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P.A.S Chapter 144: Teach ME!!!

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Temporary base, the Baroque Works office.

After getting what he wanted, Ron returned to the base.

At that time, he became able to grant four elementary and two intermediate magic marks. Needless to say, one of which should be Vivi’s. As for the other candidates…

Robin could count as one.

And she could be a great fit. Robin’s usual hobby was reading books, and practicing magic will definitely increase her thinking speed and wisdom. That could help Robin a lot in her future research, and Ron was sure that she wouldn’t miss such an opportunity.

As for the third person, Ron had someone in mind, one of the senior agents of the former Baroque Works, Mr. 3 partner Marianne, known as Miss Goldenweek.

Miss Goldenweek makes up for her lack of combat ability by using her unique skills as a realist painter, known as Colors Trap. She had the ability to change a person’s personality through the use of certain colors, changing their behavior as she sees fit… Even if it was just the ability of her Devil Fruit, Marianne was considered as a very talented person, specialized in the Spirit Control.

Well, as for the fourth candidate, Ron still had no one in mind.

But after this round of selection, Ron was a little bit helpless. It seemed that except for Robin, all the others were lolis?!

This is really going in some indescribable direction. It wasn’t intentional, but the thing was that he hasn’t really met any man suitable for being a magician.

Mr. 1 Daz Bonez?
Mr. 2 Bon Kurei?

He went through the profile of all the men in the Baroque Works from top to bottom, and there was no one who could be a great fit to learn magic…

Only intelligent people are suitable to become magicians.

However, in this world, there were only a few people who were both wise and capable at the same time. Those wise ones, with no strength, would find it difficult to survive in this world, and they were basically at the rock bottom.

And it was a bit difficult for these low-level characters to get Ron’s attention…

“Is Nami out?”

Ron returned to the temporary base and asked Perona casually when he found her lying in the living room.

Perona’s magic mark was elementary, but Ron did not intend to replace it with an intermediate one, because Perona’s mental attributes already exceeded 50 points. Even if He improved her magic mark, it won’t bring that much of enhancement.

On the contrary, Nami was a bit far from reaching the 50-points-threshold. So, upgrading her magic mark to an intermediate level would allow her to directly break through the 50-points limit.

“I don’t know.”

Perona and Nami were still having trouble getting along.

Ron did not rush to find Nami, but first walked to Perona, smiled at her, and said: “Perona, look over here.”


Perona raised her head, staring at Ron. Her eyes widened instantly.

She saw Ron stretch out his hand, and a dozen soldiers rose from the darkness pool on the ground, gathering behind Ron. It was majestic!

If an ordinary person saw such a scene, it would definitely be scared to death, but Perona, instead of getting scared, she showed a look of excitement, then said: “Wow! what is this? Ghosts?!”

“It is a kind of ghost, but it has a physical body.”

Ron sat down in front of Perona and waved his hand. One of the soldiers floated away, flew back with the teapot, and poured a cup of tea for Ron.

Perona kept staring at the ghost soldier, and her eyes were twinkling unstoppably.

Although Perona’s Hollow-Hollow fruit could also produce negative ghosts, they were intangible. They were a derivative of her own consciousness, unable of doing things like serving tea…

Even if she lost the memory of being a part of the Thriller Bark, she instinctively wanted to have such things as obedient zombie servants, but unfortunately, she didn’t know the way to make them.

“This…Is this magic too?!”

Perona didn’t want to learn magic before, because she found it too troublesome, and she was not very interested in the elemental system.

Ron nodded and said: “Yes, this is one of the Necromancy magic abilities, which can summon ghosts…”

“Teach me, teach me, teach me!”

Perona forgot that she was using her physical form rather than controlling one of her negative ghosts. All of a sudden, she jumped up from the sofa and pounced on Ron, but there was a coffee table in the way.


She bumped into it.

However, her mental attributes have exceeded 50 points, and she also had the ability to release her mental power. When she was about to fall, she released her mental power, stopping the trend, flying again, and then continued her way rushing towards Ron.

“Cough! Cough! Don’t make…much trouble, let me go first…”

Perona threw herself on Ron, who was sitting on the sofa. He was barely able to breath; His face was buried in “nowhere”.

After a while, Perona finally learned how to summon the ghost soldiers like Ron. She kept summoned a dozen of ghost soldiers and began to play with them happily.

Ron shrugged.

He estimated that it would be impossible for Perona to explore the Necromancy derivative runes on her own, after all, we are talking about an eternal rune here…Way more complex than the elementary ones, which could be a pain in the ass themselves. So, he was aware that he had to find some time to explore the derivative runes himself, and then grant them to Perona.

With derivative runes in her possession, if Perona puts her mind into exploring the second-level magic of Necromancy, it shouldn’t take her more than ten days to reach her goal.

Ron smiled.

He switched to his mental perspective, swept across the temporary base, and immediately found Nami, but the moment he saw her, his eyes flashed strangely.


But it was just a moment. He had been with Nami for so long, and he had been using his mental perspective quite often, and even if it was accidentally, he couldn’t count the times in which such pictures were captured.

Still, how can a magician be constrained by such worldly ideas?!

So, Ron was very calm.

Having said that, Nami has grown up again, she was about sixteen years old at the time. There was basically no difference between sixteen and eighteen years old in this world…

Ron was not in a hurry, and when Nami finished taking a shower and changed her clothes, he came to the outside of her room, opened the door, and walked in.

“Don’t just enter private rooms without permission!”

Nami said blankly as he saw Ron walking in.

She locked the door, but Ron had done this many times in the past. He simply ignored the locked door, opened it from the outside, and walked in.

[Fortunately, I just finished changing my clothes]

Nami murmured in her heart.

“Oh, I got something for you.”

Ron replied casually and get closer to Nami.

Nami asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t worry, it is a good thing.”

Ron smiled and said: “It will help you improve your mental strength.”

As his voice fell, Ron stretched out his right hand and opened it in front of Nami. Soon, countless golden rays of light quickly gathered, interweaving in the void. After a few seconds, a golden mark was finally formed.

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