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P.A.S Chapter 142: Can I Take It

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Ron stroked the Poneglyph.

Robin carefully observed Ron’s eyes. She did not see any eagerness or desire in his gaze, as if he was neutral and had no ulterior motive about the ancient weapon, which made Robin a bit relieved. She smiled lightly, as she confirmed her thoughts.

Well, Robin already anticipated this, that Ron really had no interest in Pluton… It was just a battleship capable of destroying a whole island!

Whitebeard could easily destroy one with all his overwhelming strength.

As for Ron, as soon as he masters higher magic levels, such a feat will be nothing to be bragging about, which makes the so-called ancient weapon, not as incredible as it would appear for an ordinary person.

But, of course, discovering Pluton was not meaningless at all. In the achievement system, there was an achievement related to the ancient weapon, which could be easily achieved.

Still, Ron wanted more than Pluto. More than just an ancient weapon…

“This Poneglyph…”

Touching the historical stele, Ron’s eyes flickered, then he murmured softly. He suddenly thought of something, his eyes became serious, and countless rays of light appeared in his palm, Intertwined.

Compared to the kairoseki Stone, the Poneglyph stele was tougher. Even the world government was unable to destroy this historical stele. That’s why they reminded intact to the present day.

Then it surpassed the toughness of the kairoseki stone… Is it a more suitable core for the wizard tower?

“I should give it a try”, said Ron to himself.

The source rune was quickly inscribed on the stone stele of the Poneglyph by Ron.

When the eternal rune took shape, the spiritual world energy was quickly gathered, and at the top of the Poneglyph, a fluorescent sphere appeared that only Ron could see.

Although it was invisible for Robin and Cobra, they could notice that the space directly above the stone stele seemed to be distorted and bent.

“What are you doing?”

Robin couldn’t help asking.

Ron groaned: “Just wait for a second, am testing something…”

He stared closely at the Poneglyph, and then his eyes gradually revealed a hint of excitement, because the spiritual energy gathered by the source rune was concentrated and stable! And the efficiency, the speed of the energy collection was way faster than that engraved on the kairoseki stone!

Looking at the rune’s compatibility, there was no doubt that it was more than 50%! More fitting than that of the kairoseki stone! Ron was amazed, this one could easily suppress the 70% threshold!

Although it was worse than that of the branch of the world tree, the one used for the wand, or the dragon core of his wand, it was so close to them!

“Your Majesty Cobra…can you give me this Poneglyph?”

Ron turned around, looked at Cobra, and said: “This Poneglyph, it contains records where the ancient weapon could be found. As long as it remains here in Alabasta, it will bring danger to the kingdom.”

“Take it…”

Cobra didn’t have the pedantry of ordinary kings, but no one imagined that he would hand the Poneglyph over to Ron after being guarded for 800 years by his ancestors.

Cobra’s ancestors worshipped this historical stone before, and guarded it with their lives, however, although they have guarded the Poneglyph for eight hundred years, the current Alabasta didn’t have the ability to guard it, and as Ron said, it would only bring misfortune to the country like what happened with Crocodile.

Cobra thought that giving the Poneglyph to Ron and Robin was the right thing to do.

After all, in this world, only Ron and Robin could interpret its ancient words. And one more thing was that if Ron really wanted to take it away forcibly, no one could even stop him. So, it was better to present it as a gift then enter in a quarrel with him.

“Thanks a lot.”

Ron said with a smile: “To be honest, am not that interested in the Poneglyph text. Well, it is important. But the material used to make the stone tablet fits magic very well. Its material was even extremely rare in my hometown. It’s very precious!”

Cobra couldn’t help but smile when he heard Ron’s real purpose, then said: “You don’t need to explain yourself. You have guarded it against Crocodile, then it would be natural that I hand it over to you to protect it. As for the material, this may be destiny.”

At that moment.

A system prompt rang in Ron’s ear.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Poneglyph Collector” and you got 1 achievement point]

“Finally! one hundred!”

Ron’s eyes flickered slightly, and his heart murmured softly.

With this 1 achievement point, his total achievement points finally exceed the 100 points.

“Then, we need to find a way to transport it secretly, let’s get out of here now…”

Ron nodded at Cobra, then turned to look at Robin, and said: “Unfortunately, the information that you were looking for wasn’t there.”

Robin looked a little lonely.

From the age of eight to that moment, to twenty-six years old, she has spent eighteen years on the sea, looking for the Historical Poneglyphs everywhere. She thought that this could be her last hope to reveal the truth, but unfortunately, there was no information about the blank 100-year in history.

“There are about thirty historical Poneglyphs in this world.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Robin’s eyes widened.

She stared at Ron who had his hands behind his back, walking beside Cobra. He turned around slightly and calmly stated: “There is a total of nine Poneglyphs that hold records about the void history, and a total of four Poneglyphs that records the way to the ultimate island of Laugh tale. “

“Don’t be discouraged, Robin, although I don’t know the whereabouts of all the historical text, but I know the location of a few of them, and some other information.”

Robin’s gloomy face cleared out and was replaced with a faint smile.

“You really know how to grasp people’s hearts, President.”

She looked at Ron with twinkling eyes, smiled softly, and said: “It seems that from now on, I should do things safely under your command. “

“Why? aren’t you happy?”

Ron glanced at Robin and said sternly.

With a curve in Robin’s mouth, she said: “I just wanted to hear your answer, shushu.”

Leaving the Tomb of the Kings hall.

Ron left the palace and flew straight out of the city of Alabasta, into a desolate desert.

“Let’s get started.”

He took a deep breath, called the interface of the achievement system, and added the 1 achievement point he just got to his spiritual attribute.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “The Only Spirit”, and got 2 achievement points]

A total of 100 achievement points were added to the spiritual attribute, which triggered another spiritual achievement (T/N: Greycat will diss this for sure :p), gaining an additional 2 achievement points, which naturally was added to his spirit.

So far.

His total mental attribute has reached 165 points.

Among them, 102 points were derived from achievement points, 20 points were derived from the magic mark, 27 points were derived from his training, 10 points were derived from the devil fruit, and the last 6 points were derived from the mark resonance.


Ron sighed softly, switching to the career system interface.

[Tip: Your total achievement points have reached 100 points, you got a high-level magic mark, in addition to two middle-level magic marks and four elementary-level magic marks.]

[Tip: Your total achievement points have reached 100 points, you got One rune extraction opportunity.]

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