of getting a salary, he could lose his job…


When Puka saw the indifferent attitude of Ron concerning the matter, his face grew darker, and he felt a headache.

With such decisions, nothing was left for Ron to do, the basic affairs were given to the rear admiral, and Nami was in charge of the base finances.

“Well then, you have to deal with the affairs of the branch and you don’t have to report me daily unless something related to pirates occurs.”

Ron waved at Puka.

Puka looked at Nami, then Ron, without saying a word, saluted Ron, then exited the office. As he left the office he sighed, and shook his head slightly, as he could see the dark future of the T-72 branch.

“I don’t trust him at all.”

Nami stared at Puka’s back and puckered her mouth, she was staring at him, waiting for some kind of reaction or mistake so that his salary would be deducted severely.

When Puka closed the door, Nami turned to look at Ron and said: “As I said, are you planning to keep working for the marines? “


Ron shrugged at Nami and said, “My ideals are different than that of the marines. It is a matter of time before we part ways. There is a lot of magic research left to do. I want to test a lot of stuff, take risks and the marines aren’t the right place to do so!”

Nami nodded in sympathy.

Compared to Ron’s laid-back character, she had an active personality. If Ron was eager to go to the sea for adventure, imagine how Nami felt! She was dying to try out her newly learned magic!

“by the way, this is for you.”

Ron pondered for a moment and then thought of something. He stretched out his hand and took out the elf wand. Loosening his grip, the wand flew towards Nami.

The dragon wand could also enchant the energy source, its capacity was slightly worse than the elf wand, but it wasn’t a big deal compared to the magic enhancement it brought.

It is a bit hard to control the wizard tower while using both wands, and the dragon wand was more beneficial, hence, he thought of granting the elf wand to Nami.

At the moment, after leaving the marine headquarters, even during missions, Nami could accompany Ron. So, for Ron, there was no difference between handing the elf wand to Nami and using it himself, and also the wand’s tenacity was so outstanding that could be used to parry and resist attacks.

“For me?”

Nami looked at the flying elf wand and subconsciously caught it.

“What about you?”

Ron took out the dragon wand and shook it in front of her, laughing: “This one is more suitable for me, I couldn’t exert the power of this wand before.”

Nami used Ron’s elf wand a few times before, and she knew the importance and the efficiency of such an item. Hearing Ron’s words, she had a smug smile, and then all of a sudden, she jumped over and rushed to Ron, hugging him.

“Love you, Captain!”

Ron smiled slightly.

He was a bit surprised, after all, it was rare for Nami to act in such a way, plus she seemed to grow bigger. (TN: Oppai-wise xD)

From a silly and lovely loli, she gradually turned into a young, and fine girl. She occasionally showed a little charm, which made Ron’s heart beat faster.

Nami, who was playing with the elf wand in her hand, didn’t notice Ron’s eyes, and when she looked at him, he had already withdrawn his gaze.

“It is time to study Ice magic.”

Ron touched his chin, then left the office, and headed to the branch rooftop.

In the very center of the rooftop, the huge Kairōseki stone transformed into the core of the wizard tower was lying there quietly, with a little fluorescence on the surface, intertwined into a rune pattern.

The fluorescence of the lines could be seen with the naked eye, but the mass of spiritual energy shining with white light at the top could only be seen from a spiritual perspective.

From the naked eye’s perspective, Ron could only feel that the picture on top of the wizard tower seemed to be somewhat distorted and blurred.

With the help of the wizard tower and the wand, Ron had explored all the runes of the Ice system on the way to the branch, which lasted about five days.

The Ice runes were the same as the four basic elemental systems, and there were as usually eight ones.

“Let’s start with second-level magic.”

Such task was child play for Ron who already mastered second-level eternal magic and in less than half a day, Ron created the first ice second-level magic.

The consumption of the second-level Ice magic was about three times that of the second-level wind magic, but Ron, with the use of the dragon wand and the wizard tower, could basically ignore this consumption.

Multiple Ice arrows.

Releasing such ability, dozens of frost arrows were formed, blast towards the front, flying at a speed comparable to wind magic, and had an attacking range that exceeded 300 meters.

Although it was not as powerful as the vortex storm, the attack range of these arrows was the highest among Ron’s all current abilities. It was a bit surprising, that made Ron look forward to the third-level Ice magic.

Ron did not rush to explore the third-level Ice magic. Instead, he continued to explore the ice system second-level magics, spent three days, and mastered several ice abilities. And after having enough knowledge and familiarity with the ice runes, he proceeded to the third-order.

Half a month passed in a flash.

At that time, all expenditures of the base under Nami’s responsibility was reduced by nearly 30%. Unnecessary waste was basically found out and eliminated, and many officers’ salaries were deducted.

The officers, whose wages were deducted, were crying in silence. And because the fifteen-year-old girl was so cute, they couldn’t bring themselves to hate her, so all the hatred was transferred to Ron. Nami was only an assistant after all, and she was just executing Ron’s orders.

Besides, after Ron came to the base, he didn’t leave his home for more than half a month. Most of the affairs were thrown to Puka, and the marine officers in the branch were losing their patience and started complaining.

Well, such behavior was slightly better than the base chief of the T-71, and at least Ron wasn’t using the officers as bodyguards to roam free every day neglecting the branch’s essential duties.

While Ron was serving as the chief base of the T-72 division, the gears of the world were also turning, and the grand line also ushered in turbulence caused by a pirate.

And the source of the unrest was: Fire fist, Portgas D. Ace.

Just half a month after going to sea, he conquered the entire East Blue, and when he stepped into the grand line, he swept the pirates all the way. He just started his journey in the grand line, covering at most a quarter, and he already had a 170 million berries bounty!

Such a fast increase in bounty was unprecedented!

Countless people were frightened by the news and the marines were shocked by it!

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