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P.A.S Chapter 140: Pluton

“How much do you know about Ohara?”

Ron said in a deep voice to Cobra.

Cobra frowned slightly after hearing the words and replied: “Ohara was a place where the world’s top scholars and archaeologists thrived, but eighteen years ago, according to the world government, Ohara scholars conspired to subvert the world, thus the government destroyed Ohara. “

Ron nodded his head and said:” Hum…and do you believe what the government said?”

Cobra looked at Ron with solemn eyes. After a few seconds, he slowly shook his head and said: “Even without Crocodile incident, I have been always questioning the world government’s management. I raised this issue, the one about Ohara back then. I had my doubt, but no one responded to me, and the government kept repeating the same answer. “

“Well, as you doubted, that excuse was just a cover for their crimes. After the government discovered that the scholars were studying the forbidden Poneglyphs and the Void Century, they ordered for the island’s destruction via the Buster Call”

Ron said with a solemn face to Cobra.

Cobra’s eyes were dignified. He had already guessed that it was the case, and what Ron said was pretty convincing: “Actually, our family, the Nefertari family, 800 years ago, was one of the twenty royal families that established the world government, but my ancestors were unwilling to abandon the country of Alabasta, so they gave up moving to the Holy Land…”

Having said this, Cobra paused and said:” I have always wanted to know what my ancestors did in this world eight hundred years. “

Hearing the words of Cobra, Ron could not help a slight sigh.

“So, you do know anything?!”

Cobra shook his head and sighed and said: “My ancestors didn’t leave us too much information, so I have absolutely nothing about the truth back then. “

Ron nodded and said: “Which means that only the government knows this world’s history.”

“Nico Robin of the Baroque Works! She should know something about it.”

Cobra nodded, and said: “I know she was the only survivor of Ohara and was even identified by the government as the son of the devil, but she was working with Crocodile before…”

“In fact, Robin deliberately let Vivi hear the conversation between her and Crocodile.”

Ron glanced at Vivi next to him and said: “Maybe you didn’t notice it at the time, but you should be fully aware that Robin has a level of wisdom and meticulous mind, that would make her an impossible target to be followed easily. “

Vivi looked a little stunned, and after few seconds of silence and careful recall, she nodded, and said: “I also thought it was too simple at the time, but since nothing wrong happened, I didn’t think much about it.”

“Well, Robin didn’t want this mess to continue, and seeing Alabasta collapsing and its people getting killed was the last thing she would wish for after her traumatic experience in her homeland Ohara. So, that’s why she deliberately allowed Vivi to follow her, to discover Crocodile’s plans.”

“After meeting with her, I also discovered her long-lasting desire. The reason why she assisted Crocodile in capturing this country was to rely on his name, as a Shichibukai, to avoid being pursued by the government and the marines, and to explore the history of this world having access to the Baroque agency’s intel.”

“Ohara’s scholars were all killed, and she was the only survivor. She somehow feels that exploring the truth about the void century, the truth of this world is her responsibility.”



Cobra sighed and said: “I can understand.”

After a moment of silence, Cobra looked at Ron and said: “So you came here wanting me to help her discover the truth, so she would assist you in your mission to take over the Baroque works, but unfortunately I don’t know a thing.”

Ron smiled and said: “Well, there is another way to find out the truth, but no one in this world can do it except her.”

“You are talking about… the Poneglyphs?!”

Cobra’s eyes changed slightly, and he groaned for a while before he said: “In fact, there is indeed a Poneglyph here in our country. It has been guarded for 800 years by the royal family, but I believe that the one we got isn’t a typical Historical Poneglyph that would reveal pieces of ancient history but some other information…”

“You mean the ancient weapon Pluton.”

Ron said softly.

Cobra looked at Ron in dismay.

Ron sighed and said: “Crocodile’s ultimate goal was the ancient weapon since the beginning, and the capture of this country was just a pre-plan to achieve this goal… But are you sure that there is any information about Pluton on that Poneglyph?”

“The only person in this world who can read the Poneglyph and confirm its content is Robin.”

“I don’t know if you can trust me with this.”

Cobra looked at Ron and immediately smiled bitterly. “These ancient weapons are a serious matter. I think it would better to make such information discrete…The more people who know this kind of thing, the more this world will be at risk. But since you already know about it…”

Crocodile was killed by Ron and if he really wanted to force his way and get his hands on the Poneglyph, no one in this country would be able to stop him. However, Ron still came in peace, hoping to get Cobra’s consent. It had nothing to do with trust or distrust.

“I trust Ron.”

Vivi stood aside and said seriously.

Vivi glanced at Ron, the light in her eyes trembling slightly. She spent more time with Ron and she knew him better than Cobra did.

Especially when Ron was teaching her how to improve her spirit using meditation, she bounded with Ron at the spiritual level, and she perceived his pure goodwill. His soul was pure with no evil thoughts.

The body may lie, but the mind, the spirit won’t.


Cobra looked at Vivi, and then at Ron. He touched his beard and laughed. His smile seemed a bit weird, which made the atmosphere in the room a bit strange. Then in a somewhat smirking tone, he said: “It seems that the little princess’ heart was abducted.”


Vivi blushed as she stared at Cobra.

Cobra chuckled, looked at Ron, and said: “I will arrange a time for Robin to interpret the Poneglyph. It just so happens that I also want to know what we have been guarding for 800 years.”

Looking at the appearance of his daughter. He felt that the future Alabasta will be handed over to Ron, and the historical Poneglyph will naturally be protected by him. Cobra felt at ease, after all, he was more than satisfied with Ron in all aspects and his country will be in safe hands. He was kind, smart, and most importantly powerful.

The only problem was probably that Vivi had only fourteen years old. She was a little bit young.

But well time flies…

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