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P.A.S Chapter 141: True Wisdom


Tomb of the Kings Hall.

Robin was impatient to see what Ron wanted to show her, after all, she had a faint expectation, but she didn’t expect Ron to get access to what she really wanted the most… the Poneglyph!

Robin had a kind-hearted nature, and the purpose of her cooperation with Crocodile was solely to find this piece of history in Alabasta, and she was obliged to participate in Crocodile schemes to reach her ultimate goal…but she truly sympathized Alabasta people in their sorrow.

For the sake of putting her hands on the Poneglyph, she endured many things she didn’t want to do, to find the answer, to uncover the truth of the Void Century.

“What’s written on it? Nico Robin.”

Asked her Cobra in a deep voice, who was standing not far away. Robin was touching the Poneglyph texture in disbelief, living in their own world. She didn’t answer as if she lost connection with the real world and kept staring at the Poneglyph.

Robin did not answer immediately, and soon a trace of disappointment gradually appeared in her eyes, and finally said: “This is about the history of this country, 240 years ago, Cassie Ra conquered Alabasta, 260 years, Iron Horse…”

Ron couldn’t help but smile when he heard Robin’s words.

He turned his head to look at Cobra and said: “As I told you before, Robin can be trusted. She doesn’t even want us to know about the ancient weapons.”

Robin stiffened.

She lied solemnly without revealing any flaws, but somehow Ron and Cobra found out she was hiding something, making her a little at a loss for a moment.

“You’re right.”

Cobra also smiled and said to Robin: “There is no history of this country on that Poneglyph, right? Our country, my ancestors protected this Poneglyph with their lives for eight hundred years. It definitely doesn’t just reveal a part of our history, but also contains some hidden secret.”

Robin was silent.

Ron stepped forward and gently stroked the historical stele, saying: “In 589 years of the Haiyuan calendar, the lost empire built an ancient weapon-Pluton. It had the power to destroy a whole island with one blow. It is a weapon that shouldn’t exist. But because it was the ultimate work of countless people who spent their lives constructing the weapon, they were reluctant to destroy it. Instead, it was sealed in Alabasta, well its coordinates…”

Looking at the words on the Poneglyph, Ron interpreted it word by word.

Robin next to him was startled first. Her eyes widened as she kept looking at Ron in disbelief.

“How… how could you…”

“You taught me.”

Ron smiled faintly at Robin, and said: “Do you remember when I asked you about some archaeological texts before? At that time, you taught me some.”

Robin said in disbelief: “And based on that…You figured it all out?!”

At that time Ron casually asked her about some ancient documents, and Robin thought that he was just curious, so she smiled and explained it. But Unexpectedly, Ron actually learned how to read the ancient words!

How incredible!

they must know that she did not deliberately teach Ron at all, and he, himself was not deliberately learning. He just got some foundation from her, like the fundamentals of reading the ancient words, but in the end, he learned it!

“was it difficult to learn?”

Ron shrugged at Robin, tilted his head, and said: “You figured it out when you were eight years old, which is impressive. Well, I don’t know how to explain it.”

Robin couldn’t help but say: “It took me a long time to figure it out, and I have all Ohara scholars as teachers, and they answered all my questions. I had help, but you…”

Ron gave a slight smile, looked at Robin deeply, and said: “what do you think is the highest level of human intelligence? Is it having an extraordinary retentive memory, or to have the ability to think ten times more than ordinary people in a moment? “


Robin stared at Ron.

As an eight-year-old archaeologist, even in Ohara, she was called a genius by all scholars. She never forgot something she already learned, and she was indeed much faster in terms of thinking speed than ordinary people. Hearing Ron’s question, Robin was lost in her thought for an instance.

“In terms of knowledge, I am probably not as good as you, and not even close to those scholars in Ohara.”, Ron said calmly

“But if it comes to wisdom, probably no human being can be compared with a magician.”

“The magicians’ wisdom has no limits… it is completely different from ordinary humans. Even if an ordinary human reaches his limits, he would remain as a babbling young child compared to magicians.”

There weren’t enough words to convince Robin, it was indeed the case.

Ron needed only to have a small discussion with Robin, which possessed the knowledge about ancient writing, to figure it out and draw all the conclusions by himself.

Robin had a strong memory, but Ron could easily pick up a book and bend it, turn it over in ten seconds, and then write down the content of the entire book!

His speed of thinking in God’s mode was many times faster than a normal human could ever reach…This is wisdom, the wisdom of the magician above mortals.

Maybe he didn’t have as much knowledge as Robin, but as long as he is willing, he can master anything that Robin already learned in a very short time.

Robin was a little shocked.

She knew that Ron wasn’t just babbling, after all, he was able to figure out how to interpret ancient words after a simple conversation with her. Ron’s wisdom had indeed exceeded her imagination.

If she was considered as a genius, then Ron was the genius of the geniuses!

From the time she was born to the present time, Robin encountered scholars who were more intelligent than her, but Ron was the only one who could achieve this almost unimaginable thing!

“So… if you have any questions or ambiguity to figure something out, you can ask me later.”

Ron smiled at Robin.

Using brute force to grant Robin a safe environment could make sure that she will never betray him, but if Ron could answer questions that she couldn’t answer, she will never run and stick to him.

Even if he somehow loses the title of Shichibukai, even if he is chased by the world government and marines, obliged to run around the world, Robin will definitely follow him because he was the only one in this world who could help her interpret the Poneglyph’s massages.


Robin exhaled, smiled at Ron lightly, and said: “You should have told me earlier, making me lying like that, huh.”

There was no need to hide.

On the one hand, it was meaningless to conceal what she discovered, because Ron himself could read the ancient words. On the other hand, Ron, who possesses this kind of wisdom, would never use ancient weapons like Pluton to dominate the world as Crocodile would do.

Robin deliberately lied, because she slightly distrusted Ron, and was worried that he would use Pluton for his greedy ambitions, but at that moment, she had complete faith in him.

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