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P.A.S Chapter 147: Welcome Party

East Blue, Loguetown.

Alabasta was very close to this town. After flying over the mountain, with the help of the East Blue’s chart, Ron quickly reached Loguetown.

There were not many Arms shop in the town. Actually, there were only three and Ron easily found the one he was looking for, Ipponmatsu’s sword shop, the one from where Zoro bought his cursed sword Sandai Kitetsu, but still, he wanted to take a look at other shops first.

They were relatively small, but one of them also had a famous sword, one of the 50 Skillful Grade Swords, and Ron didn’t hesitate to buy it.

The value of higher-grade swords was generally more than ten million, but such type of swords was much cheaper, only a few million Berries, which was an easy amount to collect. After all, Ron could easily catch a few pirates and then collect their bounties from the closest marine branch.

“It’s been two years, but it’s still here…”

Ron walked into the last store exhibition, glanced at the wooden barrels filled with swords, and at a glance, he recognized the difference. The grade sword was identified.

In fact, Ron didn’t know much about these swords. So, he just read a few books and wrote down all the corresponding information.

But this sword, even if there was no record of it in any catalog, Ron would definitely recognize it. It was an extraordinary sword, and Ron could see its dark nature, the sword was stained, covered with a curse.

With just holding such a sword, ordinary people may even get possessed! The curse was that strong that it would corrupt the human soul.

“Heh! We have a guest.”

The shopkeeper saw Ron and quickly ran over. Ron was wearing a white-robed wizard, which was different from what a common person would wear. It made him a distinguished guest.

“Welcome, sir! Please come inside. Here are our best swords, for only fifty thousand Berries.”


Ron nodded casually, as he slid his hand into the barrel and took out one of the swords.

As Ron was staring at the sword, the shopkeeper’s face suddenly changed slightly, and said: “Um…this sword is really…”

“The Sandai Kitetsu.”

Ron said quietly: “Yes, I know. Do you have other famous swords here?”

“Uh, yes.”

The boss wanted to remind Ron about the curse of that sword, but when he saw that Ron already realizes the dark power hidden in that sword, he shut his mouth and went behind the counter, then quickly show Ron another famous sword.

Ron took a look at it, then threw a purse to the Shopkeeper and walked out with the two swords.

Along with the famous sword he bought from the previous store, Ron, at that time had three in his hand. These famous swords cannot be placed in the interface space of the career system like a magic wand. So, Ron had no other choice but to carry them with him, however, they didn’t match his outfit.

A white wizard robe with three weird swords hanging from his waist.

“Forget it.”

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Ron thought for a moment and then untied the hanging one, entangled the three swords with extra energy, made them float just behind him, and walked out of the shop exhibition.

As soon as he walked out, Ron looked at the street outside and smiled faintly.

“Hoho?! That’s quite the party you got here.”


Out of the street, there were teams of marine soldiers, all of them looked very nervous, as, for their captain, he was no one but Smoker the White Hunter.

Smoker stared at Ron with a calm face and said: “Shichibukai came to the marine branch quietly. What are you doing here?”

Ron glanced at Smoker.

Next to him a woman with dark brown eyes wearing rectangular glasses with red frames. She was Tashigi, one of his subordinates.

This scene seemed a bit familiar to Ron. He smiled faintly and said: “I came here just to buy some swords. By the way, I want to catch a few pirates, but weirdly, I couldn’t find any bounties on the wanted board…”

“What about the other regions in East Blue? I made sure to take out the strongest pirates before I left, are there any new faces to hunt down?”

Hearing Ron’s words, Smoker puffed out smoke and his face expression changed gradually, then he said: “A rookie has appeared, but the situation is still much better than the previous years…Why did you quit?”

Tashigi next to him was a little startled after she saw the famous swords floating behind Ron. when she recovered, she couldn’t help but ask Ron: “Why did you abandon the status of a vice-admiral and become a pirate… why would you do such a thing…”

“Because I couldn’t look the other way.”

Ron said faintly at Smoker: “When you encounter an enemy like the Shichibukai in the future, you will understand. As a marine, even if a Shichibukai murders people in front of you, you won’t be able to move a muscle. Even If you were qualified to arrest him, your superiors won’t allow it.”

“When you find yourself in such a situation, will you choose to give in, and follow the government’s orders, or will you choose to follow your own will and neglect the order, arrest the enemy at any cost?”

Two brief statements made Smoker fall silent.

Ron stepped slowly and walked out of the crowd. The surrounding marine soldiers walked away, and no one stopped him.

“I don’t have the ability to make the government change their ways and to lift the Shichibukai treaty. The only thing I could do was to occupy a position, where I could follow my own justice and beliefs. As a Shichibukai, I won’t have any constraints, I can deal with any kind of enemy without worrying about the complicated, nonsense orders.”

A faint voice swayed across the street, as Ron’s figure disappeared.

Smoker and the numerous marine soldiers remained silent.

“Smoker-San…” Tashigi slowly retracted her eyes, looked at Smoker, as she bit her lip.

Smoker slowly puffed out smoke, shook his head, and said: “He has his justice, but justice and the government cannot coexist. I have nothing else to add…”

“Still, as he said, if I was ever put in such a situation, would I make the same choice as him?”

Hearing Smoker’s words, Tashigi hesitated for a moment, but couldn’t help saying: “But you shouldn’t leave the marines. what are the admirals doing?!”


Smoker thought of Kuzan at that moment. He pondered: “They also have their own justice. Forget it, it is complicated and it is not the things I need to consider for the time being. When the time comes…I will make my decision.”

Ron got 3 famous swords at once.

In addition, the guild was also collecting famous swords. It took them only half a month to collect four famous swords. Although they were all Grade Swords, they were all the same to Ron.

Although the famous swords collected by the guild were not in his hands, they were still counted as if they belonged to Ron, and by that the total number of famous swords he held finally reached ten.

He finally completed the achievement of the famous swords’ collector, and he got 2 achievement points.

Together with the 1 point, he has improved during his trip, Ron’s total spirit attribute has reached 198 points, and 2 points away from the desired 200!

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