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P.A.S Chapter 145: Hey Bastard, You should pay me

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“Huh? This is…”

Nami blinked, looking at the mark on Ron’s palm in surprise.

It seemed like the thing that Ron gave her before, but it was condensed with blood back then. This time it seemed to be more refined.

“A higher-level bloodline-mark.”

Ron smiled at Nami and said: “Because I got stronger, I became able to create more advanced ones. This one will make your life easier. Especially while exploring the third-level magic and trying to main control over it.”

As the voice fell, before Nami could respond, Ron stretched out his hand. The mark fell on Ron’s fingertip, as he pointed his finger on Nami’s forehead.


The golden brilliance swayed instantly, illuminating the entire room.

Nami felt a warm current pouring in from her forehead into her soul, as if her body was immersed in a hot spring, making her soul light, rapidly changing.

Ron retracted his finger and watched Nami’s transformation quietly, with a slight smile.

Nami’s mental attributes were already around 40 points. And at the moment that she received the intermediate magic mark, the improvement brough should be enough for her to break through the 50-point level.

The whole process was fast.

In about ten seconds, Nami’s soul has completed the transformation. She felt a trance, her eyesight was separated from her physical body for an instant, and she came into the void.

“You finally reached this level.”

Just when she was a little confused, a voice sounded directly from her mind.

She looked over, and saw Ron aside, in his spiritual form. There was also a phantom faintly floating out of her body, but Ron’s phantom was much larger and more solid than hers.

“This is what you were talking about…Ron, mental power?”

Nami’s tentative thought moved, and the teacup on the table was entangled by her mental power and was brought towards her.

Her mental power exceeded 50 points, and she had the same mental perspective as Ron, the same kind of mental power released, and the ability to communicate directly with Ron on the spiritual level.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Ron smiled slightly and said: “This makes communication much easier.”

In the past, Nami couldn’t release her mental power. So, Ron could only unilaterally convey his ideas to Nami’s mind, but she wasn’t able to respond.

At this time, the two became able to communicate directly via their minds without the need for their physical bodies. It was so efficient; the communication’s latency was the minimum possible! It was much faster than ordinary dialogue.

After all, even Nami’s thinking speed became dozens of times faster than that of ordinary people. That was to say, in just an instant, the communication between Ron and Nami was equivalent to saying dozens of words in the real-world terms.

“It seems to be…”

Nami gradually discovered this.

But soon, her expression changed into a weird look. She discovered that her gaze can penetrate through the surrounding material, she could even see through Ron’s clothes, even see through his body, watching his beating heart.

Nami understood her new powers vaguely, but she also discovered something important.

If she could see through things this way, then Ron for sure has the same ability. From this spiritual perspective, there is no material barrier.



Ron tilted his head and said: “What’s wrong? Did you use the spiritual perspective on me? it’s okay, I don’t care about these details.”

Nami: ” ……”

Ron was extremely calm as if he really didn’t care at all, which made Nami a bit speechless for a while.

[It seems it’s true…]

[The spirit reached this high-level, there is no need to care too much about worldly insignificant things, right?]


Many scenes of getting along with Ron quickly flashed through Nami’s mind, and she thought of others, during which things were a little weird and incomprehensible.

“You get familiar with your new ability. I have something to do. I have to leave.”

Ron said blankly and then flew out of Nami’s room with a swish.

“Ron! You bastard!!”

Nami’s voice reached Ron: “Prepare at least 100 million Berries! Otherwise, this matter will cost you your life!!!”


Ron almost hit the wall.

Well, that was indeed Nami’s style, but 100 million Berries was not that much.

In fact, as long as she creates a coat of mental power, she can block the mental perspective, but Ron forgot to tell Nami that. Anyway, Nami will probably find that out by herself in the future.


Ron also discovered that, except for those with magic marks, even if their mental power exceeds 50 points, they won’t have the ability to release mental power or activate the mental perspective.

In other words, the release of mental power and perspective was actually based on the magic mark as the core, plus 50 points of mental power.

Nami’s case confirmed this theory.

Then it seems that the magic marks shouldn’t be given randomly in the future.


Ron couldn’t help sighing in his heart. He became aware of the fact that in order to protect the privacy of his girls, it seems that the magical marks should be only be given to talented girls.

It is even better that way. Only those with magic marks can master rune magic. Others will be able to release magic only through magic items. It will be something like Edolas in Fairy Tail world, where magic is not stored within a person’s body, but rather in Magic objects.

After teaching Perona the Necromancy magic, and giving Nami the magic mark, Ron was a bit hesitant…To whom should he give the other intermediate magic mark?

Robin or Vivi?

Ron thought for a while and finally decided to give it to Robin.

Because Robin’s mental attributes were already very high, it has reached the level of 37 points, and as long as she gets the intermediate magic mark, she would break through to 50 points or more.

In contrast, if Vivi gets it, she wouldn’t reach the 50 points barrier any time soon.

Nami, Robin, and Perona, all three had at least 50 mental powers, and if Ron succeed to build more than ten wizard towers, the guild should be more than secure, only if one of the Yonko thought of riding the place.

Also, Vivi won’t be of great help at the moment, and soon she will be the queen of the kingdom, and she will definitely devote herself to manage the country, and she wouldn’t have that much time for cultivation.

Ron thought it would be better this way.

As a lovely princess, Vivi should be protected by him. She doesn’t need to be involved in battle personally. The magic mark will be granted to her to make her daily life more convenient.

So, Ron made up his mind, looked for Robin, and gave her the intermediate magic mark.

Robin, like Nami, completed the transformation.

After the energy surged on her body, Robin could understand how Ron could have much more wisdom than her, and that he wasn’t just words, or just deceiving her. The magicians have wisdom far more than ordinary humans.

As for the matter of being able to look through materials from a spiritual perspective… She just chuckled and stared at Ron with interest for a while.

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