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P.A.S Chapter 148: Another Swordsman!!!

East Blue.

Somewhere in a small town.

“Hey, who’s that guy with the three swords? He fucking dared to confront the one-eyed pirate!”

“Who knows! It doesn’t matter, he will surely get himself killed.”

Many civilians hid in their houses, leaning against the cracks of doors and window edges, looking at the two figures facing each other on the street outside, separated by ten meters.

Although Ron also got three swords, this guy wasn’t him. This one had green hair! The identity of this man, the one holding three swords, facing the strongest swordsman in the world, was easily identified by Ron. He wouldn’t mistake that green hair and that sword style!

It was Roronoa Zoro.

At that time, Zoro had just set out to sea. His goal was simply to find Hawkeye and defeat him. He didn’t want to be a bounty hunter. But the problem was that he could not find Hawkeye, and most importantly, his way back home.

He tried several times to sail back home, but he always, somehow, kept just spinning around the near islands. The more he spun, the farther away he was from home, and he gradually lost all his saved money. He didn’t want to be a become pirate, stealing money, so, he found himself obliged to start working as a pirate hunter, collecting bounties to survive.

“Hey, kid, three swords? how foolish…”

The one-eyed pirate holding a long black sword in his hand looked at Zoro with a grin and sneered: “It’s not that the more swords you use, the stronger you get, kid. Go away kid, if you don’t want to lose that life of yours. I don’t feel like killing a clumsy kid.”

“It appears you are not aware of whom you are facing! My head is worth 3 million Berries, kid! The blood of an unnamed kid like you will only sully my sword.”

Zoro never responded until he heard about the 3 million Berries bounty. A gleam of light flashed in his eyes, and he said: “Ah? Three million Berries?”

“Scared? it’s too late, kid!”

The One-eyed pirate sneered and said: “You already offended me. I won’t let you leave here easily. kneel down and cut off one of your legs, maybe I will let you go afterward!”


In an instant, the sword light flashed by.

Zoro’s figure emerged behind the one-eyed pirate.

Shishi Sonson!

“Sorry… I was too hungry to listen to what you said. Still, I will make sure to use the three million Berries wisely.”


Seeing this scene, the eyes of hiding civilians widened, showing a somewhat unbelievable expression.

They thought that the green-haired swordsman was a goner, but the outcome of the fight was shocking! The known pirate, with a bounty of 3 million Berries was killed in a flash!

Simply outrageous!

The One-eyed pirate had younger brothers. Originally, they thought that their older brother would get rid of Zoro instantly, so, they set back, enjoying the show. However, after seeing Zoro’s move, killing their supposedly unbeatable brother, they were instantly petrified.

“This is definitely a joke! Brother, wake up…stop teasing us…”

“Three, three swords holder…who are you?! I have never heard of you as a bounty hunter!”

The younger brothers were full of horror, holding their swords at Zoro, but they had no will to fight back, and their fingers and arms were shaking.

“I am, Roronoa Zoro… the man who will become the world’s number one swordsman sooner or later.”

Zoro walked to the elder brother’s corpse, as he gave a cold glance at the group of younger brothers.

Hearing Zoro’s words, everyone looked at each other and immediately dispersed.

As Zoro reached the pirate’s body, preparing to cut off his head and take it to receive the bounty, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

“The world’s number one swordsman, is that your goal?”

Seeing the figure emerging behind Zoro, the town people who opened their windows to have a better look at Zoro, were terrified and slammed the windows again.

One of the villagers looked at the figure behind Zoro with an unbelievable look in his eyes, then said in disbelief: “Then…that person, why is he here…”

“It is him… Ron the magician! The one who used to be the strongest bounty hunter in East Blue!” Said the man in surprise.

However, the person next to him was trembling in fear! Terrified!

With a cold sweat on his forehead, he said: “Have you never read the newspapers? What was the last time you did!… That guy stopped being a pirate hunter a long time ago. He joined the marine and became a vice-admiral in no time! Still, he rebelled against the marines and became a pirate.”


“Yes… That guy is now…one of the Shichibukai!”

Those who never set a foot in the grand line, of course, knew little about the Shichibukai, but they were aware of how terrifying they were! They were among the strongest pirates in the world, that made even the grand line tremble in fear!

As for Zoro, he didn’t read the news very often.

The moment he heard the sound behind him, his eyebrows trembled, and he turned around quickly. He looked at Ron, who emerged behind him from nowhere, and said, “Huh? Who are you and what do you do?”

As Zoro’s voice fell down, his eyes flashed with surprise. He saw the three swords behind Ron’s back and couldn’t help but ask: “Three swords… another swordsman like me?”

“No, I am not a swordsman, I am a magician.”

Ron shook his head, looked at Zoro, and casually smiled, then said: “I am the commander of a guild that specializes in hunting pirates. You are a good fit.”

“Not interested.”

Zoro faintly refused.

Ron chuckled and said: “You know you can’t become the world’s strongest swordsman with just words, right? If you don’t defeat “that man”, the world won’t recognize you.”

“How do you know?”

This sentence made Zoro look over again. When he mentioned Hawkeye, his eyes showed a rare seriousness, and said: “Hawkeye…”

“The world’s No. 1 swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, one of the Shichibukai, you won’t meet him in East Blue.”

Ron spoke lightly.

Hearing Ron’s words, Zoro suddenly became interested, staring at Ron and said: “What do you mean, do you have any information about his whereabouts?!”

“Of course.”

Ron said quietly.

“Take me to him!”

Said Zoro as he pressed a hand on his sword’s hilt. His eyes were already showing unprecedented excitement. His only goal, when he went to the sea, was to find and defeat Hawkeyes.

Ron spread his hands and said: “That guy is very dangerous. If I had nothing to gain from this, why should I help you?”

“What do you want?”

Zoro asked.

Ron said: “As long as you are willing to work for me for a few years.”


Zoro looked at Ron and said: “I already refused your offer. just tell me his whereabouts, or do you want the world’s best swordsman to be your subordinate?”

Ron smiled and said: “Unfortunately, you are not even close to that man’s level. It is too early for you to face that monster.”

“is it so?”

Zoro drew his sword and said: “That makes me more eager to face him right away! If I had to, I will force you to guide me!”

Zoro didn’t want to use force. He was so thrilled, eager to face Mihawk, but the way Ron looked down on him made him feel a bit challenged.

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