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P.A.S Chapter 104: Don’t Play with Fire

Tran Island.

Somewhere in the woods.

Many pirates of the Spade Pirates were gathered there, with wine glasses and jugs placed everywhere, eating huge grilled pieces of meat and fruits. A banquet was being held.

“Ace, that last move was awesome!”

“Really? Hahahaha.”

Ace was wearing a leather hat, sitting in front of a pile of meat and fruit, holding a hip flask in his hand. He had a cool smile on his face, with no trace of arrogance.

The members of the Spade Pirates didn’t call him “Boss” or “Captain”, like other groups, they called each other by their names.

“Serve them right! That bunch of weaklings underestimated us.”

The next person smiled.

They met a group of pirates on the island, and they attacked without prior notice. Although the captain of the other pirates’ group had an 80 million Berries bounty, he was easily defeated by Ace. And basically, Ace got rid of all the opponents.

“Hey, is the log pose working yet??”

Ace touched his belly and looked at their navigator sitting opposite to him.

“Not yet, it should take another half day.”

The navigator looked at the log pose on his wrist and responded to Ace.

When sailing on the grand line, it was impossible to tell the direction by relying on the map, and the log pose was the only way to do it.

The standard log pose had a single needle that starts pointing toward the next island after recording its magnetic wave, leading to the new world. The time it takes to lock onto the magnetic waves of the next island varies from island to island some take several days, and some even took a whole month. This time-lag was used by the marines to pursue the pirates. After all, after being spotted on an island, they often had to stay on for a certain time, till the Log pose start working.

“Then we can take it easy for now and have a peaceful rest.”

Ace smiled and laid back.

But at that very moment, one of the crew members suddenly looked startled, and the look on his face changed drastically, and suddenly jumped to the top of the tree.

“Ah? What’s the matter?”

“People are coming! a lot of them!”

Another man joined him on top of the tree, and suddenly his face changed.

“It’s the marines! The marines are here!”


His voice instantly reached and awakened everyone who was still drinking and eating.

Ace also recovered from his slightly drunk state, but he was not nervous, but rubbed his brows helplessly, and said: “Huh, troublesome…The log pose is still not working…it needs more than a half a day to store the full magnetic force, and we have to fight them. “

All the pirates, including Ace, would prefer to avoid unnecessary conflict with the marines, and most of the time they escape before they could catch up.

Although he was not afraid of them, he did not want to hurt the marines because of his grandpa, Garp. He owed that old fart a lot after all…

“Ace, they surrounded us from all directions, we can’t retreat.”

“There is no way.”

Ace said helplessly: “Then we need to beat them down first.”

Hearing Ace’s words many members of the Spade Pirates looked at each other and smiled, and no one was nervous anymore.

Although they were together for around a month, they fought many times with the marines. Their goal was One Piece, and naturally, they wouldn’t be afraid of some marines.

“Yo! wake up! We got some a** to be kicked!”

“Huh, troublesome…Can’t you handle them alone?”

Everyone smiled at each other and took up their weapons.

And at the next moment, a figure appeared in the jungle, looking very delicate, as if it were a young girl, holding thick black stuff in her hand, and at the top, it seemed to emit a little white light.


Ace looked at the figure getting clearer gradually. It was a little strange at first, and then he noticed something. His face changed slightly and then waved his right-hand fist forward.

“Fire fist!”

While Ace was waving his fist, Nami in the jungle in front of him, also waved the elf wand in her hand. An extremely long wind blade burst out. It was ten feet, but very slender, and its attack range was huge.

Sweeping all the way, all the trees in the area were cut from the bottom like and fell like bird’s feathers one after the other.


Ace’s fire fist collided with the long wind blade. Under the blazing flame, the wind blade shattered and Ace attack was directed towards Nami.

Nami held her wand horizontally, and the gusty wind started to form a wind wall in front of her. The hot flame hit the wind wall, which absorbed completely the blow, it was unable to breakthrough.


The trees cut by the wind blade fell, revealing Nami’s figure and the many marines in the jungle behind.

Ace was surprised by the fact that his attack was blocked by a young girl who looked only fifteen or sixteen years old and herself was also a little stunned. Then, he stretched his hands forward.


The blazing flame suddenly soared and swept fiercely, forcibly dispersing the wind wall released by Nami, and continued to sweep over.

“Damn it…”

Nami was startled and jumped back suddenly while pushing her right hand forward slightly, the magic barrier opened, blocking her front.

However, although her magical barrier blocked the flames in front of it, Ace’s ability range was extremely large that the blazing flames rushed from both sides of the magical barrier and drove toward the marine soldiers behind.

The many marine soldiers were shocked to death by the view.

The abilities that Nami just used surprised them. Unexpectedly, the girl assistant brought by the base chief turned out to be so strong, but Ace’s abilities were even more shocking.

The immense fire reached the marine soldiers, and those who held guns and swords did not know how to fight such an attack.

And just as that huge flame was about to sweep across dozens of marines.


A strange power suddenly emerged.

The wildly raging flames were stopped in the air, and the nearest marine soldier was less than one meter away, that he was sweating a lot as he already felt the horrible heatwave!

“It’s too early for you to go against people like Ace.”

Said Ron as he came from the sky with a little smirk on his face.

Ace and the others looked up subconsciously as they heard these words.

Because the nearby trees were cut off by Nami’s wind blade, the view was clear and at a glance, they could see Ron wearing a marine justice cloak floating in the sky.

Ron looked down with his right hand stretched out.


Ace’s face changed slightly.

When the flames were stopped by some strange force, he was not very surprised, but at the moment he felt that he completely lost control over his own flames, he was indeed shocked.


Under the slightly shocked gaze of the marine soldiers and the Spade Pirates, the flame stopped around Nami and the others, as if being pulled by a certain force, rushed towards the sky quickly, and strangely converged around Ron’s palm, and a huge red fireball condensed, quietly floating.

“Don’t play with fire in the jungle, it will be very troublesome if the forest catches fire…”

Ron said casually as he raised his hand upward, and the ball of fire flew into the sky, bursting in the sky and dissipating like fireworks.

Ace’s strength was not as tremendous as that of Enel, and he did not master any kind of Haki yet. Also, his control of the flame shouldn’t be even be compared to that of Enel, plus Ron’s familiarity with the element of fire was far more than Lightning’s attributes, which made it a simple task for Ron to take control over Ace’s flames.

Seeing this scene, the marine soldiers were amazed.

Flying in the sky, controlling the flames released by Fire Fist Ace like it was nothing… Ron, the base chief, was indeed not just a simple spoiled brat or some kind of playboy, but a powerful man with real strength!!