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P.A.S Chapter 105: Dragon Dance

“That guy…”

Seeing what Ron was capable of, Ace’s relaxed expression disappeared, and a confused look appeared on his face, staring at Ron in the sky.

“What ability does he use?!”

On the other side.

“You scared me to death, it was dangerous…why it took you so long to intervene?”

Nami made complaints as she looked at Ron. She felt that Ron was deliberately waiting for the flames to burn to those ends, to make the scene more shocking and suitable for his great entrance.

And it was too early to go against people like Fire Fist Ace… Also, it was her first time using her new abilities against a real threat. She just started to learn the real meaning of real combat.

Ron glanced at Nami, without responding, then continued to look at Ace.

Although he had fought with Enel before, He didn’t have the luxury to observe his state and powers, as a Logia devil fruit user. So, this time, meeting Ace, was a perfect chance to carefully observe and study such power.

From a spiritual perspective, Ron could see that Ace’s body was in a very peculiar state. It was not that the flame was fused in the cell, it was something else somewhat difficult to explain with words. It wasn’t just a physical body, Ace had a flame, which probably represented the fire element, floating inside of him as a core.

“This is interesting!”

Ron’s thoughts moved and attacked Ace using his mental power, trying to deprive him of the control of the fire element and also in an attempt to take control over his body.

However, it was different from the time when he controlled his released fire and his soul strongly resisted.

Although Ace’s body consisted of flames, this fire within him didn’t exist alone, but it was combined with Ace’s spirit. To deprive him of his flames, that part of the spirit should be destroyed.


When Ron tried to control the fire element in Ace’s body, the two’s spirits collided instantly, and the whole spiritual world seemed to explode.

However, there was no movement or change in the real world.


Ace grunted, feeling dizzy in his mind.

Although it wasn’t clear what happened, Ace instinctively knew that Ron did something.

” Crossfire!”


After he crossed his index fingers, a cross-shaped flame immediately was shot towards Ron in the sky.

Ron did not move, and the cold breeze condensed in front of him, forming an ice shield in an instant.

The flame and the ice collided, and the area was suddenly filled with steam.

For Ron, his other types of magic besides fire could deal with damage to Ace, but undoubtedly the most efficient element to contour fire was Ice.

After blocking Ace’s flames, Ron twisted his wand and waved down.

wiish! wiish! wiish!

In an instant, dozens of ice arrows radiating cold air appeared in the void, each of which was nearly one meter long, as thick as an arm, covering the sky and falling like a blast.

It was the second-level ice magic, multiple ice arrows!


Seeing that Ron was capable of using Ice, Ace was slightly stunned. There was no doubt that Fire and ice were the opposite. But, seeing such ability, it made Ace’s heart beat faster and blood surged quickly.

“Fire will not lose to ice!”, he shouted.

“Fire Pillar!”

With his hands spread apart, the blazing flame was amassed in front of Ace, expanding like a tornado, turning into a huge pillar of fire.

The fire column interweaved with ice arrows, making a deafening sound.

“Fire Fist!”

After resisting the dozens of ice arrows, Ace shouted, and the flames were pulled again, and quickly gathered, condensed into a fist of flames, then blasted towards Ron.

Looking at the fire fist, Ron tilted his head slightly.

Even the second-order ice magic wouldn’t be able to stop it, Ace was stronger than he expected.

However, he was not surprised. Before he joined the White Beard Pirates, Ace was able to compete with Jimbe, one of the Shichibukai.

At that time, Ace didn’t enter the new world yet. So, it was natural that he was much weaker than Jimbe, but his strength was still comparable to one of the cadres of the Four Yonko, enough to fight against Pekoms for instance.

However, that’s all.


As if it was too late to respond and avoid, the huge flame released by the fire fist rushed into the sky and swallowed Ron in an instant.

“Oh! whoa!”

” He did it again! “, seeing this scene, the members of the Spade Pirates who were fighting the marines all shouted.

It seemed that the marines were not strong enough. Ace didn’t just block his attacks but also had a clean hit on him.


It should be said that Ace was too strong!

Since they became Ace’s companions, they never witnessed a fight where Ace was struggling against his opponent. They didn’t even see him in distress.

All the enemies encountered along the way, whether they are pirates or marines, were defeated by their legendary captain, and this time, it should not be different. It should be the same!


The joy of the pirates didn’t last long, and as soon as the flames in the sky gradually dispersed, their expressions instantly solidified.

They noticed a transparent sphere in the middle of the flames.

Ron was standing in its center, intact, and it seemed that the blazing flames failed to invade that area.

Ron looked down at Ace, thinking of something.

“This kind of strength is appropriate to try the power of the new magic.”

” Hum…What should I do now?”

Ace was also staring at Ron. He was aware that his opponent was not an ordinary marine, and his instincts told him that a storm was coming. Although he didn’t know what Ron was about to do, he held his hands high, the fiery fire burst into a flame spear, and threw it at Ron.


The flame spear hit the elf orb.

The translucent light ball flickered a bit and became dim as the flame exploded, but it didn’t break. It completely withstood the second round of Ace’s attack.

At that time, Ron’s magic was also completed.

In the crystal at the top of the dragon wand, nine ice runes were combined, and the structure was perfect and flawless.

Third-level ice magic!

Ice dragon dance!


Almost at the moment when Ron’s magic was completed, many members of the Spade Pirates, including Ace, had a very bad feeling.

Everyone in the jungle could feel the sudden drop in temperature between heaven and earth.

“Get out of here!”

Ace’s face changed drastically, as he shouted at the members of the Spade Pirates in the back, while his hands were suddenly stretched out, and the hot flames poured out in all directions.

However, at the same time.

A layer of Ice appeared on the ground, a circle with a radius of a few hundred meters. Soon, the frost spread further and further, freezing everything in its way.

Members of the Spade Pirates tried to escape, but after taking a few steps, their feet were frozen and bonded by the ice. They kept struggling to break free, but it was in vain.

“It’s too chaotic…”

Nami saw this scene and couldn’t help twitching her mouth. She released a gust of wind without hesitation, wrapping herself and many marines, flying away.

The next moment, under the shocking gaze of countless people, three cold currents were running on the edge of the ice circle within hundreds of meters. It was like three Ice dragons roaring into the sky.


The three dragons, wrapped in countless pieces of ice and tree branches, began to whirl wildly from the edge of the ice circle, strangling towards the center.

“Damn it!”

Ace could not help but grit his teeth, he roared, and jumped up, centered on himself, and released a huge fire net covering dozens of meters, enveloping dozens of his companions.

Rotating monstrously, the three ice dragons instantly collided with the fire curtain. Ace roared frantically, rising his released power to the limit. Madly bursting into flames, trying to melt the ice and erase the three ice dragons.

But all his efforts were futile.

Even though the flame and the ice attributes were opposite, the erupting flame melted some ice blocks and offset some of the cold, but the three dragons with a height of 100 meters that penetrated the sky still destroyed Ace’s Fire net.

If he positioned himself at the center of the storm and gathered all the flames, he could resist more, but he wanted to protect his companions. The scattered flames were like deadwood under the strangling ice dragons and the cold Burst!


Ace burst into flames frantically, releasing all his power.

The three dragons wrapped the pirates under Ace’s command, and finally intertwined in the center.


The ice dragons finally exploded, turning into a terrible cold current, pouring out in all directions, turning a hundred meters of land into a world of ice and snow.