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P.A.S Chapter 146: Miss Goldenweek

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Giving Vivi a magic mark, her mental power reached 20 points and she also had a small transformation, which changed her thinking speed and her mind, the flow of thoughts became clearer.

Forgetting her status’ restraint for a second, Vivi hugged Ron, but soon she realized, blushed, and ran away.

Thinking of Perona, who was so hyped to play with the ghosts at home, Nami, and her blackmailing, Robin who was not shy and kept staring at Ron… Vivi’s reaction was the most normal!

It was the behavior of a normal cute girl.

After granting her the magic mark, Ron taught her wind and earth magic.

After all, Alabasta was a desert country, where wind and earth magic could be a great asset, very helpful in such an environment. Wind magic could be used for combat, and earth magic could take advantage of the desert environment.

Vivi actually was very clever, and she learned both magic in a short time. Ron handed her a book of further instruction, then left the palace to find his last candidate.

Miss Goldenweek.

Although she didn’t have more attention during the original story, for Ron, this little loli’s ability was the most terrifying. He even had a hunch that her mental power might exceed his imagination.

Sure enough, when Ron found Miss Goldenweek, he was stunned, stood there stupefied. The little Loli, who was only fourteen years old at that time, was so powerful which made him speechless. Even he couldn’t judge her powers accurately!

But there was no doubt that she exceeded the 200 points!

Since she didn’t possess a magic mark, most likely, her mental power of over 200 points was sealed, and the only ability she has at that time was to affect the hearts of other people.

Ron checked her abilities and found that even he needs to concentrate in order to resist the spiritual influence created by Miss Goldenweek’s palette.

This tremendous strength made Ron hesitate for a while.

He was a little afraid to give Miss Goldenweek the magic mark. He was not sure how powerful she could be if she was granted the magic mark!

Once he bestows her the magic mark, all the constraints will be completely broken, and she will have an amount of spiritual power that will easily surpass that of his.

It was okay if it was only 200 points or a bit higher, but what if it was way more than that?

Ron didn’t even dare to imagine that.

Well, for the moment, Ron had to invade other people’s consciousness in order to change their emotions and memories, but Miss Goldenweek could directly cause spiritual effects without intrusion!

After hesitating for a long time, Ron finally chose to give up. He made the decision to wait for his mental power to break through 200 points and then release Miss Goldenweek’s true ability.

Once she will be liberated, her transformation will be unknown.

But, at the very least, at that time, Ron would be able to control it.

[As soon as possible…I need to break through 200 points or more]

Ron took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, smiled slightly at Miss Goldenweek, and said: “With such abilities, Mr. 3 is not a suitable partner for you. Let’s go. You should be granted a higher rank. You will work in the agency base and serve as the minister of souls.”

Before being liberated, Miss Goldenweek’s ability could only affect the mind. Any powerful pirate could kill her instantly, and to avoid any accidents, Ron felt It was better to keep her in the base.

And if she was there, the relationship between Nami and Perona could be reconciled.

She was indeed very suitable.

“Minister of Souls…what should I do?”

Miss Goldenweek asked cautiously.

Ron thought about the character of Miss Goldenweek in his memory, then smiled at her saying: “There are no work restrictions. Just listen to Robin. Non-working hours are considered as rest.”

The Little Loli immediately became happy.

After finishing his meeting with Miss Goldenweek, Ron called Robin and briefly talked to her about Miss Goldenweek’s situation.

Robin was also aware of Miss Goldenweek’s powerful mental power, but her powers were sealed without the magic mark.

“You will take care of her. I can’t give her the magic mark for the time being… By the way, give orders to our agents to collect devil fruits and various famous swords as soon as possible.”


Robin nodded slightly.

Collecting famous swords was for the achievements related to the known swords gathering, as for the devil fruits, they were necessary to enhance the spiritual attribute directly. After seeing Miss Goldenweek’s spiritual power, Ron was more eager to increase his spiritual attributes. 200 points were not even enough! He needs to go higher!

“I will leave for a while, and you will be responsible for the matters in the base…”

Ron told Robin.

On this trip, Ron had several things to take care of. First, he had to practice, meditation to enhance his spiritual attributes. Second, he had to explore the Necromancy derivative runes in his spare time, and third, he had to collect some bounties. Chase down some known pirates, collect their bounties, and fill the agency inventory.

The last thing was to go to Loguetown in East Blue and get two famous swords he knows.

For the moment, he had three famous blades in hand, which were obtained from digging treasures, and from Ryoma the swordsman, plus a good sword that he obtained accidentally.

If he succeeds to collect the two from Loguetown, he will possess 5 of them. That way, half of the swords required to complete the achievement will be conquered, but Zoro probably won’t have any swords to use afterward.

Ron pondered.

Maybe he should drop by to the East Blue, and recruit Zoro?

He could lure him with a famous sword and then use Mihawk whereabouts to convince him to join him. Zoro would not be able to keep up, as he was not very strong at that time, and he would end up joining the guild to get stronger.

Thinking of this, Ron couldn’t help but laugh. Robin and Nami already joined him. The Florian Triangle was already destroyed. Brook didn’t know where he was going. If Zoro was also taken, Luffy won’t have any companions left.

(T/N: Should he recruit Luffy? Hahaha)

A week later.

In the temporary base, under Ron’s manipulation, ten wizard towers were finally built.

Among these ten wizard towers, one was built with the Poneglyph’s material, seven with large blocks of kairoseki stones, and the last two were made of many scattered kairoseki stones.

Some of the kairoseki stones came from the Baroque workshop, and some were brought by Ron from the marine.

With these ten wizard towers, Ron was a little bit relieved. It was almost impossible for an average strong man to break through this base. A vice-admiral wouldn’t be able to do it!

After he made sure that the base was well protected, Ron left Alabasta alone with some documents containing important information, along with a permanent Log Pose.

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