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P.A.S Chapter 139: Destiny

“Then, for now, the guild’s mission will remain the same as the Baroque Works.”

Ron tapped his fingers on the tabletop lightly and said: “Besides, add a mission to find an island suitable for a base, it would be better to be a medium-sized one. Hum, it doesn’t matter if it was an uninhabited island, occupied by pirates, or not under the control of the world government… The closer it is to Alabasta, the better.”

It was necessary to build their own base in an isolated island, after all, Ron’s magic studies kept making havoc and he could no longer train in restrained areas, and not to mention that even Nami started also studying magic on her own.

Relying on the magic tower, Nami was able to delve into studying the third-level wind magic.

“Understood, President.”

Robin answered softly.

Ron looked at Robin and said: “Your first priority now is to inform the high-level and mid-level agents of the original Baroque works about the new instructions and updates. Hum, you don’t need to contact the lowest level agents for the time being. After you finish this, come to me. I have something I want you to see.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Robin tilted his head slightly in surprise: “What thing?”

“Just finish your work, then you’ll see it yourself.”

Ron smiled and turned around, looking at the wall.

He was planning to take Robin to take a look at Alabasta’s Poneglyph.

Ron wasn’t after the ancient weapon Pluton, it was secondary. But like always after the accomplishment of new achievements.

After killing Crocodile and getting the status of a Shichibukai, he completed the achievement of ‘Wait for Your Time’ and got 2 achievement points.

At the moment, his total achievement points reached 99 points, which was only one point away from the long-desired 100 points. He just needed to put his hands on the Poneglyph and complete one of the related achievements.

After all this hard work and the non-stop training, he only made 100 achievement points.


The Palace of Alabasta.

“Ron, you’re here.”

At this moment, Vivi, who was wearing a beautiful princess dress, could not help showing a hint of surprise when she saw Ron walk into the palace, and rushed over immediately.

After Ron defeated Crocodile, he only met with her once, and that time he told her that to avoid breaking the balance of the seas, he would sign the Shichibukai Treaty with the government to replace Crocodile.

Crocodile subordinates, the Baroque works were the guards of Alabasta. Despite the conspiracy led by their leader, they were truly expelling any pirate’s ride.

Hearing such a decision, the touch in Vivi’s heart at that moment was naturally beyond renewal, but she also had a mission. She needed to speak as a princess in various cities to calm the rioting people.

After all, Crocodile built an image of a ‘hero’ in the hearts of the people of Alabasta, and Ron just killed their savior and on top of that quit being a marine. Naturally, people who didn’t know the truth were a bit vicious in their hearts.

Which made Vivi decide to do what necessary, to spread the truth about Crocodile, to get rid of his heroic image. Thus, she started her journey to convince the kingdom’s people and to push Ron’s image up.

At the moment, she was almost done with her mission.

“Well, I’m here, how are you doing? Are your speeches going well?”

Ron smiled at Vivi.

Vivi showed a cute smile and said: “The people of Alabasta are simple and kindhearted, which made my task easier… What about you? Were there any troubles to suppress the forces left by Crocodile?”

“It’s okay on my side.”

Ron smiled, then added: “You know the internal structure of the Baroque Works. Only the vice-president was responsible for the communication between the president and the subordinates. In the entire Baroque Works, except for Nico Robin, no one knows that the highest boss was Crocodile.”

“So, if things get settled with Nico Robin, you can successfully take over the Baroque Works…The next step will be to slowly reform the organization.”

“I’ve changed the name of the Baroque Works to the Albares Guild.”

Upon hearing Ron’s words, Vivi couldn’t help but tilt his head, and said in a little surprise: “Albares? This name sounds noble. Does it have any meaning?”

[It was the name of an empire in a world of magic, the most powerful magical empire]

Ron said silently in his heart, the words changed slightly to his lips, and said: “It was the name of my destroyed hometown, one of the most powerful magic guilds, I don’t know if there are other magicians alive in this world, but I will lead the magic flourish again.”


Vivi looked at Ron with a little astonishment.

She knew that Ron was a magician, and even showed her how to meditate to increase her mental power before, but she knew nothing about Ron’s past, and Ron had never mentioned it to her.


Ron nodded and said: “My hometown was located on an island completely isolated from the outside world, but one day it was destroyed by the eruption of a submarine volcano… Many great magicians joined forces to save what they could of our people. Few people made it and I am one of them.”

“I don’t know if the others are still alive, but I drifted at sea for several days… When I was exhausted and was about to die, I was washed by the waves to Nami’s place in East Blue.”

At this point, Ron smiled and said: “Nami was my savior and now she is my assistant. She also left the marine with me. You can meet her when you finish your tour.”

“I’m sorry…”

Vivi could not help but feel deeply moved by Ron’s struggle in life as she listened to his past adventures.

Ron shook his head, smiled at her, and said: “It’s okay, it’s all over now. It’s because my hometown was destroyed, that I couldn’t bear watching your hometown getting destroyed. Crocodile manipulating Alabasta from the shadow, preventing the rain for three years was an unforgivable thing!”

Vivi nodded, as her big eyes twinkled. She understood why Ron was so furious with Crocodile that he was willing to leave the marine to take him down.

“Then, I have to thank Sister Nami.”

Vivi changed the subject and said to Ron: “If Sister Nami was not there for you, there was a chance that we wouldn’t meet, and no one would be able to stop that beast Crocodile from ruining everything.”

“This is destiny…”

Ron smiled at Vivi and said: “Come on, take me to see your father, I have something to say to him, and I have a request to make.”

“Yeah! Sure!”

Vivi nodded and led Ron to the king chamber, where they found Cobra sitting on his thrown.

When Cobra saw Ron, he jumped abruptly while smiling, greeting Ron, and asking about the details of his fight with Crocodile and the rest of Baroque works.

After Ron responded briefly, then he said: “Actually, I came here today to ask for a favor, Cobra-San.”

Seeing Ron’s solemn expression, Cobra became alerted and said with a deep voice: ” Just say it.”

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