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P.A.S Chapter 143: Phantoms

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With the two notifications, Ron immediately felt the change. Strong and refreshing energy poured into his soul, removing all impurities from it, making his soul crystal clear.

In just a few seconds, his mental power ushered in a surge!

“Sure enough, I got a high-level magic mark…”

Ron took a deep breath and looked at the profile panel on the career interface again.

Profession: Legal System – Supreme Dharma God

Magic Mark: High-level (spiritual attributes +50)

Owned Magic Marks: Intermediate (up to 2), Elementary (up to 4)

Owned Runes: 43

Current wand: Dragon Wand.

Total achievement points: 102 points.

The promotion of the magic mark from the intermediate to the high level brought about a 30-point increase in mental power, which was exactly as Ron expected before.

That is to say, after these surge of mental energy, Ron’s total spiritual attribute has reached 195 points, and he was lacking only 5 points to reach the 200-point level!

On top of that, he became able to grant more magic marks.
Not only he could bestow four elementary magic marks, but also two intermediate marks, which meant that the spiritual improvement gained from the imprint resonance will also increase!

“Only 5 points left to reach the 200-barrier, I will reach it soon…”

Ron whispered softly. These 5 points of mental attributes were nothing for Ron, they could be easily collected by devouring a devil fruit, or by just practicing for a period of time, or to give out one of the new magic marks.

In other words, it would take him two or three months at most to reach the 200 spiritual attributes and usher in another spiritual transformation!

Ron calmed his thoughts and then looked at the career interface again.

He noticed that the extraction interface appeared on the interface.

At that time, Ron had five different types of runes, including Earth, Wind, Fire, Ice, and Guardian and there were not many runes left on the extraction interface.

Basically, each of the remaining runes had extraordinary value.

Elemental Water, Special Lightning, Light, and Darkness, as well as Eternal Necromancy, Time, and Space… Even Water magic has certain uses.

Of course.

The best thing was undoubtedly the Time rune, followed by Space. In Ron’s eyes, these two magics were undoubtedly at a tier higher than other magics.

Soon after, the familiar extraction light started flickering. The patterns lighted up one after the other, as the extraction light speed increased, then slowed down, moved little by little, and finally stopped.

Looking at the stable glowing pattern, Ron showed a strange face.


He drew an eternal magic again!

But unfortunately, it was neither the Time nor Space, it was the Necromancy rune that Ron was slightly ignoring, and never thought about!

[Tip: You have obtained the Necromancy rune]

With the sound of the alert in his ear, the light intertwined in Ron’s palm and quickly condensed into a fluorescent rune.

However, this rune clashed with the elven ball rune inscribed on Ron’s body. He failed to maintain it or to even release it, and soon it shattered.

Well, Ron didn’t care. With his current level, it was easy to write down the whole process of rune construction with just one glance. He was no longer that novice magician that would have trouble memorizing a pattern or a few words.


As soon as Ron’s thoughts started moving, the broken rune appeared in front of him, injected with spiritual energy, and then released.

The slightly pale rune lighted up, forming a white ray of light covering the surroundings, and soon more than ten dark phantoms came out from the desert sand.

The dark phantoms were a little fuzzy, but they were holding weapons in their hands, and their faces were horrible, like skulls, exuding a palpitating dark atmosphere.

[Tip: You have mastered the first-level magic of the Necromancy system, Phantom call]

“So, this Is this the magic of the Necromancy system…”

Ron looked at the ghost soldiers he had summoned, touched his chin, then walked forward and touched one of the phantoms with his dragon wand.

He thought that the wand would penetrate past him directly, but it didn’t! It felt as if he was touching a layer of thin, squishy substance.

“Semi-virtual state, able to touch matter.”

Ron thought for a second, then with his fist, he punched one of the soldiers.


The fist hit the phantom’s stomach, blowing him half a meter away, which made the dark light on his body flickered.

“Physical attacks work on the ghost soldiers, but they will be weakened. It seems that the phantom absorbs most of the impact, that only one-tenth of the attack true power affect him… and these ghost soldiers…”

Ron’s wand flicked, and a wind blade was released. Slashing the soldier’s arm.

As time went on, the area of the sliced arm was filled with a dark aura, gradually solidifying. The injury was completely recovered.

“It is immortal!”

Ron’s eyes flickered.
In order to confirm this, he used another wind blade to completely destroy one of the ghost soldiers, wiping it out from existence.

The phantom gathered dark aura bit by bit, gradually accumulated energy, and finally maintained its semi-virtual state, returning to its original state!

The phantom could not be completely destroyed by physical attacks.

Ron confirmed that.

However, when he used his mental attack, the ghost soldiers were killed instantly, wiped out with no return.

“That is to say… it’s useless to use these phantoms against Haki users.”

Ron curled his lips. He was afraid that his new soldiers wouldn’t be able to resist strong Haki attacks and will be destroyed at once.

But when he thought about it carefully, he was a bit relieved. After all, it was just the first-order magic of the Necromancy System, the lowest possible level of this magic. In fact, these ghost soldiers were already very strong!


Very fast!

And powerful!

An elite marine team could be slaughtered by these quiet soldiers, they wouldn’t have a chance against them, killed without resistance.
“It seems that even the magic guild was not needed…A higher level of Necromancy magic would be enough to summon higher-level ghost soldiers. I am afraid that neither elite marine officers or Ordinary pirates would be able to stop them. It would be a one-sided slaughter.”

Ron murmured in his heart and couldn’t help but sigh for the power of the Necromancy magic.

One person could have his own invincible army of undead.

Of course.

These great magicians who were proficient in a certain type of magic were so terrifying. A 4th level magic could easily destroy a town, and a 5th level magic could even destroy the world.

In front of such tremendous magical power, armies and number are meaningless.

“Hum, this magic is remarkable. This ghost soldier with immortality characteristics will be so useful.”

Ron said as he looked at the ghost soldier in front of him, then tilted his head. Thinking of this magic, Ron thought it would be suitable for Perona. In the future, she could really form her own undead army.

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