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P.A.S Chapter 103: Back to action


Next to the core of the wizard tower.

Ron with his hands behind his back looked up at the sky. A wand about the length of his forearm was suspended in front of him, floating up and down, and there was a faint flash of light at the top.

“Base chief Ron.”

Someone came to the rooftop. It was rear admiral Puka.

Ron turned his head slightly and said: “What’s the matter?”

“Fire Fist Ace and the Spade Pirates appeared on Tran Island. The headquarters asked us to dispatch immediately…I need to mobilize all the warships and troops of the branch.”

Rear admiral Puka spoke to Ron in a deep voice, with a very dignified look, and there was a trace of stress in his eyes. They were summoned urgently, in a short time, and the opponent was a rookie who created havoc in the first half of the grand line. He was an opponent not to take lightly.

In less than two months after going to sea, he already had a bounty of nearly 200 million berries. In this era, such characters were extremely rare.

“Fire fist…Ace?”

Ron heard Puka’s words, his eyes moved slightly, and turned around.

If his memory didn’t deceive him, this year was indeed when Ace went to sea, although East Blue was cleaned out by Ron, but somehow Ace managed to make a name for himself and reached the grand line without any surprises, and also, like in the original plot, he possessed the Mera Mera no Mi.

“There is no need to mobilize all the warships. Numbers won’t matter against such beasts. It’s useless to send more troops, strength is what needed.”

Ron shook his head at Puka.

Puka heard the words and said reluctantly: “But the superior’s order…”

Ron walked past Puka and went downstairs, and said: “The superiors did not mean to mobilize all the troops, they want me to go in person…let’s go.”

Although Tran Island was within the waters in charge of the T-72 division, Portgas D. Ace was not something an ordinary division could handle by just mobilizing all the troops. To handle such a threat, the G8 branch must dispatch capable officers.

And the G8 branch pushed the task to them. It was undoubtedly discussed in the headquarters, and they decided to let Ron, a marine star, collide with the new rookie, Ace.


Puka suddenly froze after hearing Ron’s words and immediately followed him.

He was one of the very few people in the T-72 branch who knew about Ron’s strength.

Previously, because of financial problems, he had some conflicts with Nami and the dispute reached Ron. At that time, Ron was studying magic at the rooftop, and at a critical moment, which made him very irritated. He was very impatient with Puka who came to complain and got pissed off because of the disturbance. Without hesitation, a six-rods light prisoner was released and fixed Puka in place.

After a long struggle, Puka was exhausted, and he couldn’t rid of the sealing.

Since then, Puka’s attitude towards Ron changed drastically. After all, this world was ruled by strength, and given that he was powerless against Ron’s ability, he completely obeyed his orders without any resistance.

“If I manage to catch Fire Fist Ace now, the storyline will diffidently change a lot.”

Ron thought as he went downstairs.

On the interface of the achievement system, there was an achievement entitled ‘World Line Destroyer’, and the condition was to arrest Fire fist Ace, and that should be done before he joins the White Beard Pirates.

Ron was hesitant to complete this achievement. If such achievement was accomplished, it may lead to the complete disappearance of the Battle of Marineford, and in that case, many achievements, such as participating in the war would be gone, and the subsequent impact would be great.

But after thinking about it, Ron decided to go ahead.

Ron wouldn’t let go of the achievements before him, not to mention that the condition was only to capture Ace, not to kill, and the marines at that period did not know about Ace’s true identity, and there was nothing like public execution… Ron felt that if Ace was put in Impel down, he might participate in the second prison breakout in history.

“Base chief Ron, this is the report concerning the fire fist Ace.”

Puka followed Ron and handed a document to Ron, reminding him with a solemn expression: “The captain of the Spade Pirates’ Fire Fist Ace’s strength is extraordinary. According to reliable information, he has one of the strongest Logia abilities. The T-31 branch’s troops were completely defeated, and the warships were destroyed in the attempt to suppress the Spade Pirates!”


Ron took the document, but he didn’t look at it. He already knew the extent of Ace’s ability. People capable of using Haki would have trouble against Logia types users, let alone ordinary people, but in the face of Ron’s magic, there was no difference between Logia or any other type of devil fruit.

Walking down the stairs all the way, Ron switched to his spiritual perspective and found Nami’s position. He directly connected with her using the magic mark and passed her a voice message.

“Nami, I am going out to sea.”

The voice rang directly in Nami’s mind.

It is not necessary to bring an assistant when you go out… No, you can feel at ease with the voyager, and Nami, who holds the elf magic wand, is also extraordinary.


Three branch captains and ten commanders, a large number of lieutenants were assembled on the deck of a large warship at the port.

The T-72 branch had one large, three medium-sized, and ten small warships. But Ron did not intend to bring more troops and thought that one warship was more than enough.

When they heard that the mission was to arrest the Spade Pirates, the many marines’ soldiers assembled on the deck couldn’t hide how stressed they were.

“Rear admiral Puka… shall we meet with the people from the G8 branch first, or go directly to Tran Island to intercept our target?”

A captain looked at Puka dignifiedly.

The soldiers knew that their branch’s strength wouldn’t be enough to deal with pirates with a bounty over 100 million berries, and in case they engage the enemy alone, they would undoubtedly suffer heavy loss and it would a bloody battle!

“The G8 base…they will not send support.”

Puka shook his head.

In Puka’s view, this was expected and normal. Ron was capable to kill a 300 million pirate alone, and for sure he would be able to handle a newcomer with a reward of less than 200 million. The G8 branch and the headquarters were probably at ease, sending Ron to deal with Ace.

hearing Puka’s words, the marine officers at the back suddenly looked at each other, and they were horrified and their faces were a little difficult to look at.

[The G8 branch is not going to send support!]

That was to say, the task of arresting the Spade Pirates was completely given to the T-72 branch.

Ordinary marine soldiers might not know how terrifying could be facing people like Fire Fist Ace, but these veterans knew how dire the situation was, and how hard it was to deal with the Logia devil fruit users!

“Relax, base chief Ron will personally oversee this mission.”

Puka saw the disturbed faces of the many marine officers and shouted at everyone.

As soon as this sentence came out, many people’s expressions suddenly became weird. One captain couldn’t help but whisper: “Ron, base chief Ron? He’s not…”

“You will understand soon! Don’t say another word.”

Puka knew what the captain was about to say, so, he interrupted his words and said: “Ron-San is far stronger than me, just have faith in our base chief’s strength.”

Hearing Puka, many people were a little confused. They thought that Ron was just a spoiled brat like the T-71 base chief, who brought his maid with him.

They all looked at Puka and thought that he was just being sarcastic, but they were surprised as he kept a serious face. Puka’s words were not deliberately mocking Ron, but very serious.

Even though everyone was a little stunned and suspicious, it was difficult for them to overthrow their prior impression of Ron, built during the past half a month. But Puka was dead serious, and he wasn’t joking, that the others couldn’t doubt his words.

[In other words, what was written in the base chief’s resume was all true?!]