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P.A.S Chapter 137: the convention

The Holy Land Mary Geoise.

Pangaea Castle, somewhere in a clean and spacious conference room.

“It seems that the world powers started to make a move.”

With a document in his hand, Sengoku was sitting across from the five elders. He said in a deep voice: “We should focus on the movements of Kaido and the Big Mom Pirate Group.”


“But we must deal with such matter with the utmost caution, Sengoku.”

“No mistake is allowed. We don’t want to complicate the situation more.”

The five elders said one after the other.

The world government Commander-in-Chief Boo Kong was also present at the meeting. He sat aside then said in a deep voice: “Speaking of which, we still didn’t find a suitable candidate to join the Shichibukai after Moria’s death. Firefist Ace rejected the invitation. “

Hearing Kong’s reminder, the look in the five elders’ eyes changed slightly, and one of them said solemnly: “Moria death will cause a change in the balance of the first half of the grand line. Well, the arrangement made by Sengoku should be more than sufficient to deal with the matter, but yesterday it seemed that there were some troubles in the ranks of the marines?”

Sengoku’s face expression changed slightly, knowing that such matter could not be concealed, and said: “Vice-admiral Ron of the G7 branch reported on the conspiracy led by the Shichibukai Crocodile against the kingdom of Alabasta. He did not want to give up the pursuit of Crocodile, and he chose to rather give up his status as a vice-admiral then letting him be.”

“Cocky Kid!”

One of the five elders slammed the table.

Another one who was also a little annoyed: “This Ron caused a lot of trouble already. Moria’s matter has already affected the situation in the grand line’s first half. If something happens to Crocodile, the situation in the first half will be completely chaotic. Countries will be attacked by the scattered pirates, and the marines will be under tremendous pressure.”

“He would rather give up the status of Vice-admiral… is he serious?”

Another elder next to him said in a deep voice: “Such words shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Sengoku who seemed a bit stressed said: “I have temporarily revoked his position as a vice-admiral and forbid him to mobilize the troops of the G7 division, but he may still do it alone.”

Hearing the words of the Sengoku, the five elders couldn’t help frowning.

Such an attitude was worse than that of Garp in his prime. Even if he possessed certain talent and strength, whether he should stay in the marines was really a problem.

“That’s okay.”

Sengoku took the conversation from the side and said, “Crocodile may not obediently withdraw from Alabasta. Perhaps Ron will attack him and he will be forced to retreat.”

Having said this, he paused for a while then added: “By the way, Crocodile is not a man that could be easily defeated, although Ron defeated Moria before…”

At that time.

Sengoku’s Den Den Mushi suddenly rang.

He frowned slightly, looked at the five elders and Kong asking for permission, and then took out the Den Den Mushi, put it on the table, hesitated for a moment, then answered.

This Den Den Mushi was directly linked to the marine headquarters, and Aokiji should be aware that Sengoku was busy, discussing the marine’s recent affairs and the future plans for the sea with the world government. Aokiji knew that, but still, he made the call. It seemed an urgent matter, that should be reported immediately…

“Sengoku speaking.”

Sengoku said in a deep voice.

But at the next moment, listening to the voice of Aokiji on the other side of the Den Den Mushi, the expressions of Sengoku, Kong, and the Five elders all stiffened, and the entire conference room went silent.

“What did you say? Are you sure about this?!”

It took a few seconds before Sengoku could recover from his astonishment, and respond to the news.

“Crocodile is dead!”

“Killed by Ron!”

Hearing such news, Sengoku froze in place. Although he received a decisive and willful call from Ron yesterday, just one day passed, and Sengoku didn’t think that Ron would move so fast, let alone kill Crocodile this fast!

“I have sent someone to inquire, and I will be able to confirm the authenticity of the news soon, but I don’t think I need to confirm it because Ron also made a request.”

“what request?”

“He wants to replace Crocodile as a Shichibukai.”

“A Shichibukai!? A pirate!?”

Even if he was recognized by the government, he was still a pirate.

In order to make Crocodile pay the price, Ron not only gave up his status as a vice-admiral, but he was even willing to get the title of the Shichibukai and replace Crocodile!

Sengoku didn’t know what to say. He thought that Ron ignored the overall situation for the sake of personal subjective anger, and was too maverick, but such a decision made him a little silent.


Hearing the words of Aokiji, the expression of the five elders and others present officers changed drastically.

Even Sengoku did not expect Ron to make such a decision…Since the world government needs the Shichibukai to maintain the balance of the three powers, Ron was willing to kill Crocodile and replace him!

Becoming a Schichibukai shouldn’t bring Ron any benefits… He was already a vice-admiral of the marines!

After all, after becoming a Shichibukai, he will have mainly two privileges, one is that he will not be wanted by the government, and his bounty will stop rising, and the other is legal plunder.

These two points obviously didn’t concern Ron. He would never have been wanted by the government, even if he left the Marines after or before killing Crocodile.

As for legal plunder…

Ron killed Crocodile because he couldn’t sit back and watch his evil deeds to Alabasta without getting punished. It was simply paranoid justice!

Such paranoid justice requires the evil one to pay the price at all costs. Ron obviously will not rob nor plunder, so this privilege was meaningless.

“This is the best result.”

After a while, one of the five elders spoke in a deep voice.

Ron’s paranoia of justice has reached a certain level. Such a character was more difficult to control than Garp, and even after discovering some shady works, as a Marine, turning his back on the world government, ignoring its orders was unforgivable. When Ron didn’t hesitate to give up his status as a vice-admiral and to take action against Crocodile, the five elders already decided to not let him continue to be a marine.

Ron killed Crocodile, which would undoubtedly have a huge impact in the grand line’s first half, but if he replaced him himself, this is indeed the best solution currently.

A few days later.

The news that Vice Admiral Ron violated the Shichibukai Treaty, and killed Crocodile were all over the newspapers, spread throughout the world.

The newspaper articles stated that Ron was removed from his post as a vice admiral and that the world government decided to make him one of the Shichibukai, replacing Crocodile.

The world was shaking!

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