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P.A.S Chapter 138: Headache

“Shichibukai? This is really interesting… Fuffuffuffuffu.”

In a certain underground base, Doflamingo held the latest newspaper and let out a dark laugh, echoing in the room.

Somewhere in the new world.

“It’s that guy…”

Firefist Ace looked at the newspaper, showing a thoughtful look. The only person he failed to overcome until that moment was that man, Ron, the marine. He didn’t expect him to leave the marine and become a Shichibukai

“Ace, you once got captured by this Ron…”

“It’s all in the past.”

Ace threw the newspaper aside, smiled and said: “I will not lose to him now…No, I will never lose to anyone!”

“Ah, by the way, Ace, have you really decided to go find that person?”

“Of course.”

Ace clenched his fist, as his eyes gleamed, then said: “This time I will take that old man head, I will defeat the whitebeard, and become the pirate’s king!”

Somewhere in a castle.

“He defeated both Moria and Crocodile… and became a Shichibukai…”

“Former Vice-Admiral Ron?”

Hawk eyes Mihawk, one of the Shichibukai, sat there, looking at the latest newspaper, revealing A thoughtful look.

Whole cake Island.

“Hum, after leaving the marine, he became a Shichibikau.”

Big Mom Charlotte Linlin stared at the newspaper, then threw it away, showing a terrifying smile, and then said: “Well, this kid really has balls.”

“But it seems that he forgot that he offended some people that he shouldn’t toy with.”

Katakuri stood aside, looking at the newspaper that was thrown on the ground, silent.

A marine vice-admiral left his post, killed Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai, and then he made an agreement with the government to replace him. That was undoubtedly a major event that shook the entire world.

Whether it was the people of the underworld, the Blue Sea, or even the Four Emperors of the New World, they were all alerted and paid attention to such news.

At that time, Ron was sitting in an office of the Baroque works.

“It was so easy to kill Crocodile. I thought you would wait until we come to support you.”

Nami combed her slightly messy hair, curled her lips, and said: “These Shichibukai are a bit too weak.”

“What do you mean by the Shichibukai are too weak?”

Ron rolled his eyes and said: “Please don’t start…”

Perona looked at Ron with a smile and said: “Ron, you are so strong, you could even get rid of a Shichibukai easily…and you can have jelly puddings as much as you want…”


Nami said irritably.


A negative ghost passed through Nami’s chest.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t talk to you like that…”

Although Nami’s spirit was already very strong, she was still not as strong as Perona, unable to resist the negative ghost, and knelt down instantly again.

But after kneeling, she chased Perona and smacked her little fist on her head.

Robin looked at them silently, then looked at Ron, and said: “Are these two your only subordinates?”


Ron coughed and said: “Don’t look at them like this. Actually, they are very reliable.”

Robin looked at Ron faintly.



Ron gave up. He also felt that Nami and Perona were really unreliable, and they might not be as good as Vivi in the future, but fortunately, he had Robin with him, and she could be so helpful.

Perona was responsible for surveillance and defense, Nami was responsible for finances, and Robin was responsible for liaison and decision-making. As for Ron, he was the leader, who had the ultimate control, having the highest intelligence and mighty strength.

The Albares Guild was born!

“So, from today onwards, the Baroque Works will be renamed as the Albares Guild, and the main objective of this guild would remain unchanged. We will still hunt and kill pirates as pirate hunters.”

“I will serve as the first leader of Albares, Robin will act as the vice-captain, Nami will serve as the minister of finance, and Perona as the minister of security…”

Before Ron could finish his speech, Nami pointed to Robin dissatisfiedly and said: “Why you put this woman as your vice president? She was working under Crocodile’s before.”

Robin put her hand on her chin, showing a thoughtful look, then said: “Yes, I worked for Crocodile before and I also was responsible for hiding his gems and treasures.”

“Wow!! My Good sister!!”

Nami instantly hugged Robin with bright eyes.

Ron blinked at Robin, whom smiled lightly.

Naturally, Ron told Robin about Nami’s character and her ultimate motives. They did also discuss Perona’s personality, but the latter didn’t care about power, so Robin needed only to deal with Nami for the moment.

Well, dealing with Nami shouldn’t be too easy for Robin, but the latter was more mature and on top of that she was intelligent.

Of course.

There was a hint of helplessness in Robin’s smile. Because she was dancing on Ron’s palms and she didn’t find this out until that time.

Ron didn’t tell Robin that Nami and Perona didn’t get well. Still, Ron has designated the three of them as decision-makers and gave Robin the position of vice-president. Ron basically tossed these troublesome two, Nami and Perona to her, making them her responsibility, to settle the conflict between the two.

Robin sighed softly in her heart, but in fact, she was okay with the situation. Nami took over the load of the financial management part, so that leaves to Robin the mission to balance the relationship between Nami and Perona. She had less responsibilities, less things to do than before.

Putting that aside, there was another very interesting question in Robin’s mind…Looking at Nami’s appearance and behavior, she thought that there was something between her and Ron?

But Ron wanted to marry Princess Vivi of Alabasta.

Thinking of this, the corners of Robin’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up, and her eyes swayed on Ron and Nami, showing a little smile.


Ron noticed Robin’s gaze.

He and Robin were both extremely smart people. They could easily understand each other by a simple eye contact, which made Ron twitch the corner of his mouth slightly.

What Robin meant was that Perona and Nami’s problem could be easily solved, but Ron should find a way to bring the matter of marrying Princess Vivi, without causing a huge problem. Nami was cute and all but she could become a pain in the ass.

Ron shrugged at Robin.

For the development of a great magical civilization, all sacrifices are worthwhile. No matter how difficult the situation is, she can never stop him from exploring magic!

He should dedicate his life to magic!

Robin didn’t understand Ron’s meaning, but she thought that the situation was very interesting, and was waiting for the moment when Nami and Vivi meet.

But Vivi was so busy at the moment dealing with the affairs of Alabasta, trying to calm down the angry people of her kingdom, explaining the conspiracy led by Crocodile. She probably would be able to come to the office in the near future.

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